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Since 2008, we have been developing and offering online program on spirituality. We have over 30 years of teaching and publishing experience on the international stage.



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Dear spiritual seeker! 

Be sure to remain subscribed to my email list and ensure that my email [email protected] is cleared to arrive in your inbox. Every month, I offer insights and practices for free through blogs, videos, and webinars. Additionally, there are special offers on programs and events that are worth taking advantage of when available. Beyond all of the free content and teaching I offer, which is quite substantial, I sustain what I do through teaching and coaching. At present, my live events are on hold. However, I teach and coach online.

If you are new to my work, my credentials involve teaching and publishing on the international stage for over 30 consecutive years. I continue to do so at many renowned centers for learning, like the Omega Institute and Kripalu Center. Our online Yogic Mystery School was brithed after 16 years of teaching in graduate and post-graduate spirituality programs. Since 2008, we have trained a significant number of yoga teachers, healers, meditation teachers, mantra teachers, professionals from various fields, including homemakers and stay-at-home moms. Presently, we have students and groups from around the world who train in our programs and who are part of our private coaching system. We specialize in training westerners in the authentic power of eastern spiritual modalities.

Not everyone may understand the power or value of Vedic mantras, and not everyone may feel motivated to do them the way they are meant to be done. Many in the west associate mantras exclusively with their devotional and musical expressions. This is not only a great disservice to the mantra tradition but limits the scope of what mantra can do for you psychologically and spiritually. We cannot address all of life's challenges with only one quality of voice. While devotional expression has its place, there are times when we must use a strong, clear, and articulate voice. Vedic mantras teach us how to cultivate such a voice.

If you have an interest in studying the healing dimensions of mantra through developing your voice, this may be a time to undertake this form of learning. Our Yogic Mystery School Online not only specializes in training students in Vedic mantras, but also teaches Tantra, another specialty. If you have an interest in studying with us at this time, feel free to reach out and let us know how we can help you. Tantra can be a powerful tool involving mantras, movements, and placements of sound on the body for healing and the transmutation of consciousness. It is a different approach to using sounds and awareness.

Dealing with the present pandemic is challenging and complex. We need to get through to the other side, doing all of the practical, yet without atrophying the spiritual. And the spiritual resources we garner during this period will be put to use in the emerging field of consciousness when balance is regained. Events like this awaken us spiritually in the most powerful ways. They interrupt life-as-usual dramatically, forcing us to look deeper and become wiser than we might choose to be ordinarily. This is the time when all our learning and training reveal the foundations upon which they have been built.

If you have studied with us previously or completed the Mastery of Mantra, know that in the last couple of years, a tremendous volume of new content has been added to our online Yogic Mystery School. From late 2017, I began remembering complex trauma from my early childhood. Since then, I have been compelled to evolve both spiritually and psychologically. The new programs I have been developing reflect my own authentic transformation of extremely challenging experiences in my psyche that have informed not only my teaching but also how I support students in our programs. This type of learning and teaching is born of deep pain and suffering. It cannot be learned by books but only through real spiritual growth. Long term students of our Yogic Mystery School have progressed to new and higher levels of consciousness and self-realization as a result. I also offer spiritual life coaching and lifework coaching through private sessions, which has evolved considerably as a result of addressing complex trauma in my own life.

Please feel free to reach out, and we can begin a conversation, initially via email. This may lead to a phone or face-to-face conversation via video conferencing if it appears that you are ready to undertake one or more of our programs. At the very least, our interaction might open a door or window into new ways of thinking and being at this time. 

And I am pleased to inform you that I am now creating videos, blogs, and courses with my beloved wife and partner of 30 years, Asha, who is an intergrative nutrition health coach. If you like to visit her website and sign up for her emails that offer recipes and tips for healthy living, please visit

Be safe, healthy and peaceful.

In One Heart — Russill

"I have been with Russill and the Yoga of Sound online program since it started, 10 years now I believe. If you are thinking about it, go for it ! Even when I get behind, which I often do, I know I can always go back to the lessons. There’s not only Russill’s expert guidance and teachings, we have the community that is safe, shares so honestly and is very supportive. It is something I always go back to and gives me comfort, groundedness and is so humbling ."

Kathryn Duncanson
Yoga Teacher, Dancer, Singer

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