On Becoming God and Being the Goddess: CULTIVATING SACRED RELATIONSHIPS

A 3-day retreat with Russill Paul, Andrew Harvey, and Asha Paul in Austin, TX.

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OCT 30

Russill Paul guides participants in healing rituals, deep relaxations, and rejuvenating meditations based on the Tantric Path.

OCT 31

Russill teaches part of the day with the rest of the day featuring Andrew Harvey and his acute sense of the power of sacred relationships.

NOV 01

Asha Paul offers an understanding of holistic living, the brain-body connection, a protection meditation, and a new approach for self-love.

Offering you decades of teaching experience

Andrew, Asha and Russill have been deeply touched by the life and vision of Fr. Bede Griffiths. This retreat will connect their work to the legacy of this extraordinary man and mystic who lived the scope of spiritual love.

Andrew Harvey

Author of over 30 books, including Becoming God and The Hope, Andrew Harvey is the founder-director of the Institute of Sacred Activism. Educated at Oxford, he is a distinguished scholar and exemplary mystic.

Asha Paul

Author of the forthcoming Blissful Mouthful Cookbook, Asha Paul, brings the body-mind connection and mind-over-matter strategies from her success as an Integrative Nutrition health coach to this retreat.

Russill Paul

Author of The Yoga of Sound, Jesus in the Lotus, and many best-selling chant CDs, Russill Paul is a world renowned mantra teacher and sound healing pioneer. He brings 3 decades of teaching and musicianship to this  retreat.


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