This progam is about healing our relationship with the sacred masculine through mantras, rituals, and mudras.

For those ready to embark on the Power Level of our Tantric Path training, we invite you into the study of the Rudram. Ideally, you should have completed Mastery of Mantra Level 1: Yoga and Veda Mantra, and, ideally, and Shodasa Upacara (Mastery Level 2).

In this level, you plug into the enormous power of traditional Vedic mantras and the ancient Abhisekam (divine ablutions) performed by priests, yogis, and mystics for millennia. Learning the Rudram's opening section, the first anuvaka enables you to engage this form of worship. Once you learn the opening section of the Rudram, you have unlocked the door to chanting even the most complex mantras and rarified levels of spiritual consciousness.

The opening section of the Rudram is considered the most potent part of the entire Rudra Namakam, culminating in one of the most compelling eulogies to Lord Shiva that is chanted in the sanctum sanctorum of Shiva temples. If ever there is a mantra that opened your inner eye, conferring upon you the gift of spiritual vision, it is the Rudram. More importantly, chanting this mantra is a powerful method of transforming negative karmic influences in our life. 


The power of studying this ancient practice through Yogic Mystery School™ is the step-by-step tutorials that break down the complex phonetics and pitch movements for this most sacred of Vedic texts. The Rudram is by no means easy. Students have learned to chant these complex phonetics through our effective method of breaking down the mantras into easy-to-learn pieces. We then place them together in combinations that can even be memorized. You will have access to archived trainings to help you learn pronunciation by yourself, which you can at your own pace.


Learn the entire Rudra Abhisekam, puja and mantras, under the supervision and private guidance so that you pronounce the mantras correctly and enhance your capacity to perform the ritual. This option comes with four individual coaching sessions that are scheduled within your one year study period. With these four sessions, you can master the proper pronunciation of the Rudram as well as learn to perform the ritual with confidence, knowing that you have, to a degree, mastered both pronunciation and presence in conducting the ceremony.


For those who wish to engage the full spectrum of Tantra, with deep, transformative inner work, we offer an Expanded Coaching package. This package comes with an involved series of nine, one-on-one private sessions and other aspects of the Tantric Path and Sri Vidya, that will be customized exclusively for each individual student. The most important is the secret mantras and Nyasa practices integrated into the Rudram, not part of the self-study tutorials. Each private session is recorded on audio or video and provided to the student for lifetime access.