Coaching Agreement


Provider promises to conduct himself with integrity, to treat the Student respectfully and to keep private all personal information provided, unless required by law or review by a health professional.

Provider commits to a legally binding contract for the duration purchased by Student in which to provide the best coaching possible to guide the Student with his or her objectives.

Provider warrants that he is not a medical professional and cannot provide any form of medical help or psychotherapy which is not the objective of the coaching.

While Provider is convinced that Student will derive immense benefit from the coaching to achieve desired goals, Provider cannot represent or guarantee that Student will attain these goals. As with any endeavor, a number of factors determining outcome cannot be controlled by the Provider including but not limited to how the Student implements the coaching, extent of commitment, time and motivation of the Student, and the efficiency with which recommended strategies are implemented by the Student.


Student understands that these coaching sessions are not a substitute for medical help or therapy of any kind. Student assumes full responsibility for any and all conditions triggered by exercises provided by the Provider/Provider's Coach, whether mental, physical, or emotional, checking with a certified health professional if and when necessary.

Student accepts that results cannot be guaranteed.

Student agrees to treat the Provider respectfully and to keep private all proprietary content provided unless required by law or review by a health professional.

Student agrees at all times to indemnify and hold harmless the Provider, the Provider’s Coach and the Provider's Administrator for any and all effects resulting from any or all coaching applications and communications.

Student commits to a legally binding contract for all payments for the duration of the coaching purchased and agreed upon via email and/or purchased via invoice or through our websites and

Student agrees that all communications with Provider will be via email only using [email protected], and that if the Student resides outside the USA, that all coaching sessions will only be conducted via Skye or Zoom video conferencing technology.

Student agrees that payments are non-refundable and that the coaching may not be terminated without expressed written consent by the Provider.

Once the mutually agreed upon dates and times for the coaching sessions have been established, Student agrees to adhere to these dates and times unless in case of an immediate medical emergency. Otherwise, the Student agrees to forfeit that session and accepts that the session will not be rescheduled.

In addition to this coaching agreement, Student also agrees and accepts to all terms of the Provider's standard Yogic Mystery School Student Agreement including maintaining confidentiality of provided URLs and passwords.

Student Coaching Agreement: last updated January 31, 2024


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