$950.00 USD

Every 6 months

This payment is for the Chakra Viśeṣa Upāasana Phase only. After your purchase, you will be given information about your private session and group sessions support. If you cancel your commitment within 30 days, $450 will be withheld and the balance refunded to you as all content is provided to you immediately. After that, there are no refunds and you will not receive your private session or group sessions support.

Your card will be charged a second payment after six months for the Tantra Nyāsa Sādhana Phase, at which time you will be given access to that phase. The same arrangment and terms outlined for the Chakra Viśeṣa Upāasana Phase will go into effect at that time. As with all our programs, you agree to accept and abide by our Student Agreement and Coaching Agreement

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Mastery of Tantra: Chakra Viśeṣa Upāsana With Instructor Support

You pay only two payments  for one year with support. For the first payment, you get:

* All lessons for Chakra Viśeṣa Upāsana Phase
* One 30-minute private session  for this Phase
* One 30-minute group session for this Phase