Health and Healing Disclaimer

The word "health" and "healing" in all our programs, training, and coaching refers to a state of being and a spiritual process that is not meant to be understood as a cure or remedy for physical, mental illness, emotional, or psychological.
Russill Paul and Asha Paul's practices and teachings are not meant to take the place of a licensed and professional medical doctor or therapist, and no one should substitute spiritual practices for medication or professional therapy.
All content in our online programs and through private coaching is for educational purposes only.
You understand and accept that the Instructor/Guide/Trainer/Coach, Russill Paul, and Asha Paul are not a physician or psychotherapist and make no express claims of being a healer or health care practitioner of any kind.
Therefore, Russill Paul and Asha Paul cannot be expected to offer any advice or caution for any physical, mental, emotional, or psychological health condition whatsoever. Any strategies, recommendations, or suggestions he provides need to be used in consultation with your physician/therapist and at your own risk and responsibility.
Although many have experienced deep, powerful, and transformative results from their study with Russill Paul and Asha Paul, no guarantees can be made, as there are too many variables at play. All past success, including testimonials on our website, is no indication of future successes or claims that you will also succeed or solve any specific problem or condition.
Since a person's continual personal thoughts, images, behaviors, and actions are known to affect any person's spiritual process powerfully, and since a student is mostly on their own, without being monitored continually in a controlled environment, you, the Student, need to take full responsibility for applying any of the practices taught in any of our programs, training, live events, or coaching processes.
Although spiritual practices are generally meant to heal, inspire, calm, transform, and transcend our pain and negative experiences, they can also trigger, stimulate, or awaken deep memories. Students, therefore, accept to undertake any and all practices presented in any program, training, or coaching session (free or paid) solely at his or her own risk and accept full responsibility for any and all effects that may trigger any health condition, either pre-existent, or developed during the period of study, or after the completion of a program, training or coaching.
Guha Soulworks LLC and its members have no affiliation with the Kundalini Yoga brand and its founder, Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini is associated with evolutionary energy in the Hindu yogic and Tantric systems referenced in sacred texts for approximately 1000 years. Yogic Mystery School teachers do not claim to know too much about it other than it is a form of the God force in a feminine modality. The Student understands and accepts that there are risks to working with Kundalini as a form of energy as it might result in psychotic episodes or imbalances that may require a psychotherapist. A student who engages in any spiritual practices involving Kundalini or using the term should be willing to accept the risks involved. Neither Russill Paul nor Asha Paul is a medical professional and makes no claims or offers any guarantees.
Should you not agree to any of the above, you agree not to use any of our products, services, or website information in any manner whatsoever. However, should you agree and accept what is presented in this disclaimer and choose to engage with any of our blogs, online programs, live events, private coaching, and support of any kind, free or purchased, you further agree to thoroughly read, understand, and accept our binding
Student Agreement and Coaching Agreement.

Last updated Oct 10, 2023


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