Golden Path to Wholeness

Designed for healers, therapists, and seasoned meditation practitioners, this program teaches powerful ways to approach self-transformation through spiritual awakening. We recommend it for those who wish to advance in their spiritual transformation or wish to become spiritual life coaches.

Core Curriculum

This is your streamlined process, designed to educate and empower you.

Using Your Soul's Voice

Many spiritual practitioners, even teachers, are unaware of how they use their voices. This includes their inner voice, the voice in their own minds.  To be in the driver's seat of our consciousness, we must learn to develop the voice of our soul in contrast to the voice of our ego. This includes the voice of our spiritual ego. This may sound easy or a no-brainer. However, the full extent of our own voice's deceptions and delusions delude are, most often, yet to be discovered.

Recognizing Presence

Presence is a quality of consciousness that is more than ordinary self-awareness. While it may seem apparent that everyone, especially regular mediation practitioners, can recognize this quality of presence, the reality is that the constant generation of thoughts and images in our mind is continually clouding our perception. Most importantly, this aspect of presence is essential for anyone interested in healing themselves or others. 

Transforming in the Now

This is the technique we learn to use on ourselves to transform in the now. Here, we learn to combine Using Our Soul's Voice together with Recognizing Presence to create changes in our consciousness when aware of lower states. This methodology is vital for any real and lasting self-transformation that takes the healing process even further into concrete manifestation. Without learning to transform ourselves, we are not in a position to help or advise others.

Master Class Series

In our school, we see the integration of western psychology with spirituality as critical to our own spiritual awakening, healing, and self-transformation. There is always the danger in spiritual methodologies, to inadvertently substitute spiritual practices for our personal psychological transformation. In the process, we unwittingly sweep vital clues to our authentic spiritual awakening and healing under the rug of self-denial. This series educates and informs us. 

Supplemental Curriculum

We include two valuable programs to complement your process.

Love Mysticism

In our Yogic Mystery School, we emphasize that our motivation for enlightened spiritual practice and self-transformation is love.  Being in love with unseen divinity is not easy, which is why we draw from the richness of love mysticism around the world. Rumi, Hafiz, St. Theresa, John of the Cross, Tukaram, and Mirabai are examples. In this program, we explore how we can echo the passion of these mystics in our own everyday lives through meaningful practices.

Practice of Presence

This program draws from the western contemplative tradition of Hesychasm, the prayer of the heart, and the Desert tradition of Christianity. We draw from the eastern spiritual traditions of Yoga, Gnana, and Tantra. As these approaches inform our own methodology today, we refine our ability to sense divine presence more strongly as we learn to cut through the fog of everyday consciousness. And we use only brief periods during our regular daily schedule to hone these skills.


Curriculum and program detail below ...




4 modules first month

8 modules in 2 months

Bonus modules in month 3





All Core Modules

All Bonus Content

50 Daily Meditations


"I have been with Russill and the Yoga of Sound online program since it started, 10 years now I believe. If you are thinking about it, go for it ! Even when I get behind, which I often do, I know I can always go back to the lessons. There’s not only Russill’s expert guidance and teachings, we have the community that is safe, shares so honestly and is very supportive. It is something I always go back to and gives me comfort, groundedness and is so humbling . I teach yoga and work in a large corporation. I don’t say this to sound conceited 😍 but my speech has completely changed. It has slowed down, become more precise, stronger, which gives power. We need this when we work and teach. Because of this students feel safe, they feel it’s clear what I am trying to convey and this helps to keep the class so it is not chaotic and it’s a trusting environment where they can experience their yoga practice. So thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼😍 "

Stephanie from California
Yoga Teacher and Corporate Executive

8 Weeks to Discovering Wholeness

We have organized the core curriculum to come to be delivered to you strategically in eight phases so as to streamline your process.

Week 1: General Orientation—This is your general orientation to the Golden Path to Wholeness in which you are introduced to the cycle of wholeness and the new spiritual teacher prototype.

Week 2: Anatomy of the Self—This is the first master class in a series designed to help build the type of perspective that facilitates healing and enlightenment.

Week 3: Your Soul’s Voice—This is your first core training, crucial for any teacher or practitioner who wants to create real change in their consciousness.

Week 4: Anatomy of the Soul—This your second master class in which you understand the infrastructure of the soul to assist in your soul’s awakening.

Week 5: Recognizing Presence—This is your second core training, positioned here to help you tap into a greater presence, beyond self-consciousness.

Week 6: Anatomy of Spirit—This your third master class in which you understand the most sutble level of self to assist in your awakening to a greater presence.

Week 7: Transforming in the Now—This is your final core training in which you understand how to bring it all together to create transformation in the moment.

Week 8: Bonus Content—Begin to enjoy content drawn from some of our other themes like Love Mysticism, The Yoga of Sound, Mastery of Mantra, and The Tantric Path

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