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Upon purchasing this offer, you receive immediate access to our online Wholeness Immersion Library. This content is available to you 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Prior to the live online sessions with Russill and Asha, you will receive the links to register. You agree to register for these sessions at least 3 hours before they begin or forfeit your live attendance. All replays will be available to you, usually the next day after the sessions are completed except in cases that may require further technical development or enhancement or rectification.

If you wish to cancel, you agree to request this in writing by emailing [email protected]. There is a $49 service charge if you cancel before any of the live sessions that begin Dec 11, 2021. After that date, you agree to a $175 service charge deducted and the balance refunded to you. You agree to no refunds after 30 days and that all access to content will end 120 days (four months) from the date of your enrollment.

You understand and accept that this program is a self-study program, not a coaching program, and does not come with instructor support except during the live Zoom sessions. As with all our programs, you agree to accept and abide by our Student Agreement 

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BONUS ONLINE ACCESS TO MULTIPLE TANTRIC PATH LEVELS: Explore the teachings and perspective we've developed in our Yogic Mystery School over 30 years of teaching on the world stage. You have simultaneous access to beginner, intermediate, or advanced Tantric Path webinars, presentations, and lessons, to develop your perspective on what we teach and practice.

(conducted via online group conferencing)

Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 IMMERSION IN TANTRA
This day-long retreat includes practice, discussion, teaching of Tantric meditation in community. We use the word "absorption" to define this sort of experience which is profoundly healing.

Saturday, Feb 05, 2022 IMMERSION IN MANTRA
Our second day-long retreat will focus on mantra chanting. We will practice mantras specifically related to Tantra and the cultivation of wholeness, with listening meditations and mantra workouts.

Saturday, April 02, 2022 IMMERSION IN MUDRAS
In our final day-long retreat, we will learn and practice mudras in the context of wholeness, with particular attention to the ritual aspects of Tantric Yoga practices that can help restore our wholeness.

Each retreat begins at 10 am and ends at 5:30 pm US Central Time.
There are comfortable breaks between each hour-long session.
You will have access to the replays from the next day.
Monthly Cooking Classes & Discussion Groups with Asha

(conducted via online group conferencing)

DEC 2021 Cooking Class on Sun, Dec 12 at 1pm Eastern.
Discussion Group on Sun, Dec 19 at 1 pm Eastern.

JAN 2022 Cooking Class on Sun, Jan 9 at 1pm Eastern.
Discussion Group on Sun, Jan 16 at 1 pm Eastern.

FEB 2022 Cooking Class on Sun, Feb 13 at 1pm Eastern.
Discussion Group on Sun, Feb 20 at 1 pm Eastern.

MAR 2022 Cooking Class on Sun, Mar 13 at 1pm Eastern.
Discussion Group on Sun, Mar 20 at 1 pm Eastern.

Each session is timed for one hour but will likely go over.
Please plan for 75 to 90 minutes for each session.
You will have access to the replays next day.