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You will want to understand how we approach the sacred masculine from the big picture perspective before you undertake the alchemical process of Tantra through mantras, mudras, and mystical practices.

1. The Sacred Masculine

We cover three areas in this overview. The first is: what is the sacred masculine? The second expands this understanding to the GBLTQ community, Aboriginal societies, and insights from science fiction. The third introduces the contribution and value of Sri Vidya Tantra to this exploration.

2. God, Goddess, Godhead

Those not familiar with the theological term "Godhead" will appreciate this explanation to understand the previous presentation. Those familiar with the word will enjoy our treatment of it here in the context of exploring  the Sacred Masculine with us in our Yogic Mystery School.

3. Beyond the Bottleneck

This lesson helps you understand the technicality of what we do in Sri Vidya by penetrating what is called "Maya," our illusion of separation. We do this for all aspects of divinity; however, the sacred masculine and divine feminine aspects of Ultimate Reality are the most important.


What we are addressing is a definite need in our society today. And the spiritual processes that Tantra offers us are not necessarily the solution, but a means to tap into the possibilities that can lead to personal healing, enlightenment, and transformation, which is vital to the answers we seek.

These past years, why, these past centuries, the human expression of the masculine has been anything but sacred. Men, in general, in many societies, have lost their connection to the divine archetype that should inform their masculinity. Without rites of passage, many young men have no sense of embodying the sacred masculine in their lives and relationships. 

Discovering or rediscovering the sacred masculine is vital for women, too. Unfortunately, in many instances, men's behavior has distorted this divine archetype for women. And sadly, many men have not been worthy channels and representatives of the masculine, corrupting its sacredness in our world and creating problems in so many areas of life.

Tantra offers us some powerful ways of connecting to this sacred archetype. Of course, Tantra is not the only way, but it provides a heck of a lot of possibilities. If you would like to explore some of these possibilities with me and our Yogic Mystery School students, I would like to invite you to sign up for three free lessons to help build your perspective on how we approach this divine principle.

In closing, please be clear that our process does not undermine men or their efforts to be good humans in our world. We would, however, be in denial if we functioned on the premise that there is nothing wrong in the world about how men channel their divinity and represent its sacredness for women and children.


Drawing from the authenticity of the Yogic, Vedic, and Tantric traditions alongside western psychology and world religions, we empower your spiritual development in the modern world.

To explore the deeper dimensions of Yoga, Mantra, and Meditation, beyond what is typically known, even in teacher training programs.


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