Spiritual Coaching with Russill Paul

Your private coaching sessions can include spiritual direction, lifework development, Tantric studies, and professional training in a depth understanding of teaching mantra and meditation practices. Russill brings 30 years of teaching, performing, and publishing on the world stage. 

Until further notice, Russill Paul is presently not accepting new coaching students as he is committed to the many students he is working with. We recommend submitting the discernment form below if you would like to get on the waiting list for the next available opening.


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First, here are some FAQs. Message us if you need further clarity.

One-on-one Spiritual Coaching is the most intimate method for students to work closely with Russill Paul to develop and bring their inner and outer life together harmoniously. 

Your best life unfolds when you learn how to enhance the quality of your consciousness and create spiritually fulfilling lifework, especially when it is hard.

Our opening focus is our consciousness, the perspective with which we evaluate life's challenges, and the inner resources we rely on handle our life circumstances effectively.

We also focus on developing our inner and outer voices with strength and clarity. Sometimes, we need to learn how to soften and beautify our expressions. At other times, we need to learn how to communicate with authenticity. 

For students, there is the need to additionally focus on their lifework development, helping them prepare for a meaningful and fulfilled retirement or developing their existing skills and professions in ways that in alignment with their soul's purpose.

Without purpose, and without an existing structure to uphold that purpose, our soul may be left bereft without meaning. Taking care of our soul is one thing. Knowing how to fulfill it is another. That's what we address in spiritual coaching.

Inner Life Coaching shows you how to develop higher consciousness and work through your spiritual obstacles. You learn to build your spiritual core.

Spiritual Lifestyle Coaching helps you transform conditions in your life, your mental patterns, your home environment, and core relationships.

Spiritual Lifework Coaching helps you improve your existing career or create structures to share your gifts with the world in a sustainable way.

Coaching focusses on getting results: You learn how to improve the conditions of your inner and outer life, the quality of your relationships, how to leverage your skills to create successful and fulfilling lifework, and how to bring your finances under the influence of spiritual presence, power, and guidance.

Empower You to Impact Your World: You learn to increase your impact upon your world by refining your ideas and their implementation. As you learn to improve the quality and conditions of your own life, you learn to consciously create a better world for others.

Coaching can also do a lot to enhance your inner life, your professional life, and your relationships. In the beginning, however, we may need to address one or more of the following:

 1. Show a student how to break through self-sabotaging patterns. 

2. Help a student discern his or her way through challenging situations. 

3. Motivate a student towards necessary actions and steps to take right now. 

Yes, coaching can help you professionally provided you include that aspect in your spiritual coaching process. You can use spiritual coaching to learn how to leverage your expertise in any field as well as to become a spiritual healer and teacher, meditation teacher. Is this something you already do? Lifework coaching can help you develop what you already do into a process that is more rewarding than you are presently experiencing.

When we focus on your lifework development, especially in helping a student prepare for a meaningful and fulfilled retirement, however close or far away, that is, we bring our consummate skills and knowledge to commit to "you" and the success of your life's purpose. Without purpose, and without an existing structure to uphold that purpose, our soul may be left bereft without meaning. Taking care of our soul is the key to our fulfillment!

By using a simple combination of Phone and Skype (for face-to-face interaction), coaching can address every aspect of your life, including your lifework! It is all about getting the momentum going when and where you need it.

Private, one-on-one coaching is the most potent and accelerated form of learning we offer. In addition to your hour-long session, you are provided with supplemental online content to support your process.
Additionally, the sessions are recorded on audio or video, so you can focus 100% on interaction without taking notes. The recordings are provided to you for post-session study and lifetime access.

Coupled with an expert ability to identify conditions quickly and provide powerful insights and methods of resolution, private coaching sessions with Russill Paul are not only powerful but valuable as well.

With each coaching session, you can learn how to deepen your inner spiritual experience, achieve balance, overcome mental blocks, and more. Many Yogic Mystery School students continue to take private coaching sessions with Russill because of the extraordinary value they receive.

Yes, the coaching process is 100% customizable. For instance, your study of spiritual coaching can be complemented with one or more of our online programs and specialized trainings. Alternatively, spiritual coaching can focus exclusively on whatever it is you wish to focus on and develop at this time.


Yoga of Sound Immersion: A great way to learn about the scope of sacred sound and how it relates and applies to healing. Sacred sound is our essential platform and area of expertise. It is also the basis of all Indian spirituality and theology.

Transformed by Mantra: Immerse yourself in our signature mantra programs to take you from a beginner to intermediate levels of understanding and practice.


Spiritual Makeover: Begin with a daily contemplative practice, then go through a Chakra Cleanse, and complete by visioning your soul's destiny.

