On this page, you can learn about our Yogic Mystery School that offers a profound and outside-the-box understanding of the spiritual and healing dimensions of Yoga, Mantra, Tantra, and Meditation practice.

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Drawing from the authenticity of the Yogic, Vedic, and Tantric traditions alongside western psychology and world religions, we empower your spiritual development in the modern world.

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You can also combine these tracks to enhance your process.

Sound Healing

This track involves the study of various streams of sacred sound, including mantra, The Yoga of Sound, Nada Yoga, Vedic chanting, vocal music, and more.

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Sri Vidya Tantra

This track involves a comprehensive study of Tantric practices in way that integrates with western psychology, contemplative prayer, healing, classic mysticism, and more.

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Spiritual Awakening

This track involves the study of enlightenment, contempative prayer, healing from trauma, discerning spiritual bypass, spiritual coaching, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Yogic Mystery School is now emphasizing its expertise in Tantra as a healing path. If you need further clarification, message us.

Anthony Robbins once taught that energy flows where focus goes. Tantra is about energy, among other things. We see Tantra as an alchemical process that transforms energy, particularly negative energy, into a positive force for good in our lives and our world. The methods are sophisticated and powerful. The practices also evolve as we evolve.

Our Tantra is not the Tantra of sacred sex as popularly espoused in the west. Nor is our Tantra a method of black magic as often touted in India. Are there are aspects of Tantra that pertain to sex and black magic? Sure there are, but that is not our interest, nor is our practice, nor is our teaching.

PROFESSIONALS: We have many students from regular professions who wish to create extraordinary consciousness in their otherwise ordinary lives. Our methods, techniques, and teaching process empowers and enriches anyone interested in the secrets of transforming their consciousness daily.

SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONERS: No matter what your background in spiritual practice, our programs and processes can advance your understanding and experience of spiritual practice to new levels. We are not sectarian in our approach. We have broad and in-depth knowledge of both eastern and western spiritual modalities.

YOGA TEACHERS: Yoga teachers, especially those who have completed their 200 or 300-hour certification, and those who are seasoned yoga teachers at the 500 or 1000 hour levels, will find our programs take them to the next level. You can supplement your teaching, and your practice with esoteric yogic wisdom made meaningful.

MANTRA AND MEDITATION: Mantra and meditation teachers, as well as those who wish to become a better mantra or meditation teacher, will find that our programs inform them with authentic methods and perspectives drawn from Indian spirituality. We know that we can raise the bar on your practice and experience through our processes.

HEALERS AND THERAPISTS: Healers, therapists, bodyworkers, energy healers, chakra healers, vibrational medicine healers, crystal bowl healers, and other kinds of healers can complement their practice with our superior knowledge and applications of sacred sound. Our techniques range from simple to extremely sophisticated.

TANTRA AFICIONADOS: We have a wide range of programs and levels that can help Tantric practitioners and teachers in the west refine and mature their knowledge and understanding of Tantra so that it is fortified with the authenticity of the tradition. Our knowledge of Tantra is both theoretical as well as practical, although we do not teach Tantric sex.

Tantra is flexible, elastic, evolutionary. It can be anything you want it to be. That's wonderful and problematic at the same time. We teach a form of Tantra that is at least 1500 years old. It is a monastic as well as householder path that is revered by the orthodox in Hinduism. In other words, unlike some forms of Tantra that push back against the status quo, ours upholds the Vedic dharma.

We recommend that new students begin with our foundational programs and then move on to our specialized trainings. However, we do not insist on any specific chronology. You may begin with whatever seems to be the right fit for you at the present time.


Students with an interest in sacred sound and mantra should consider these two foundational courses.

Yoga of Sound Immersion: A great way to learn about the scope of sacred sound and how it relates and applies to healing. Sacred sound is our essential platform and area of expertise. It is also the basis of all Indian spirituality and theology.

Transformed by Mantra: Immerse yourself in our signature mantra programs to take you from a beginner to intermediate levels of understanding and practice.


These are more involved foundational courses that are recommended for those who are not that interested in sacred sound and mantra but are drawn to deeper spiritual practice and reinventing their selves and their lives.

Spiritual Makeover: Begin with a daily contemplative practice, then go through a Chakra Cleanse, and complete by visioning your soul's destiny.

Golden Path to WholenessA way for therapists, healers, and teachers to approach enlightenment in ways that are meaningful and effective for us today.


Mastery of Tantra: Study sacred sound and sacred touch for self-healing and self-care. Great for healers, therapists, Tantra practitioners, and those who wish to study traditional practices.

Mastery of Mantra: Our premier training for Yoga teachers, kirtan singers, and others, to learn proper pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras with a foundation in Yoga and Veda mantras.


You should complete Mastery of Mantra or Mastery of Tantra to undertake a study of Sri Vidya.

Sri Vidya Master Classes: Sri Vidya is our advanced practice and understanding. Join our master classes to become part of our core student body and have access to our deepest practices.

