Healing The Divine Feminine: Shodasha

For those who wish to heal and enlighten through the divine feminine, we offer what is called "śoḍaṣa upacāra," one of our advanced programs. We invite you to become a priestess, or priest, as you learn a spiritual alchemy of mantras and magic.


Healing The Divine Feminine

In Tantra, Ultimate Reality is seen to contain absolute aspects of the feminine and masculine principles in their purest, unmanifest essences. They are referred to as the Shiva and Shakti, but these are different from the Shiva and Shakti that is known to us in the manifest world of time, space, matter, energy, and consciousness. The Shiva and Shakti we know through forms, shapes, concepts, and qualities, are always, to a degree, corrupted. The pure essence is obscured by the limitations of our own mind and the way we construct and project our reality, which is not the same as Ultimate Reality. The healing rituals of Tantra built around the divine feminine and sacred masculine, are ways into the nature of Ultimate Reality through healing the disfigurement that is naturally a part of our human condition.

Our parents, teachers, and caregivers are meant to embody and reveal the divine feminine and sacred masculine to us in childhood. However, they all fall short of it as they cannot be expected to maintain healthy egos without lapse. Our parents, teachers, and caregivers are generally preoccupied with this world, earning a livelihood, and dealing with the stresses of life. Unless they have been taught otherwise, can we expect them to know the pure essences of the divine feminine and sacred masculine? As a result, we construct a sense of the masculine and feminine around corrupted sensitivities of the pure principles. Now, in adulthood, or late adulthood, we get to change this. That is what Tantra is offering us, at least how we teach it in our Yogic Mystery School.

The premise of my work and what we do in our Yogic Mystery School has been deeply affected by revelations of complex trauma in very early childhood that broke through into my conscious awareness in late 2017. Before this, sacred sound dominated everything I practiced and taught. Tantra, through yogic practices and healing rituals, was also part of my vocabulary. However, since 2018, I have needed to resort to both The Yoga of Sound and Tantric Healing Practices to heal myself from rather severe anxiety and depression. My understanding, practice, and teaching of esoteric spirituality has now necessarily evolved to integrate western psychology and its understanding of trauma. At the heart of this healing is the rediscovery of the divine feminine and sacred masculine. The Shodasha Upacara is one of the central practices of this process.

The Invitation To Heal

Watch this video to understand the corruption of sacred archetypes

What is the śoḍaṣa upacāra?

At the heart of our process is a healing ritual.

The śoḍaṣa upacāra is a 16-part ritual that you will learn to invoke the Shakti and draw close to the Shakti, through Saraswati, who is the purest embodiment of vidya (knowledge). We, in our Yogic Mystery School, use the container of the śoḍaṣa upacāra to “heal all things feminine.”

Before the śoḍaṣa upacāra begins, there is the purification of oneself and the space in which one is practicing. We learn to establish a safe and protective space, outside and inside, as we work to remove spiritual obstacles so that our portal to the invisible world is free of obstruction.

A mantra, in the Vedic tradition, protects us.
Mananāt trāyate iti mantraḥ, meaning, that which protects is a mantra. Mananāt means “by the mind,” so it is essentially a mental tool. The protection, though, is real, in the sense that it filters into the real world of space, time, and matter. The world of spirit is just as real to the degree that we discover its realness.

Similarly, the degree to which mantras can penetrate our everyday world of matter and energy depends upon how much we can dissolve the boundaries that separate the invisible world of spirit from our visible world. The purpose of the ritual, Tantric ritual, in particular, is designed to help us learn how to thin out this boundary, make it more porous, permeable.

Healing The Divine Feminine

Watch the video below to gain a sense of the shodasha upacara

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Frequently Asked Questions

The moment you enroll for either option, you gain immediate access to our Shodasha Upacara online portal. You can access the lessons 24/7 from anywhere in the world while connected to the internet through any device. Our platform has a beautiful interface across all devices: phones, tablets, and computers.

In the first month new modules are added every 10 days so you are on an accelerated process. After the first month, the rate at which content is added is spaced differently so you do not to feel overloaded and can assimilate content at a comfortable pace.

The quality of the content is first rate. Additinally, we are in the process of making major upgrades to all modules so you can be sure that you are receiving the very best we are capable of at this time.

If you would like to pay for the whole program in advance, we will be happy to offer you a further discount. There are many advantages to paying in full in advance, not the least of which is your commitment to seeing the process through to finish. We created monthly installments to make the program affordable to those students who need that type of financial plan. Please contact us if you wish to pay in full, which you can also after starting the program on a monthly basis.

Taking this program with private coaching sessions enables you to be personally trainined by Russill Paul in the proper prounciation of the mantras as well as in the proper performance of the ritual. Additionally, private coaching allows for you to address personal issues that you seek to transform through your spiritual practice. The coached option also offers you a guided process so that you have expert help in discerning how you are assimilating the practice and the degree to which you are using it effectively for your own transformation.

Because of the advanced mantras and the coordination of these mantras with ritual actions, there is no group training for this program. It is not possible to help students on an individual basis through group training for a curriculum such as this. We consider four private sessions more than sufficient to train well in the shodasha upacara, which is why we have positioned them in every quarter. If you with to accelerate your process, or combinine your study of the shodasha with a larger number of private sessions and more involved spiritual goals, please contact us and we will set you up with a private coaching package that includes the shodasha upacara.

More about the śoḍaṣa upacāra

If you are female, and your shakti has been negatively affected through hurt, or harm, or disrespect, the śoḍaṣa upacāra can help restore the shakti (in us) and reinstate our wholeness. If you are male, the śoḍaṣa upacāra helps you connect more intimately with the Shakti, the feminine, and restore balance. You may also seek to rectifiy negative tendencies towards the feminine.

This upacāra is about coming close to Shakti, about developing a closer relationship with feminine energy in ways that supersede how we usually experience it. We learn more advanced mantras, but we couple these mantras with a healing ritual, visualizations, and powerful spiritual practices.

You are now entering what we call the "Power Level" in our Yogic Mystery School. At this level, our practice includes the study and performance of healing rituals, such as theśoḍaṣa upacāra, that can heal deep wounds in the psyche, transform our living environments into sacred spaces, and create powerful portals in consciousness that we can access directly.

If you have taken the course "Shakti: Sacred Visions of the Divine Feminine" previously, know that this mastery level is based on it. However, we take the program to an entirely new level with revised and upgraded modules that train you in the pronunciation of the mantras and many other components, especially if you choose to study this program through our Sri Vidya Immersion.

This Upacara can optionally be combined with an immersion in the Sri Vidya Tantric tradition for those who have an interest in Sri Vidya. There is a sensuousness to this practice, which is characteristic of Tantra, although, it must be clear that ours is a gnostic school, which means, we do not teach explicit sexual practices.

Even so, śoḍaṣa upacāra profoundly affects our sexual energies, transforming, healing, and directing it towards higher consciousness. śoḍaṣa upacāraa helps draw a powerful sense of blessing into many areas of our life. For this practice to bear continued fruit in our inner and outer life, we keep it alive lifelong.

What if I am unsure about what to do?


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