Yogic Mystery School

In our Yogic Mystery School, we study and practice the Indian spirituality in its traditional and esoteric expressions. However, we are keen to subject our knowledge to developments in western psychology. We also relate our study to world religions to prevent our approach from being sectarian. And we work hard to avoid spiritual bypass, which is substituting spiritual practices and concepts to avoid personal accountability and self-transformation.

At the heart of our process is the liberation from personal suffering through restoring power to the Soul. The voice is our essential instrument through which we develop our Soul and its qualities. We see healing, enlightenment, and self-transformation, as three dimensions of our personal reality that must be developed in relationship with one another.

Here are a few programs and levels

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Develop a foundation by learning how sacred sound is our essential method of healing through a self-study process.

Yoga of Sound Immersion


Move towards developing strength and power in your voice through a group training process conducted online.

Mastery of Mantra Training


Be personally guided through one-on-one private coaching and customized advanced trainings at any level.

Sri Vidya Master Classes

Mostly online with one annual retreat and one annual pilgrimage together.  

Once a year, in the Fall, we come together in a spiritual retreat in Austin, TX, to break new ground, to grow, and to be physically present to one another. The rest of the year, we remain in contact through the online medium, through online courses and various interactive tools, including one-on-one spiritual coaching. Our students form deep, spiritual bonds with one another.

Once a year, we gather in Austin, Texas JOIN US: OCT 30 - NOV 1, 2020

This year, renowned Oxford scholar, mystic, and author, Andrew Harvey will join Yogic Mystery School founders, Asha and Russill Paul to present our annual 3-day retreat in Austin, Texas.


Each year, we  travel to India (in Jan / Feb) to immerse ourselves in spiritual practice and engage in deep transformation together


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