This progam is about discovering  (and recovering) the sacred masculine through mantras, mudras, dynamic practices, and an ancient ritual that transforms karma.

The Invitation

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About This Program

For those ready to embark on the Power Level of the Tantric Path, we invite you into Healing The Sacred Masculine. 

Usually, students undertake this program after completing the Mastery of Mantra Level and Healing The Divine Feminine. However, we do not insist that you complete these programs before studying Healing The Sacred Masculine, for this is designed to be a healing process.

The culmination of this program is chanting the first anuvaka of the Rudram, a rather formidable mantric text from the Vedas while performing a healing ritual built around the sacred masculine experience.

We do not begin, however, with the Rudram. Instead, we start with mantras of initiation that you learn together with mudras and meditation practices to tap into the direct experience of the sacred masculine on your own. 

With each month, the intensity of the mantras keeps building until you start learning the Rudram. We have excellent tutorials to break down the text to help you learn. If you are not a chanter, you can still speak these magical words as a form of sacred alchemy.

In the early phases of the process, you learn many esoteric practices involving mantras, placements of sounds on your body, movements of the body that also include sounds and direction of our awareness in particular ways.

We also include one of our signature programs called Shiva: A Spirituality Of Blessing. With this program, you can tap into the deepest, archetypal meaning of Shiva in contrast to the widespread sense that this is some Hindu God. (See next article ...)

One of the components of this program is learning to overcome fear. We teach an Awakening of The Third Eye and methods of concentration that are quite powerful in addition to special bija mantras (seed syllables) associated with Shiva.

When you finally learn how to speak (and/or chant) the Rudram, you have developed quite a depth of experience around the sacred masculine through many other mantras, mudras, meditations, and spiritual practices.

With the Rudram, you plug into the enormous power of traditional Vedic mantras and the ancient Abhisekam (divine ablutions) performed by priests, yogis, and mystics for millennia. Learning the Rudram's opening section, the first anuvaka enables you to engage this form of worship. 

Once you learn the opening section of the Rudram, you have unlocked the door to chanting even the most complex mantras and rarified levels of spiritual consciousness.

The opening section of the Rudram is considered the most potent part of the entire Rudra Namakam, culminating in one of the most compelling eulogies to Lord Shiva that is chanted in the sanctum sanctorum of Shiva temples. 

If ever there is a mantra that opened your inner eye, conferring upon you the gift of spiritual vision, it is the Rudram. More importantly, chanting this mantra is a powerful method of transforming negative karmic influences in our life. 

​What’s this program about? 

Blessing is built into the nature of our souls, although we often do not realize it. This program is about connecting with the invisible essence of life and sensing it in a heart-felt, experiential way. The power that sustains us both individually and collectively favors us.

What will you learn?

You will learn variations of Shiva mantras. The word Shiva means “auspicious.” Regardless of your spiritual tradition, how these mantras are taught, and the way you are guided through various meditations will enable you to tap some profound states. The practices are often coupled with movements and different types of awareness techniques.

What are the benefits?

You will find yourself with heightened sensitivity, almost an extrasensory perception that connects you to your body and also to nature. What you will find is that these powerful states actually sustain longer than one would typically anticipate.

How involved is it?

The mantras and meditations are super comfortable and hardly take up much time. You can use the methods to access the deep states in just a few minutes. The guided meditations themselves are also quite short, an average of 10-minutes each so that you can actually use one per day or use the same meditation for a whole week.

Who is it for?

This program helps one connect with the authenticity of mantra and tap an experience that transcends name and form. No Sanskrit background is necessary to draw the full benefits of this program. Yogis, meditators, therapists, spiritual seekers, artists, musicians, and business professionals have loved it.

Cautions and Conditions

Many of the mantras and techniques featured in this program are so powerful that they should not be engaged while driving or operating any machinery that could inadvertently harm the practitioner. This is because the meditations quickly lead to heightened states. You are responsible for how you use them.

When you enroll for this program, you are immediately given access to the online portal through which you can access the lessons 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Each month, new content is added to the portal for you so that you are not overwhelmed with too much study. The experience keeps building over time, as explained in the curriculum.

This is not the kind of program that you can study entirely by yourself. This is why, each month, you are provided with a 20-minute private phone call so you can personally clarify your questions.

Additionally, for two months, you are provided with a 60-minute private video conference to assist your study of the more dynamic practices and the ritual. These video support sessions are spaced at the middle and end of the study process as you need to study the content to make use of them.

If you wish to do this program with private, one-on-one coaching, please contact us, and we will customize a coaching package for you.

The Sacred Masculine is something that men and women need to rediscover, redefine, recover, and reinstate in their lives and in their consciousness.

This program is covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

Who is this program best suiter for?

Spiritual seekers, in general, and busy professionals who desire the atmosphere of sacred spaces, can learn how to tap deep states of consciousness in their private living spaces through the practices taught in this program.

This program is best suited for those who have a genuine interest in spiritual awakening, non-dual consciousness, and enlightenment. The student must be willing to apply herself (or himself) assiduously over many months. You are free to cancel your commitment at any time.

Further, the program is valuable for anyone seeking direct experience of that unmanifest and cultivating a direct relationship with It. The student must be willing to face his or her own projections and use the methods taught to pierce the veil of self-illusion.

Practitioners and teachers of spiritual disciplines such as yoga, mantra, meditation, as well as therapists of any kind, will derive personal and professional value from the type of esoteric knowledge and practices offered in this program.

The greatest gift of this program is the healing it offers those who feel let down by the masculine or think that they have built their structures of self around a corrupted or false sense of the masculine. This course is a way to discover and recover the sacred masculine.

Study With Phone and Video Support

Because this is not a program you can study entirely by yourself, instructor support is built into the process with phone and video conferencing. This ensures you are guided in your study and practice.




Receive 24/7 access from anywhere in the world to high quality, rare to find, recorded, and well organized.

Each lesson offers a chat box for your comments or questions. Involved questions are addressed in monthly phone calls directly with the instructor.

Additionally, you receive two 60-minute private video conference sessions to assist you with the ritual and some of the more dynamic practices that involve mudras.





Receive 24/7 access from anywhere in the world to high quality, rare to find, recorded, and well organized.

Each lesson offers a chat box for your comments or questions. Involved questions are addressed in monthly phone calls directly with the instructor.

Additionally, you receive two 60-minute private video conference sessions to assist you with the ritual and some of the more dynamic practices that involve mudras.



This powerful mantra from the Vedas will help transform strong karma that persists while strengthening your soul at the same time. Keep in mind that it is only one of the parts included in Sacred Masculine.