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Yogic Mystery School

Our Yogic Mystery School explores the deeper dimensions of Mantra, Yoga, and Tantra through a process by which enlightenment, healing, and transformation function together in the service of our wholeness. In our approach, we seek to integrate both eastern and western spirituality, psychology and mysticism, meditation practices and healing rituals, chanting, and movement.

Once a year, in the Fall, we come together in spiritual retreat in Austin, TX, to break new ground, to grow, to be physically present to one another. The rest of the year, we remain in contact through the online medium, through online courses and various interactive tools, including one-on-one spiritual coaching. Our students form deep, spiritual bonds with one another.

And once a year, in January, we travel together to India, on pilgrimage, on a journey to renew ourselves in spirit. During our time in India, we meditate together and enter into deep conversations on the nature of spiritual practice, especially the kind of practices found in Indian spirituality. At the same time, we remain connected to our deep spiritual roots.


What do we study?

In our School, the study of Yoga, Meditation, Mantra and Tantra are correlated to one another in an approach that is not a linear approach. You can enter into it at whatever stage of the spiritual journey you are at, with your specific issues and particular spiritual obstacles you wish to overcome, and goals you wish to pursue. We learn to use our spiritual knowledge as a form of spiritual alchemy, to transform our lower, instinctual nature into higher, spiritual sensitivities, to continually improve the quality of our consciousness.


New students build a foundation with our Yoga of Sound Immersion, or one of our inspiring Beginner Programs.

Yoga of Sound


Get deep into the chakras with our Chakra Immersion program or our more involved program Mastery of Tantra

Chakra Immersion


For those interested in traditional Sri Vidya Tantra or informed spiritual awakening through The Golden Path

Sri Vidya Tantra

World Class Training in Proper Mantra Pronunciation (all done online)

Ever wanted to chant Sanskrit mantras the way they are meant to be chanted, not like English words, or with a European accent, but in a way that brings out their full power and magic?

Plus, each year, we gather in Austin, Texas MARK YOUR CALENDAR: OCT 30-NOV 1, 2020

to connect in person, to engage spiritual practice in community, to heal, to refresh the practices we do on a regular basis, and, most importantly, to break new ground in our perspective and to awaken in new ways.


Each year, we  travel to India (in Jan / Feb) to immerse ourselves in spiritual practice ...



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