Mattias "Gopala" Hagman and Gävle Yogaskola offers an online program on The Yoga of Sound (aka Nada Yoga) with Russill Paul

Perfect for healers, yoga teachers and practitioners, mantra lovers, kirtan singers, therapists, musicians, artists, and meditation practitioners.

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The Yoga of Sound in Sweden Online

This program introduces the scope of sacred sound for kirtan singers, yoga practitioners, mantra practitioners, and healers.

The lessons are presented meaningfully for westerners while drawing from thousands of years of tradition.

Yoga of Sound by Gävle Yogaskola

Study The Healing Power Of Mantra

You enter into this knowledge through the four streams of sacred sound that make up The Yoga of Sound: Vedic, Tantric, Bhakti, and Nada.

Beginner students as well as teachers of sacred sound are introduced to the healing power of mantra that can tapped through the four streams of Sound Yoga. Once again, what you learn here goes beyond (though it complements) what you find in Russill's books and CDs.

Study Streams Of Sound For Healing

Receive some quick insights into the streams of sacred sound. In the actual online program, you can access more detailed lessons and methods.

Learn Sound Healing Through Four Streams Of Sacred Sound.

This knowledge is valuable for healers, therapists, as well as yoga, mantra, and meditation practitioners and teachers.

Be informed on the broad scope of sacred sound for healing and spiritual practice. Or you may be confined to a narrow understanding of sound for your teaching and practice. Your study goes beyond what you find in Russill books and CDS while complementing them.


Supported with Zoom group sessions by Gopala.

Yoga of Sound Immersion



24/7 Access to the extensive online curriculm created by Russill Paul (see detail below) plus monthly group support zoom sessions with Mattias Gopala Hagman.

Monthly Payments


Yoga of Sound Immersion



24/7 Access to the extensive online curriculm created by Russill Paul (see detail below) plus monthly group support zoom sessions with Mattias Gopala Hagman.



Online Curriculum & Teaching: Russill Paul

A pioneer in bringing the scope of sacred sound in Yoga to the west, he has taught at world's recognized centers of Yoga and spiritual learning.

50 New Bonus Video Lessons For Musicians, Singers and Kirtan Leaders!

This brand new section has been added for those students wanting to lead kirtan or develop their personal vocal or guitar skills in relationship to the therapeutic power of mantras and sacred sound. 

Your 4-Month Yoga of Sound Online Immersion offers impressive and expanded curriculum (see detail below...)


provided by Mattias "Gopala" Hagman, among Sweden's most well recognized yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainers.


The support sessions help you integrate your study of sacred sound taught by Russill Paul with your yoga, pranayama, and meditation practice.




Mattias Gopala Hagman is the author of Leva Yoga and the founding director of Gävle Yogaskola

About Gävle Yogaskola

Russill Paul And Mattias Hagman

Designed exclusively for students of Mattias Hagman and Gavle Yogaskola, students of Yoga and Tantra, as well as students of Kirtan and Mantra, can derive valuable information and knowledge from this broad program.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the 2021 version of this immersion, we have added almost 100 new lessons. As of Jan 31, 2021, there are 179 lessons. While the previous curriculum was extensive, new teaching lessons are designed to help healers and teachers better understand and teach aspects of sound yoga.

In January 2021, 25 brand new lessons were added. So the curriculum is in dynamic development. Keep in mind that many experiences are lengthy teaching sessions between an hour and 90-minutes long. There are also many simple lessons designed for quick study, each just about 5 to 15 minutes in length.

Why does it say 139 lessons in the overview video below? Because, at the time of creating the video, there were 139 lessons. Since then, many more have been added. And more may be added in the future. Remember that we are under no obligation to add new lessons because this is already a very full curriculum.

You gain immediate access to the lessons accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7. You are in complete control of what you choose to focus on, how much time you spend on them, how often you revisit them, and what time of the day or night you access the lessons.

The immersion is for four months. In the first month, you gain access to five sections:

1) UNDERSTAND THE YOGA OF SOUND helps you learn about the streams of sacred sound.
2) LEARN THE YOGA OF SOUND helps you actually learn several of the streams.
3) HEALING POWER OF MANTRA is a full workshop on the different streams for healing.
4) MY DAILY PRIVATE PRACTICE shows you how Russill uses sacred sound in his own life every day.
5) BONUS FOR KIRTAN SINGERS teaches guitar and vocal for mantra music expression.

Each month, a new set of lessons opens up under 4) and 5) while adding entire new workshops:

At the same time, you continue to have access to everything made available to you in the first month. With this method, you are not overwhelmed.

If you want all lessons to be available to you from the start, all you need to do is commit to the entire program at the beginning. You also receive a steep discount for doing so.


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