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Get started on your study right away. Your library will be immediately loaded up with a solid supply of lessons.





Get started on your study right away. Your library will be immediately loaded up with a solid supply of lessons.



Listen to this 25-minute presentation to learn about Nada Yoga if you are a yoga teacher, mantra lover, kirtan singer, or meditation practitioner.


In this four-month online course, students learn four Streams Of Sound For Healing: Vedic, Tantric, Bhakti, and Nada. Students have access to many lessons that require neither music nor a Sanskrit background. However, the online program provides a substantial amount of teaching made easy for those who desire more information.

This four-month online course includes many specially prepared tutorials in addition to recordings of live events, so you understand how Russill Paul teaches the Yoga of Sound around the world. In addition, there are beginner lessons included for those new to Yoga of Sound that are also helpful for teachers of yoga, meditation, and mantra who want to teach sacred sounds to others.

Finally, this four-month online course includes 50 Video Lessons designed for Musicians, Singers, and Kirtan Leaders! This section is for those students wanting to lead kirtan or develop their vocal or guitar skills related to the therapeutic power of mantras and sacred sounds.


This knowledge is valuable for healers, therapists, as well as yoga, mantra, and meditation practitioners and teachers.

Be informed on the broad scope of sacred sound for healing and spiritual practice. Or you may be confined to a narrow understanding of sound for your teaching and practice. Your study goes beyond what you find in books and CDS, including those published and produced by Russill Paul.

Workshop Focus for Teachers and Healers

Teachers of yoga, meditation, and mantra can focus on a monthly online workshop to absorb content in a meaningful way to integrate into their professional expertise.

Workshop 1: HEALING POWER OF MANTRA focuses on the different streams of sound for healing.

Workshop 2: THE AUTHENTICITY OF YOGA shows how mantric sounds add to one's yogic authenticity.

Workshop 3: MANTRAS AND MODERN LIFE shows how to integrate ancient mantras into contemporary living.

Workshop 4: THE POWER OF MANTRA explores the scope of sacred for spiritual awakening.

Each workshop is about six to eight hours and can be completed in a single weekend.



Enhanced Kirtan with Mantra and Vocal Training

For those who wish to develop their chanting capability, devotional expressions, and vocal technique, we have the following modules:

LEARN THE YOGA OF SOUND teaches some popular mantras while showing how to enhance bhakti with an understanding of Tantra and Nada Yoga.

DAILY PRIVATE PRACTICE shows you how one can use sacred sound in their own life every day. This module features over 40 practice sessions on various themes.

KIRTAN SINGER TRAINING offers over 50 video tutorials teaching ragas (musical scales) for mantra music expression along with guitar accompaniment.

BONUS MASTERY WEBINARS: This section offers several webinars that prepare students for the Mastery of Mantra, a next-level program.

Your Four Month Program Includes

Three broad components that compliment each other.


Learn how to teach the Yoga of Sound through recordings of live events offered around the world: a resource for teachers.

Private Practice

Experience recordins of private practice to learn how to use sacred sound for everyday healing and transformation.

Easy Lessons

Learn easy therapeutic and spiritual applications of sacred sound you can use with your clients and students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Yoga of Sound is an online program designed to introduce several different groups to the scope of sound in yoga and healing.

* Yoga practioners and teachers of meditation and Tantra
* Healers, therapists, and energy medicine practitioners
* Musicians, kirtan singers and lovers of mantra

Of course, anyone interested in sound healing, Indian spirituality, and the therapeutic effects of sacred sound will find this course profoundly engaging.

The “scope” of sacred sound in the Yoga of Sound includes entire traditions of mantra, music, and sacred sound.

The Vedic tradition of sacred sound is the oldest and most formidable tradition of sacred sound and mantra. Vedic sound has specific rules.

The Tantric tradition of sacred sound is highly secretive and has its own particular approach, although it includes the Vedic and devotional.

The Bhakti, or devotional tradition of sacred sound includes kirtan, but it is also much more than kirtan. It is youngest of the sacred sound traditions.

Finally, there is Nada Yoga, (Sound Yoga), which was a strong influence on Patanjali. It develops around music and includes Tantric aspects.

The “scope” of sacred sound, therefore, involves thousands of years of development of sacred sound and it quite profound and powerful in its effects.

Any student of yoga, any healer, and any person interested in mantra and the spirituality of Indian music should study it.

However, the scope of sacred sound is so vast and so deep, it will take many lifetimes for anyone to grasp it in its entirety.

Our Yoga of Sound Immersion not only introduces the student to the scope of the sacred sound in Yoga, but offers teaching, training and practices.

