Yoga of Sound Immersion

Study The Yoga of Sound the way Russill Paul teaches it in live settings to learn how to tap the spiritual and therapeutic effects of sacred sound through a guided application. This is an excellent program for yoga teachers and practitioners, mantra teachers and practitioners, as well as meditation teachers and practitioners. Healers, therapists, and professionals can also learn a tremendous lot from this immersion in the Yoga of Sound.


Goes further than his book and CDs ...

This online immersion offers recently developed content in addition to recording of live workshops on the Yoga of Sound presented internationally. Scroll down to view the curriculm and Frequently Asked Questions.

Your Four Month Program Includes

Recordings of live teaching events that help you understand how Russill teaches the Yoga of Sound around the world along with a section of beginner lessons for those who are new to his work and the Yoga of Sound.

Core Content

Learn how Russill Paul teaches the Yoga of Sound through recordings of his live events that he offers around the world.

Private Practice

Experience Russill Paul’s private practice so you know how he uses sacred sound for his own healing and transformation.

Easy Lessons

Learn easy therapeutic and spiritual applications of sacred sound you can use with your clients and students.


Access your content any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world. You will find everything conveniently laid out for you to play, pause, rewind, replay as much as you like. We specialize in delivering high quality content.

You would receive enormous value from this immersion even if we did not add a thing more to what is included below. Each month introduces an entire live workshop, either from a full weekend or a 5-day intensive. Besides, Russill shares his private practice with sacred sound. Content is distributed over 4 months, continuing to build over that time. It is truly an immersion in The Yoga of Sound. We offer so much at this very reasonable pricing to provide new students with an introduction to Russill Paul's ground-breaking work on The Yoga of Sound. We hope that, in doing so, new students will receive a sound foundation in what Russill offers and gauge the scope of his expertise first hand.

Present Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

There are, at present, 78 lessons in the course, and we continue to add more. Keep in mind that many lessons are actually lengthy teaching sessions between a hour and 90-minutes long.

Additionally, the depth and scope of what they address is significant. There are many simple lessons, too. These are short and designed for quick study, each just about 5 to 15 minutes in length.

You immediately have access to the curriculum described in the curriculum below. The lessons are accessible from anywhere in the world and are available for your self-study at any time of the day or nigh.

You are in complete control of which lessons and sessions you choose to focus on, how much time you spend on them, how often you revisit them, and what time of the day or night you access the lessons.

The entire immersion is timed for four months. Each month, a new set of lessons are made available to you. At the same time you continue to have access to everything that was made available to you in the first month.


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