Whether curious, dedicated, or passionate, this track in our Yogic Mystery School is for any student or teacher ready to delve deep and advance on the spiritual path.


What is Sri Vidya? 

We offer a unique approach to Sri Vidya that includes western psychology and an understanding of comparitive religion to ensure that you do not need to compromise your values, your faith, your integrity, or your rationality.

Sri Vidya is a path of auspicious wisdom that brings together all that is truly valuable in the Indian spiritual tradition in a practical way.

Yoga, meditation, mantra, rituals, philosophy, theology, cosmology, magic, and more integrate to enhance, enrich your consciousness. 

We use a three-dimensional process in which healing, enlightenment, and self-transformation interconnect. The result is deep and lasting spiritual awakening.

Your study involves a unique combination of online programs with training and masterclasses customized to the individual student. Most valuable are the private, one-on-one sessions with Russill Paul that are recorded and provided for your lifetime access.

Sign up for one of the monthly plans below or fill out the discernment form, and we will follow up with you. We also offer private coaching packages from 3 to 18 months.


All three monthly study plans for our Sri Vidya Immersion now come with training in havans and suktams in addition to our foundational master classes that begin with the tattvas. Content is added on a monthly basis to develop the three sacred mysteries central to our study and daily practice.


Easy monthly plans offering great value for new students wanting to take a first step.

The monthly plans offered below are specifically for new students who have not previously studied with Russill Paul, who may be unsure about the scope and depth of the content provided in our programs and the quality of the expertise Russill offers through private coaching. Through the short term commitment of just one month at a time, you can cancel your membership (by yourself) any time you do not feel the value provided to you meets your expectations. Please contact us if you have studied previously with Russill through our online Yogic Mystery School so we can create a custom study plan for you based on your current goals and needs.


* 24/7 Online Master Class Immersion Access

* Access to the study of Havans, Suktams, and Sri Vidya Prarthana.

* Monthly 30-minute private video session via Skype or Zoom video conferencing recorded and provided to you for lifetime access and learning.

* Occasional small group video conferencing sessions (bonus)



* 24/7 Online Master Class Immersion Access

* Access to the study of Havans, Suktams, and Sri Vidya Prarthana.

 * Monthly 60-minute private video session via Skype of Zoom recorded and provided to you for life-time access.

* One relevant signature online program based on your current level and capability.

* Occasional small group video conferencing sessions (bonus)



* 24/7 Online Master Class Immersion Access

* Access to the study of Havans, Suktams, and Sri Vidya Prarthana.

* Monthly 90-minute private video session via Skype of Zoom recorded and provided to you for life-time access.

* One relevant signature online program based on your level of interest and capability.

* One relevant online Mastery Training based on your level of interest and capability.

* Occasional small group video conferencing sessions (bonus)

* Occasional small group video conferencing sessions (bonus)



Use our contact button below to message questions

Every membership plan comes with 24/7 access to our Sri Vidya Master Classes. The moment you enroll for any membership plan, you will have immediate access to this online portal.

PLUS, every membership plan, comes with either a signature online program, an online training, or a combination of both a program and training. What we call "training" is more involved than a program.

ADDITIONALLY, all membership comes with one-on-one private sessions with Russill Paul. Each membership plan substantially increases the level and quality of support as well as the scope of content provided for your level and capabilities.

Sri Vidya Master Classes: Sri Vidya is our advanced practice and understanding. Join our master classes to become part of our core student body and have access to our deepest practices. You can begin this at any state as we will customize your process and development based on your needs, goals and interests.

Note: We will include whatever from our curriculum below that is most relevant to you at any given time. While you can study any of our programs for their own sake, Sri Vidya helps you develop a richer consciousness through them.


Yoga of Sound Immersion: A great way to learn about the scope of sacred sound and how it relates and applies to healing. Sacred sound is our essential platform and area of expertise. It is also the basis of all Indian spirituality and theology.

Transformed by Mantra: Immerse yourself in our signature mantra programs to take you from a beginner to intermediate levels of understanding and practice.


Intimacy With The Divine: Miss nothing on this leisurely online retreat that builds over months and culminates in our coming together online in May 2020. Comes free with some of our programs.

Inter-Spiritual Wisdom: Renew and rejuvenate your soul through music, chant, and guided meditation practices drawn from Eastern and Western spirituality.

Cultivating Abundance Consciousness: Learn introductory Tantric practices to cultivate abundance consciousness through learning how to invoke Lakshmi in your heart and in your home.


Spiritual Makeover: Begin with a daily contemplative practice, then go through a Chakra Cleanse, and complete by visioning your soul's destiny.

Golden Path to WholenessA way for therapists, healers, and teachers to approach enlightenment in ways that are meaningful and effective for us today.


Mastery of Tantra: Study sacred sound and sacred touch for self-healing and self-care. Great for healers, therapists, Tantra practitioners, and those who wish to study traditional practices.

Mastery of Mantra: Our premier training for Yoga teachers, kirtan singers, and others, to learn proper pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras with a foundation in Yoga and Veda mantras.


