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You accept that upon purchasing this offer, you will only receive your online access at 3 pm CDT on Dec 12, 2021 and that all online content and event replays will be provided as described on this offer page (https://www.russillpaul.us/offers/zG2bKAJo)

Should you wish to cancel, you agree to contact us via email at [email protected] before Dec 7, 2021, in which case a 10% service charge will be withheld, and the balance refunded to your credit card. You agree to no refunds after Dec 7, 2021, as the Zoom links will be sent to you and content will be made available to you from Dec 12 as described on this offer page (https://www.russillpaul.us/offers/zG2bKAJo)

The links to register for the live cooking class and discussion group will be sent to you on Dec 8, 2021. You agree to register for the live Zoom sessions at least 3 hours before the session or forfeit the live session attendance. You will still be able to access the replays after the live sessions are completed described on this offer page (https://www.russillpaul.us/offers/zG2bKAJo)

You agree that your online access will cease after Dec 19, 2021, or at the latest, after the 48-hour grace period granted to you until 3 pm CDT on Dec 21, 2021. You agree that should you wish for an extension beyond this date and time, you will purchase it at our extension pricing of $175 for every 30 days of extension your access that will also include other content from our online library and forthcoming replays of live sessions with Asha and additional retreats with Russill that cannot be removed just for you as they are dripped into the same online portal.

As with all our programs, you agree to accept and abide by our Student Agreement 

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December 2021 Wholeness Class And Discussion Group Week

No bonus content included: only the Cooking Class on Dec 12 and the Discussion Group on retreat on Dec 19. 

DEC 12, 2021 TO 21, MARCH 2022 (ONE WEEK)

What you receive with this one-week program:

LIVE ZOOM COOKING CLASS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12: During this 90-minute session, you can place your computer, phone, or laptop connected to the internet in your home kitchen as you connect with Asha and other students to actually cook together. The recipes and ingredients are sent to you the moment your register.

ONE FULL WEEK OF ONLINE ACCESS: Starting Sunday, December 12, at 3 pm CDT (coordinate with your local time), you can access the replay of of the live Zoom Cooking Class with Asha in addition to practices around “Sacred Kitchen”. This content is available to you for one full week any time from anywhere in the world.

LIVE ZOOM DISCUSSION GROUP SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19: During this 90-minute Zoom session with Asha and Russill, you can ask questions about wholeness that we will address as a group. Each student will be allowed one question and our response will be formulated on the basis of the group's general interest. To address specific issues related to your individual process, private coaching, a separate arrangment, is an option.

GRACE PERIOD: If you are unable to make the live discussion group, we will grant you a 48-hour grace period to attend to the full discussion. After that, your access to the online portal will end.

EXTRA TIME: If you need more time, sign up for the whole month of December or for the entire 4-month Wholeness Immersion that also includes Yogic Mystery School online retreats with Russill.