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Developing Soul's Voice With Mantra

The Golden Path is about recovering our Divine Image along with our Soul’s Voice. It is about learning to cultivate inner radiance and spiritual presence in meditation and bringing knowledge to other areas of our life through developing our Soul’s Voice. Our application involves learning to free our consciousness from negative states of ego states, illusions created by society, or hurt caused by trauma that suppress, cloud, or darken our Divine Image.

In session 1, we contextualize the Golden Path and its components. Then, we start to work in small groups to develop the primary practices and methods in this new light. Please see the PDF on the sidebar to follow throughout all the live sessions.

In session 2, we develop the soul's voice while considering the integration of our inner critic. A student brings up an essential condition (numbness) that we address using our soul's voice, drawing from examples within our practice.

In session 3, we use a set of mantras as a reference to start developing the soul's voice. This set of mantras is only one reference. We pay attention to the principles behind the process. Otherwise, one may become too involved with pronouncing this set of mantras correctly.

This session begins with a meditation in which the Dakshinamurti mantras are used along with So-ham. Next, we learn to steer our practice toward Presence, enter the cave of the heart, and practice Presence together. We then share our voices expressing how we feel at the end of the day.

Our conclusion addresses the voice as the soul's barometer and the importance of developing three qualities (wisdom, power, and beauty) to create a well-rounded voice that we can call upon in various situations.

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