You should complete Mastery of Mantra or Mastery of Tantra to undertake these programs:

Mastery Level 2 Shodasha Upacara: Students learn a 16-part ritual along with mantras and visualizations to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the divine feminine. They also learn how to approach healing in relationship with the divine femine.

Mastery Level 3 Rudra AbhisekhamStudents learn an ancient text and ritual to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the sacred masculine. They also learn how to approach healing in relationship with the sacred masculine.

Mastery Level 4 Vighneshawara Puja: Students learn an ancient text and ritual to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the emerging prototype of the spiritually integrated human. They also learn how to approach spiritual empowerment .

INNER CIRCLE SECRETS: Each of our advanced levels can also be supplmented with specialized minor programs that get deeper into secret practices of Sri Vidya. These techniques, from our Inner Circle, are provided to students based on their level of spiritual maturity and psychological readiness.

Not at all. What you need to realize is that you are going to receive only that which is most relevant to you at any given time, which is always the now. Once you start to realize the benefits of Sri Vidya as a path, you will be in a position to determine its value to you. This is why we have created this customized approach.

It is also about quality of consciousness, what you are experiencing on a daily basis and how that can get better. You do have to put in the work though. What we have are extraordinary tools and techniques that create amazing results. 

We cannot guarantee anything as a lot depends on how you relate to the content and how you allow yourself to be shaped by the teaching. We do not require you to fall at our feet. We do not use the guru system even though we have studied it. Ours is a system of democratic learning. You are empowered as a student, and we work towards making you into a teacher. If you are already a teacher or healer, we try and help you become a better teacher and healer. Your best guarantee is the results you get after you begin. We work hard to ensure you get good results. However, if you don't apply yourself, those results will not go far.

Because this membership is short term and subscription-based, we obviously have to work really hard to deliver the best we can to you each month. You are not going to want to continue if we don't meet your expectations. That's your best guarantee.

If you completed 3 initial years of Yogic Mystery School (2018 to 2011), here is how our previous programs have evolved into the present system. 

For those who have completed our 3 years of Yogic Mystery School (May 2008 to May 2011), here’s how we have deepended, expanded, and evolved.

When we began, we offered Mantra, Music, and Meditation over a three year period. There was, however, no “training” in mantra. You just studied the tutorials and presented your questions. No one “listened” to you chanting and offered you feedback, or helped you get better at your chanting and pronunciation.

Our “Mantra” modules (originally provided on DVD) have been scrapped and completely redone. They have been reconstructed in our Mastery of Mantra Training. There is a premier version of this program as well as discounted versions.

In the school year 2012, (Fall 2012 to Fall 2013) we started to create The Secret Life, which was followed by Chakra Cleanse and culminated in Manifesting Your Soul’s Destiny. The entire program is now called “Spiritual Makeover: Reinventing Yourself From The Inside Out”. In 2013, we developed “Love Mysticism”, that is now also part of Spiritual Makeover. “Practice of Presence”, created in 2018, and “Intimacy With the Divine” created  in 2019, are being made more relevant and added to Spiritual Makeover in 2020 to create a new one year program. 

From 2012 through 2015, we also created “Sound Body Subtle Body” and “Sacred Visions of the Divine Feminine” that expanded upon our Saraswati Puja created earlier. The former has evolved into the Mastery of Tantra and is much more elaborate than ever before. The latter evolved into Shodasha Upacara (healing and empowering the divine feminine), an advanced program beyond the Mastery of Mantra that is also quite elaborate. Descriptions of these programs are presented in “Advanced Programs” above.

From 2016, we started to develop The Rudram and Vigheshwara Puja. These are programs built around healing and empowering the sacred masculine (Shiva); and Ganesha—prototype for the new millennium (transforming karma and removing obstacles). These programs continue into May 2020.

In 2018, we created The Golden Path To Wholeness, an approach to self-healing using spiritual practice. In 2019, we created “Cultivating Abundance Consciousness” that began enrollment in early 2020.

Sri Vidya Foundational Curriculum

Every student needs a foundation of the tattvas to understand Sri Vidya. This is necessary no matter what your tradition or spiritual framework. The way we present the tattvas is far more comprehensive than anything you might have read about or studied previously. When you sign up, our tattvas master class will become available to you in addition to the content from havans and suktams.

Too much for you? Need to scale down?

We've got basic and intermediate programs as well. While these programs can be included in your Dedicated or Passionate Sri Vidya Immersion, they can also be studied in themselves. You are free to enroll for them without Sri Vidya, even though they are sourced in the same tradition that is ocean for it all.


If you want to heal your chakras and undergo a deep chakra cleanse, this is the perfect starter program for students new to Tantra.



If you are a healer, therapist, or yoga teacher who wants to develop skills in Tantric practices, this program will teach you actual method.



Ready to become a priestess, or priest, knowledgeable about an ancient healing ritual that is at the heart of the Tantric experience?


Need help discerning?

If, after reading everything on this page, you need help discerning what is best course of study for you at this time


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