Healing the Throat Chakra

It is our soul, not our ego, that needs to find expression through our voice, which is why we must heal our throat chakra. In the past 30 years ago of teaching westerners, both men and women attending my workshops and courses have spoken to me about the suppression of their voice, which is really the suppression of their soul. Before we can start to cultivate qualities of soul through our voice, we must heal this chakra of past samskaras, get the energy flowing in it, which is what this program is about.

Comment by Nancy Weber on "Healing the Throat Chakra Module 3: Lesson 12": I am profoundly aware of the importance of this throat chakra healing for me and beyond in relationship with others. I have been experiencing what I would call spontaneous healings in my relationships (son, daughter, husband, self with Self). And of late with/for clients. No small thing...being present to the power of Divine presence. What you and Asha offered through coaching has afforded me the ability to open to, breathe into, be present with what comes up to go. I listen deeply and receive insights. This carries over to clients where what appears to be coincidence becomes an opportunity to support their healing through this power of presence and listening in to receive. Feels like love in action - it does not feel like a "doing" rather more like "being graced". My resolve grows in strength. Love, Ishta (NW)


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