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Those ancient Rshis who have gone before us, they tell us that this path is narrow, as narrow as the edge of a razor. — Katha Upanishad

In some instances, our healing around the sacred masculine involves addressing the corruption caused by the failure of men. But, unfortunately, our fathers, brothers, and male teachers have fallen short in our lives, and men, in general, have fallen short of communicating the sacred masculine to us.

Men and women both need to address this failure historically and personally because it stands in the way of knowing a pure principle, that of the sacred masculine in Ultimate Reality.

In other words, we cannot pursue mantras, mudras, and rituals around the sacred masculine through a method of spiritual bypassing, that is, by ignoring or suppressing the corruption around the masculine. At the same time, addressing the corruption and distortion of the masculine without knowing a pure principle is just as problematic and one-sided.

This does not mean that the Sacred Masculine has never been transmitted to us or that men are a complete failure in this regard. On the contrary, this is what good men deliver in their best moments: they channel the sacred masculine to a greater or lesser degree, depending on their connection to it. For this reason, men need to restore their reference to the sacred masculine, not just occasionally, but regularly, which is what this program offers.

In the same vein, women need to restore their relationship to the sacred masculine, or they will remain jaded by the falling short witnessed in our world and our lives every single day. Unless women restore their faith in the sacred masculine, they will not sense it or see it or be capable of nurturing it in the men of our world.

This Maha Shiva Ratri, as war ravages Ukraine, as the specter of nuclear weapons raises its menacing head, we can see the pure, the holy, the transcendent, but in a way that is not blind to the corruption, distortion, and disfigurement of the masculine.


Build your practice systematically and in keeping with tradition.

We begin this unique program with a series of videos that introduce you, the Tantric practitioner, to our inner circle. By its very nature, a mystery school is an esoteric community of like-minded individuals interested in matters that evades the typical human preoccupations. With these videos, you can get up close and personal as you witness and feel the depth of this form of Tantra, its magical power, and the beauty of its expressions through mudras.

Every mystery school has its initiation ceremonies, secret rituals that draw the practitioner into an experience that enriches the soul while providing a sense of authenticity and belonging. In our Yogic Mystery School, we like our students to associate with Ultimate Reality directly, that is, without any meditation. With this in mind, we have created an elaborate process by which you can experience an initiation into secret Shaiva mantras without the need for a teacher. The process is through a robust set of tutorials.

Puja is a ritual, a ceremony to honor divinity. In this module, you learn how to use the mantras of initiation you have learned in the context of a larger container. Rituals can offer us profound levels of healing. More importantly, we are tapping into dimensions within consciousness that typically evade us. The secret mantras are like keys that open the doors to these hidden dimensions. Our Yogic Mystery School offers students a grasp of ritual that is unique.

The sacred masculine within the Tantric tradition is an intense light that pervades all space and the chakras within the human organism. In this module, you learn a sequence of mantras used in combination with a mudra to invoke this holy light. It is one of the most powerful sequences of mantras that is not common knowledge. Chanted in the womb chamber of ancient Shiva temples, you can learn this sequence to feel like a priest or priestess yourself.

Blessing is built into the nature of our souls, although we often do not realize it. This module is an entire program all by itself. It connects us with the invisible essence of life, helping us sense it in a heart-felt, experiential way. The power that sustains us both individually and collectively favors us. The meditations build through nine segments into dynamic expressions of mantras and movements that heighten our consciousness states.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Sri Vidya is the unfolding of dimensions. In my father's house, there are many mansions, Jesus said. The deeper realms of Consciousness reveal this dimensionality. While Spirituality of Blessing gets us started on this mode of perception, we can go further and deeper in this module.

The Rudram is considered the most potent mantra to Shiva. All our students feel transformed by its phonetic majesty and find themselves tapping into the power that lasts for quite a while. You will receive step-by-step tutorials to learn this mantra, which is quite extensive. You will feel a connection to the sacred masculine in a way that is indescribable. More importantly, you will discover a capability to transform stubborn karma.

We might consider this module the climax of the entire program. At this point, you learn a ritual that may have its roots in snake and fertility cults that belong to the hunter-gather period, almost 20,000 years ago. The Vedic tradition has refined its understanding and performance of this ritual about 3000 years ago. The Sri Vidya Tantric tradition uses this ritual to heal with the sacred masculine and connect to its pure vibration.

Those students who have completed the section of the Rudram in the healing ritual will be able to go deeper into the text. This next section involves a tremendous amount of breath as there are technically no breaks in the mantric text. It is one long string of powerful mantric syllables. Incredibly powerful! And when you consider how the breath is related to longevity and immunity, this is so worth learning to chant.

While everyone knows this five-syllable mantra, few know the Tantric practices associated with practicing it. In this module, we seek to heal both body and soul with the help of this mantra and its placement in specific areas of the body. As you can understand, we can make no claim or promises when it comes to healing. However, magical possibilities await those who have faith and are willing to be curious about the divine's sacred touch.

This module presents a particular set of mantras that pertain to divine glory. They are not only powerful but exquisitely beautiful. The first has to do with the golden hue of divine presence. The second pertains to the unusual eyes of divinity. And there are others. Collectively, they are chanted by brahmin priests in temples alive with worship even unto the present day. You, too, can learn them and chant them as you connect to the divine glory in your consciousness.

This module is an entire program in itself. You learn powerful Tantric practices that concentrate your third eye vision. This study is placed at the end of this program as it is an advanced practice. Some of the techniques require intense focus together with mudras. The result is a deepening awareness and extrasensory perception ability. While we usually do not encourage psychic abilities in our mystery school, these practices are now within a holistic container.

There is a set of names to Lord Shiva that are a eulogy to the sacred masculine. We can use these names to make offerings, as in a ritual, or we may chant them as a devotional practice. We learn these names to draw closer to the sacred masculine and to imbibe some of its qualities. These are the more-than-human qualities particular to the Tantric Path, so don't expect them to be your typical, run-of-the-mill adjectives or superlatives.

Our conclusion to this mythic journey is on par with the quest for the holy grail. Brahmin priests chant this gorgeous mantric text at the very end of every prominent ritual to Shiva in traditional temples of South India. It is a mystical text with exquisite meaning. Like all the mantras in this program, there is a strong sense of tradition and orthodoxy. Studying these mantras and learning to use them with mudras and ritual practices confers a sense of authenticity upon the practitioner.

There are some mantras and practices that we will not list here nor speak about as they are sacrosanct within the tradition. It is sufficient for the serious student of Tantra to know that he or she will be reward by something exceptional if staying the course of the entire program. St. Paul once wrote: "What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love him." There is indeed something rather precious that awaits those who sincerely desire the secrets of Sri Vidya Tantra.

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