For best learning, we recommend supplementing your online study with the book “The Yoga of Sound: Tapping The Hidden Power Of Music And Chant.”

Each student, depending on their personal and professional interests, will have unique goals. Therefore, we recommend defining your purpose for study clearly.

For example, here are some of the objectives a student might have in taking this 4-month program:

Understand the four streams of sacred sound and learn how to combine them to affect consciousness for your spiritual and therapeutic purposes.

Discern the stream of sacred sound you need to develop further for your personal healing and the one you should specialize in for your professional needs.

Discover the healing power of mantra and the role of the various streams of sacred sound to enhance the healing process through their specific characteristics.

Learn fundamental ragas (musical scales) and vocal expressions of devotion (Bhakti). Use this knowledge to broaden your kirtan singing and leadership.

Get started on the Tantric vocabulary of bija mantras (seed syllables) and learn how to use them therapeutically with your clients.

Learn how sacred sound developed within and alongside the Yoga tradition. Use this knowledge to build authenticity as a yoga practitioner or teacher.

While some students may take on more ambitious goals of combining more than one objective, we caution that your goals are realistic for the 4-month program.

Students who would like a certificate of completion or a letter stating the number of hours they engaged in the program should click the "Mark Completed" button for each lesson they complete.

You gain immediate access to the lessons accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7. You are in complete control of what you choose to focus on, how much time you spend on them, how often you revisit them, and what time of the day or night you access the lessons. 

In the first month, you gain access to five sections:

1) UNDERSTAND THE YOGA OF SOUND helps you learn about the streams of sacred sound.
2) LEARN THE YOGA OF SOUND helps you actually learn several of the streams.
3) HEALING POWER OF MANTRA is a full workshop on the different streams for healing.
4) DAILY PRIVATE PRACTICE shows you how Russill uses sacred sound in his own life every day.
5) BONUS FOR KIRTAN SINGERS teaches guitar and vocal for mantra music expression.

Each month, a new set of lessons opens up under 4) and 5) while adding entire new workshops:


At the same time, you continue to have access to everything made available to you in the first month. With this method, you are not overwhelmed.

If you want all lessons to be available to you from the start, all you need to do is commit to the entire program at the beginning. You also receive a steep discount for doing so.

In the current version of this Immersion, there are over 200 lessons. However, a student is not required to learn every single one of them.

The lessons group in modules. Students approach these modules based on their objectives. For instance, a yoga teacher might focus on the four workshops.

A student who is a kirtan singer might choose to focus on the modules about bhakti and music. A therapist may choose the therapeutic Tantric sounds.

Similarly, a mantra teacher might focus on the section on Vedic mantras while someone keen on Nada Yoga will want to learn how to combine all four streams.

Each student should decide on their particular focus with the clear realization that other students will have a different emphasis.

The Yoga of Sound is a broad umbrella that brings all the streams of sacred sound under one roof and in a way that reveals their relationships.

Specialization in any particular stream of sacred sound can follow as each stream of sacred sound is a specialty in itself for those who wish to develop expertise.

Yogic Mystery School is unique in that it specializes in all four streams of sacred sound, is capable in the academic and technical aspects, and understands both the spiritual and psychological elements.

Since this is a beginner program, something of an induction into the study of sacred sound, Tantra, and mantra, students come to this process with varying backgrounds, understandings, and capabilities.

Students should not expect to develop expertise at this level. However, the program will reveal a tremendous amount of insight that students do not know but assume they know. The program's purpose is insights into the sound healing process and learning the tools of sound healing.

Expertise and skill are determined through the one-on-one process, which is why we offer private coaching. The personal coaching process takes the students from their current understanding to new skill levels and technical abilities.

Once students complete this program, they can choose to develop their mantra pronunciation abilities if their interest is in Vedic mantras. Our Mastery of Mantra specializes in Vedic mantras. Vedic mantras are precise sounds that require specific tongue placements and the use of aspirated breathing for certain sounds. This level of precision cannot be taught in The Yoga of Sound as an umbrella for the various streams as it is a specialty in itself.

Some students may determine that they are not drawn towards mantra pronunciation but are more interested in sound healing through the Tantric approach. As a result, these students may progress towards The Mastery of Tantra, which teaches sound healing vocabulary through sound and touch. Students interested in this methodology enter into subtle-body practices that are related to the energy body.

The Yoga of Sound Immersion serves as a powerful introduction to the scope of sacred sound developed over many thousands of years in India. Upon completing it, students will understand what they know and what they do not know about sacred sound and healing. Crucial to the 4-month Immersion "Nada Yoga": the converging of the four streams to bear upon the nature of consciousness.


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