Swedish School of Mantra and Tantra

A collaborative effort that combines live (in-person) along with online study and training offered by Mattias Hagman, founder of Gävle Yogaskola, Sweden, and Russill Paul, founfer of Yogic Mystery School and School of Mantra, USA.

Russill Paul, a respected teacher of mantra and Tantra, author of the Yoga of Sound and producer of many best selling mantra CDs, was scheduled to be in Sweden at the invitation of Mattias Hagman's Gävle Yogaskola. Due to Covid-19, his live workshop in collobaration with Mattias has been postponed to 2021. However, you can study with both Mattias and Russill from now until next year, preparing powerfully for the live experience.

Mattias and Russill explain the offerings ...

Three different courses you can undertake

Each course has a robust online component with Russill Paul providing curriculum (as well as Mastery of Mantra training in small groups online) PLUS a live, in-person group support with Mattias Hagman in Sweden.

Yoga of Sound Immersion

Yoga practitioners and healers interested in the scope of sacred sound in Yoga and healing may take this starter course.

Begins in June: Learn more

The Mastery of Tantra

An intermediate program for Yogis  and healers who want to learn methods that combine sacred sound with touch.

Begins in July: Learn more

The Mastery of Mantra

For Yoga Practitioners and teachers who wish to master the proper pronunciation and more for Yoga and Vedic mantras.

Begins in August: Learn more

More clarification on these three programs ...