Golden Path to WholenessA way for therapists, healers, and teachers to approach enlightenment in ways that are meaningful and effective for us today.


Eastern Wisdom Western Heart: This is a brand new program that we are developing especially for those interested in Christian mysticism and world's religions.

Cultivating Abundance Consciousness: Learn introductory Tantric practices to cultivate abundance consciousness through learning how to invoke Lakshmi in your heart and in your home.


Mastery of Tantra: Study sacred sound and sacred touch for self-healing and self-care. Great for healers, therapists, Tantra practitioners, and those who wish to study traditional practices.

Mastery of Mantra: Our premier training for Yoga teachers, kirtan singers, and others, to learn proper pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras with a foundation in Yoga and Veda mantras.

Sri Vidya Master Classes: Sri Vidya is our advanced practice and understanding. Join our master classes to become part of our core student body and have access to our deepest practices.

Coaching Students Receive Immense Value with Personalized Support and Programs

With private 1-1 coaching, you can undertake any program at any level for professional as well as personal reasons. This process is about YOU.

Spiritual Coaching Portal

Based on your needs, your plan can include Russill's online Spirtual Coaching Portal providing you with his best spiritual coaching tools and methods such as Energy Flow MonitoringStaying Spiritually Fit, and more.

Private Coaching Sessions

Depending on you plan, you also receive a monthly private session (or sessions) with Russill chock full of guidance and teaching specially for you and provided as an audio-visual recording for lifetime access.

Appropriate Programs

Based on the detailed coaching questionnaire you fill out, in keeping with your needs and abilities, you will be granted access to appropriate online programs to assist your spiritual process and goals at this time.

""I have been connected to the teaching and work of Russill Paul for seventeen years. His guidance has been a bright light in my life helping me to grow spiritually and artistically. Now that I am doing personal coaching with Russill, we are able to focus on my professional life. I have had only four sessions with Russill and we have laid out a plan to create new opportunities for me to share my gifts with the world. Russill and I have created a poster, a brochure and will be launching into the creation of a new website for this future work. He is teaching me how to create and manage these tools so that in the future I can move forward on my own. I know that if I were to hire someone else to do this work for me, not only would it be more expensive, it would never encompass the spiritual depth or vaste experience that Russill brings to our sessions. Everything he is teaching me comes from his own experience. Russill has a life that I have always admired. He is strong, compassionate and so practical! I feel very excited as I anticipate the more expansive work that I will be doing. Everything that Russill and Asha Paul bring to my life exceeds my expectations. While it might take faith and courage to dive into coaching sessions with Russill...if that little voice inside you is whispering: "You should do some coaching sessions with Russill." I say: "GO FOR IT!" and I say it with great enthusiasm!!! "

Dr. Jeannine Goodeallen
Singer, Dancer, Healer, Teacher

Testimonials from Russill's coaching students 

Cheryl Smith: Feldendries Practitioner, Chicago, May 2020

In what positive ways has private 1-1 coaching with Russill affected your life?

I'd say that private coaching with Russill changed my life!  I was in a far different place when we began than I am now. I feel more calm and more confident, and, best of all, I'm energized around my spiritual practice.

What are some of the best outcomes you've experienced in being coached by Russill?

The best thing that's come out of working with Russill is that I've recovered the courage of my curiosity.  When we first began, I shared that my previous teacher had gotten into the habit of demeaning me, my practice, and my efforts in front of our little sangha. It took a while for me to start to trust my inner guidance. Part and parcel of that is Russill’s patience, his ability to turn just about anything in a positive direction, and simply not giving up.

List a few powerful changes in your consciousness and/or profound spiritual realizatons you've had a result of being coaching by Russill

The most powerful change in my consciousness is that I do have times when I know I am in Presence and I am aware of the Divine knowing me, knowing the Divine, knowing me, knowing the Divine.... In winter, when the sun is low and gives a strong, clear light, I see Shiva lighting his beloved Shakti.  The same in the early morning when I see the moon gazing at the sun that is still a bit below the horizon. Being with relatives again, I am seeing how much the Divine loves his/her humans, and this brings tears to my eyes.


We help people of varying 
spiritual and professional 
backgrounds, including:

Artists and Musicians

Healers and Therapists

Yoga Teachers & Practitioners

Tantra Teachers & Practitioners

Mantra Teachers & Practitioners

Meditation Teachers & Practitioners

Professionals and Business owners

We empower our students with both practical as well as esoteric knowledge to help them thrive in all areas of their lives. 

We teach our students how to become secure in their practice and teaching, develop satisfying relationships, and create rewarding lifework.

Tereasa Spencer

Yoga Teacher from Australia


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