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When you purchase this option you will receive immediate access to the online Sri Vidya Master Class. We will contact you within 72 hours to schedule your private session with Russill Paul when we will provide you access to additional online content described in this offer. 

You are free to cancel your subscription by yourself at any time and your subscription will not renew for the following month after which you will loose access to any ongoing stages of content described in this offer.

You get to keep the downloadable version of your private session and any other downloadable content offered in the online programs or training such as PDF documents and downloadable audios.

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Sri Vidya for the Passionate

This option comes with 24/7 access to our specialized online Sri Vidya Master Class Series that offers a deepening understanding of three sacred mysteries: Shiva, Shakti, and Ganesha. Besides, we address core teachings in the Upanishads, such as Atman. This may see esoteric and abstract to you. Our expertise, though, is to make it meaningful, understandable, and relevant. And we have 30 years of international teaching expertise on the world stage to accomplish it.

Each month, you receive one 90-minute private session to guide your process. These private sessions are facilitated via Zoom or Skype video conferencing. During this session, you will receive individual instruction on Tantric practice appropriate to your level and capabilities.

In addition to Master Classes, you will be granted access to a one signature program and one signature training discerned by the instructor, Russill Paul, as helpful to your process (see listing below)


Yoga of Sound Immersion: A great way to learn about the scope of sacred sound and how it relates and applies to healing. Sacred sound is our essential platform and area of expertise. It is also the basis of all Indian spirituality and theology.

Transformed by Mantra: Immerse yourself in our signature mantra programs to take you from a beginner to intermediate levels of understanding and practice.

Spiritual Makeover: Begin with a daily contemplative practice, then go through a Chakra Cleanse, and complete by visioning your soul's destiny.

Golden Path to WholenessA way for therapists, healers, and teachers to approach enlightenment in ways that are meaningful and effective for us today.


Mastery of Mantra: Our premier training for Yoga teachers, kirtan singers, and others, to learn proper pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras with a foundation in Yoga and Veda mantras.

Mastery of Tantra: Study sacred sound and sacred touch for self-healing and self-care. Great for healers, therapists, Tantra practitioners, and those who wish to study traditional practices.


You should complete Mastery of Mantra or Mastery of Tantra to undertake these programs:

Mastery Level 2: Divine Feminine (Shodasha Upacara): Students learn a 16-part ritual along with mantras and visualizations to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the divine feminine. They also learn how to approach healing in relationship with the divine femine.

Mastery Level 3: Sacred Masculine (Rudra Abhisekham)Students learn an ancient text and ritual to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the sacred masculine. They also learn how to approach healing in relationship with the sacred masculine.

Mastery Level 4: The New Prototype (Vighneshawara Puja): Students learn an ancient text and ritual to develop a deeper and more intense experience of the emerging prototype of the spiritually integrated human. They also learn how to approach spiritual empowerment .

INNER CIRCLE SECRETS: Each of our advanced levels can also be supplmented with specialized minor programs that get deeper into secret practices of Sri Vidya. These techniques, from our Inner Circle, are provided to students based on their level of spiritual maturity and psychological readiness.