Sri Vidya Master Classes can be combined with an Specialized Training above or any Advanced Training below:


Mastery Level 2 Shodasha Upacara: Students learn a 16-part ritual along with mantras and visualizations to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the divine feminine. They also learn how to approach healing in relationship with the divine femine.

Mastery Level 3 Rudra AbhisekhamStudents learn an ancient text and ritual to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the sacred masculine. They also learn how to approach healing in relationship with the sacred masculine.

Mastery Level 4 Vighneshawara Puja: Students learn an ancient text and ritual to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the emerging prototype of the spiritually integrated human. They also learn how to approach spiritual empowerment .

INNER CIRCLE SECRETS: Each of our advanced levels can also be supplmented with specialized minor programs that get deeper into secret practices of Sri Vidya. These techniques, from our Inner Circle, are provided to students based on their level of spiritual maturity and psychological readiness.


The following programs are light programs that do not require much effort. They nurture and nourish as much as they inform and teach.

Eastern Wisdom Western Heart: This is a brand new program that we are developing especially for those interested in Christian mysticism and world's religions.

Cultivating Abundance Consciousness: Learn introductory Tantric practices to cultivate abundance consciousness through learning how to invoke Lakshmi in your heart and in your home.


The main problem with eastern spirituality, in general, is that of spiritual bypass. Unfortunately, many Indian spiritual teachers and the people they have trained succumb to this issue. Spiritual bypass substitutes spiritual methods for critical developmental processes. Most of the great texts of Hinduism predate the evolution of western psychology and the western Age of Enlightenment, so the issue is understandable. But it is not excusable, which is why we integrate western psychology, spirituality, and democracy into our process of teaching, learning, and practice.

If you completed 3 initial years of Yogic Mystery School (2018 to 2011), here is how our previous programs have evolved into the present system. 

For those who have completed our 3 years of Yogic Mystery School (May 2008 to May 2011), here’s how we have deepended, expanded, and evolved.

When we began, we offered Mantra, Music, and Meditation over a three year period. There was, however, no “training” in mantra. You just studied the tutorials and presented your questions. No one “listened” to you chanting and offered you feedback, or helped you get better at your chanting and pronunciation.

Our “Mantra” modules (originally provided on DVD) have been scrapped and completely redone. They have been reconstructed in our Mastery of Mantra Training. There is a premier version of this program as well as discounted versions.

In the school year 2012, (Fall 2012 to Fall 2013) we started to create The Secret Life, which was followed by Chakra Cleanse and culminated in Manifesting Your Soul’s Destiny. The entire program is now called “Spiritual Makeover: Reinventing Yourself From The Inside Out”. In 2013, we developed “Love Mysticism”, that is now also part of Spiritual Makeover. “Practice of Presence”, created in 2018, and “Intimacy With the Divine” created  in 2019, are being made more relevant and added to Spiritual Makeover in 2020 to create a new one year program. 

From 2012 through 2015, we also created “Sound Body Subtle Body” and “Sacred Visions of the Divine Feminine” that expanded upon our Saraswati Puja created earlier. The former has evolved into the Mastery of Tantra and is much more elaborate than ever before. The latter evolved into Shodasha Upacara (healing and empowering the divine feminine), an advanced program beyond the Mastery of Mantra that is also quite elaborate. Descriptions of these programs are presented in “Advanced Programs” above.

From 2016, we started to develop The Rudram and Vigheshwara Puja. These are programs built around healing and empowering the sacred masculine (Shiva); and Ganesha—prototype for the new millennium (transforming karma and removing obstacles). These programs continue into May 2020.

In 2018, we created The Golden Path To Wholeness, an approach to self-healing using spiritual practice. In 2019, we created “Cultivating Abundance Consciousness” that began enrollment in early 2020.

The problem with the internet is that there is so much information, including information on Tantra and the form of Tantra we teach: Sri Vidya. We specialize in helping our students become skilled practitioners, teachers, and healers in their own right. For those willing to commit to the process, it can take approximately three years to study all our programs thoroughly. You can achieve this sooner if you can devote the time, energy, and resources required to accomplish it. And some students do accomplish this goal sooner.


From beginner to the advanced spiritual practitioner, we offer self-study options and private coached options for our programs.

Founders Of Yogic Mystery School

Be coached by Asha Paul, Russill Paul or by both of them together for powerful and lasting results.

Asha Paul

Cofounder and Coach

A dedicated practitioner of meditation, Asha’s innovative coaching methods aim to prime the body and brain through leading-edge practices in neuroscience and epigenesis, the new revolutionary science that sets us free from the long-held belief that our genes control our destinies. Students experience amazing and dramatic results with her.

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Russill Paul

Cofounder and Director

Russill is a pioneering figure credited with introducing the sonic aspects of Yoga in North America. Author of The Yoga of Sound and many best-selling chant CDs, Russill’s 30 years of teaching experience at leading educational institutions in the west offer an effortless learning experience no matter your level or stage on the spiritual path.

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