Christian Mysticism and the World's Religions

Drawing from both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, this program seeks to renew and rejuvenate the soul through music, chant, and guided meditation practices.


A Special Aspect Of This Program

Russill Paul will share insights from his work "Jesus in the Lotus" to supplement this program with his knowledge and understanding of Christian mysticism in the light of the Indian spiritual tradition and vice versa. This component will be of interest to yoga teachers and ministers who have an interest in the relationship between these traditions.

In 2008, New World Library published Jesus in the Lotus: The Mystical Doorwary Between Christianity and Yogic Spirituality by Russill Paul, a book seeking to facilitate dialog between Christians and Yoga practitioners in the West. 

Although this book touched the lives and hearts of many, there are aspects of the book that Russill now feels could have been done differently. This program, Eastern Wisdom Western Heart will address some of these areas.

It is not our intention to create a program that involves long-drawn conversations and discussions about inter-faith dialog. Instead, we wish to focus on spiritual practice and mystical experience informed by inter-spirituality.

More About This Program

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A new version of this program is being constructed to begin in July 2020 and runs into Dec 2020. If you wish to begin the program earlier, please contact us with your interest.

You can begin this program right away and get into the meditations drawn from the world's religions. You can view videos, listen to audios, and read text 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

From July 2020, Russill Paul will present a one-hour live, interactive, video conference each month, during which students in the program can interact with him on his sharing of Jesus in the Lotus. Guest presenters may also be invited to enrich these presentations. Students need to have be in the program for at least a month in order to be invited to interact during these special presentations. A  recording of the live online events will be archived within the program portal for ongoing viewing and as part of the course.

Adonai, the Absolute Presence of God in Judaism; The Mystery of Shiva in Shaivism; The Jesus Prayer in Christianity; The Love of Krishna in Vaishnavism; The Divine Feminine in World Religions; Allah, the Merciful, in Islam; Seeking Refuge in the Buddha in Buddhism.


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