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During your face-to-face session via Zoom or Skype, you can discuss your current spiritual goals and challenges to envision your best approach forward

Russill offers you over 30 years of teaching and publishing on the world stage...

"I teach yoga and work in a large corporation. I don’t say this to sound conceited 😍 but my speech has completely changed. It has slowed down, become more precise, stronger, which gives power. We need this when we work and teach. Because of this students feel safe, they feel it’s clear what I am trying to convey and this helps to keep the class so it is not chaotic and it’s a trusting environment where they can experience their yoga practice. So thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼😍 "

Stephany Doherty, California
Yoga Teacher, Financial Executive

"From the very beginning of my initial exposure to Russill Paul, (in 2008), I have to say that it has been a rather magical, mystical journey. Of course, life goes on and challenges need to be met and " there is always something" ... but amidst all this,  I am constantly amazed by what the Yogic Mystery School has given me in means of support~ both in coping with the ups and downs of everyday life, and in the guidance and deepening of my spiritual practice and unfoldment."

Celia Hansen, Ohio
Yoga Teacher, linguist, spiritual teacher

"I have been with Russill and the Yoga of Sound online program since it started, 10 years now I believe. If you are thinking about it, go for it ! Even when I get behind, which I often do, I know I can always go back to the lessons. There’s not only Russill’s expert guidance and teachings, we have the community that is safe, shares so honestly and is very supportive. It is something I always go back to and gives me comfort, groundedness and is so humbling ."

Katherine Duncanson, Toronto
Yoga Teacher, Singer, Dancer


While you wait for your video call with Russill Paul, you will have access to actual lessons from our Spiritual Makeover and the Secret Life drawn from four modules of the actual program.

You also have access to 30 daily meditations, each 15 to 20 minutes, (some even longer), so you can experience how Russill uses sacred sound to work with his emotions and difficult states of consciousness.

In addition to this, you receive access to introductory lessons on the Yoga of Sound, The Tantric Path, Russill's coaching system

Our Yogic Mystery School is for healers, therapists, yoga teachers, and spiritual practitioners seeking greater depth...

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