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Chakra Immersion Discounted 25%

One-time tuition fee to save over 20% off the entire program.

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Week 1: Receive immediate access to all  Chakra Cleanse introductory videos, all Chakra Cleanse Preparation videos, all Chakra Cleanse Daily Ritual videos, and all Root Chaka Cleanse videos. Cleansing chakras requires just 15 mintues of your time per day of application.

Week 2: Receive access to a powerful, experiential content from a live chakra workshop presented by Russill Paul. Content from this workshop and other live chakra workshops will continue to be made available over subsequent months as bonus offerings to this program.

Week 3: Receive access to new Chakra Immersion lessons that help you understand the chakras from the perspective of traditional Tantra while at the same time relating it to insights from psychology and the world’s spiritual traditions. This will continue.

Week 4: Receive access to one or more Tantric energy practices so you get start to build your energy system’s strength and vitality through movement and breathwork through simple postures that anyone can do. After 6 months, more involved energy practices will begin.

With each month, new and similar content will continue to be offered to you, progressing chakra by chakra, as well as deepening knowledge and understanding of the chakras as a whole, especially from the standpoint of samskaras: stored energy patterns in the chakras.

Once deep into our knowledge of the chakras, we will start to use mudras and mantras and to heal and empower the chakras with our deeper understanding. This will happen approximately 6 months into the program, after a strong foundation has been established.