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Journeying With Chakras: Oct 25, 26, 27

A 3-Day Live Retreat in Austin Texas with renowned authors and teachers, Anodea Judith, Russill Paul, and Asha Paul on understanding the chakras from the perspective of healing, psychology, enlightenment, and Tantra.

Offering you decades of teaching experience

and blending ancient wisdom with contemporary knowledge in diverse fields ...

Russill Paul

Author of The Yoga of Sound, Jesus in the Lotus, and many best-selling chant CDs, Russill Paul is a world renowned mantra teacher and sound healing pioneer. He brings 3 decades of teaching and musicianship to this  retreat.

Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith is the author of the well-known Wheels of Life and more recently, Charge. A world-renowned expert on chakras, she brings decades of knowledge as a yoga teacher and psychotherapist to this retreat.

Asha Paul

Author of the forthcoming Blissful Mouthful Cookbook, Asha Paul, brings the body-mind connection and mind-over-matter strategies from her success as an Integrative Nutrition health coach to this retreat.

Energy flow (and blocks) in the chakras

Listen to Anodea Judith speak on this topic which will be a key component during our three day Austin retreat, Oct 25, 26, 27, 2019

OCT 25

On Friday, Russill Paul will offer Tantric healing rituals to address blocks to the sacred around the feminine and the masculine. On Saturday morning, he teaches on Sri Vidya Tantra.

OCT 26

On Saturday afternoon and evening, Anodea Judith will offer an understanding of how the chakras can become blocked and how to unblock them through meditations.

OCT 27

On Sunday morning, Asha Paul will offer an understanding of holistic living and cultivating a lifestyle that embraces body, mind and spirit through simple but effective practices. 


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