Sat Aug 24, Tolhuistuin/Paradiso Noord in Amsterdam with Russill Paul and Friends

Havelte, 31 Aug to 05 Sep: Yoga of Sound and Tantra Workshop

Watch the videos below to understand the value of sound as a spiritual path. Join mantra master and musician teacher, Russill Paul, together with Carla Verberk and Remmelt Van Kleef, founders of Centrum Voor Tantra, for a deep exploration of sacred sound and healing.

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Chant Along to Prepare

Learn the closing chant at the live concert at the Tolhuistuinen Amsterdam on August 24 from 8:00 pm to 10:15 pm. A full band will be accompanying Russill Paul in addition to a choral group of singers on state.


Russill Paul comes to Holland at the invitation of Centrum Voor Tantra that has been offering therapeutic and transformative aspects of Tantra for more than 25 years in Holland and Europe. Founded, and still directed by Carla Verberk and Remmelt van Kleef, the Center for Tantra in Holland continues to offer many transformative and very well-attended programs and trainings throughout the year. Carla and Remmelt not only teach and perform together with Russill during the upcoming events in Holland but support the spiritual process of students as part of these dynamic events. Together, they offer 100 years of veteran teaching and performance experience.

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Russill Paul returns to Holland Aug-Sep 2019

He offers The Yoga of Sound, Ancient Music of India, Healing Mantras and Powerful Tantric Practices for the healing of mind and body. A native of Southern India, born of European and Indian ancestry, Russill has studied and taught the ancient spiritual knowledge of India for over 30 years at many of the world's most respected educational centers, such as the Omega Institute in New York and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. His book, The Yoga of Sound, an authoritative work on the yogic and therapeutic aspects of sacred sound, is used in numerous educational institutions and yoga training programs. His many CDs on mantra and the Yoga of Sound are considered classics in the field of Yoga.

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Yoga of Sound and the Magic of Puja

This year, August 31 to Sep 05, Russill Paul, together with Remmelt van Kleef and Carla Verberk will offer a workshop in Havelte that will expand upon the nature of sacred sound by incorporating the element of what is known as puja. You can learn more about what this means and involves through this video ..

Yoga of Sound and Tantra Relationship

In this video, you can learn how we have lost our connection to our bodies. Yoga, sound, and Tantra, are a powerful means by which we can heal and reconnect.

Sound and The Tantric Path

Sound plays an important role on The Tantric Path. Centrum voor Tantra, a Netherland'-based Tantric school in the Kaula tradition, (is) brings Russill Paul for the third year to Holland to share the Sri Vidya tradition of Tantra. The combination of both these traditions, Kaula and Sri Vidya, offers a tremendous scope of possibilities. Centrum voor Tantra has developed deep knowledge of human psychology and understanding of human potential. This knowledge is now being expanded into the richness of Sri Vidya and its ancient spiritual methods of sound, mantra, Yoga, and Puja (worship or ritual)


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