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Learn Powerful Mantras, Mudras, and Ancient Rituals of Tantra.


Our Yogic Mystery School™ allows students to study ancient Shaiva practices through step-by-step tutorials, which break down the complex phonetics and pitch movements for influential Vedic texts and traditional Shiva mantras. Although some of these mantras may seem formidable, our practical method of breaking them down into easy-to-learn pieces enables students to learn to chant these complex phonetics. We then combine them into manageable combinations that can even be memorized. We also provide archived training focusing on pronunciation to assist students with their learning further.


Students can learn the entire Rudra Abhisekam, a complex ritual involving mantras and sacred gestures known as mudras. Private guidance and supervision are available to ensure that students pronounce the mantras correctly and enhance their capacity to perform the ritual. Students are not required to begin with the elaborate ritual but instead can start with a simple Shiva puja and initiation mantras, including mudras. In addition to the extensive ritual, private coaching is offered to help students confidently perform the ritual with presence and dexterity with the mudras.


We offer an Expanded Coaching package designed for those looking to explore Tantra's transformative inner work in a comprehensive way. This package consists of a series of private one-on-one sessions tailored to meet each student's unique needs. You have the flexibility to choose the duration of the package, whether for one month, three months, or more and focus on achieving your goals during this time. The key feature of this package is the integration of sacred mantras and Nyasa practices (sacred placements) along with personal healing. Private sessions are recorded and given to you.


This powerful mantra from the Vedas will help transform strong karma that persists while strengthening your soul at the same time. Keep in mind that it is only one of the parts included in Sacred Masculine. You will begin your spiritual process with easy-to-learn mantras of initiation


This program offers a variety of mantras and practices that begin with simple yet effective methods. When you start, you can select what you want to concentrate on, and there is an extensive range to choose from.

Additionally, there is a personalized set of variables that you can modify to meet your needs. For instance, some may prefer to incorporate a conscious healing component into their practice, while others may only want to focus on mantras.

You can also choose to participate in healing rituals that center on the sacred masculine principle. This approach employs the holy masculine principle as an archetype. The method you choose is entirely up to you.


Test our 35 years of teaching experience at the leading-edge. We've done much of the work for you, creating powerful tutorials you will not find elsewhere and organizing them for your systematic study.




A great way to begin your study of the Sacred Masculine and the holy mystery of Shiva in Sri Vidya. You also gain access to all other modules so you are free to sample the entire program.


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Receive a private session for any of the mantras or practices we teach in our premium Shiva course. The video call is recorded and given to you to keep. You will also receive a PDF of the mantras.


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The Sacred Masculine is something that men and women need to rediscover, redefine, recover, and reinstate in their lives and in their consciousness. Our approach integrates healing with spirituality.


Build your practice systematically and in keeping with tradition.

This sub-module introduces how this program, in its essence and entirety, is about discovering (and recovering) the sacred masculine through mantras, mudras, dynamic practices, and an ancient ritual that transforms negative karma, the stubborn, persistent energy residuals from experiences that we think we have worked through but yet continue to bother us in some way, shape, or form.

We might identify a need in our society and ourselves today for men and women to rediscover, redefine, recover, and reinstate the sacred masculine in their lives and consciousness.

The Sacred Masculine is pure consciousness, the essence of everything sacred, and the formless presence of Ultimate Reality. In Tantra, we refer to this as the Shiva Principle or, personally, as Lord Shiva.

In this intensive, we offer a dedicated set of tutorials built around the holy pancakshara mantra, the five-syllabled na-ma-shi-vaa-ya, that everyone knows.

What is new are the variations on this mantra, in which the Sanskrit is permuted and combined in increasing complex phonetic patterns that simultaneously preserve grammatical syntax.

You will learn the variations known as samhitāpāṭha, kramapāṭha, padapāṭha, jaṭāpāṭha, and ghaṇapāṭha.

We also teach a way of bringing our Yoga and spiritual practice into alignment with the holiness of the absolute Reality we call upon as Paramashiva, Parameshwara, Mahadeva, and so on.

The intensive's process helps you approach the throbbing energy center known as spanda through the mantra practice of the camakam.

You can learn the first anuvaka in this intensive. This first anuvaka is exquisite in its phonetics and meaning, drawing what is good towards us and helping us manifest effortlessly.

This section offers videos that enable you, someone interested in Tantra, Shaivism, or Deep Hinduism, to witness the practices engaged in our inner circle.

By its very nature, a mystery school is an esoteric community of like-minded individuals interested in matters radically different from typical human preoccupations.

With these videos, you can get up close and personal as you witness and feel the depth of this form of Tantra, its magical power, and the beauty of its expressions through mantras, mudras, and sacred movements.

This section is for students who have a limited knowledge of mantra yet are irresistibly drawn to Shaivism and its Tantric sensitivities.

In the opening meditation, we approach the holy mystery of the sacred masculine with love and reverence.

There are numerous ways to approach this mysterium tremendum. In this section, we introduce practitioners of Sri Vidya to the holy masculine Shiva, which is essential to our method.

One of the mantras we explain and develop within the context of Shaivism and Sri Vidya is the famous "so-ham." If only we could say "so-ham" and enter the depths of consciousness and encounter the holy mystery without encumbrance!

Sometimes, we find a path that cuts straight to the center. We may use a circuitous route to approach the sanctum at other times. But, when we constantly remember what we are doing, we can draw from the grace of the silent one, Dakshina Murti, the presence that awaits our arrival at the core of our being just as the pure consciousness of Shiva dwells silently in the innermost sanctum of the temple.

In this segment, you learn to become a Shakta, who is the one who beholds the Shakti. We need this anchor. We must become, be, and connect to this anchor for deep Kundalini practice. With these intentions in mind, this section combines prayerful demonstrations with discourse.

Every mystery school has its initiation ceremonies and secret rituals that draw the practitioner into an experience that enriches the soul while providing a sense of authenticity and belonging. In our Yogic Mystery School, we like our students to associate with Ultimate Reality directly, without any meditation. It is the most empowering form of initiation.

With this in mind, we have created an elaborate process by which students can experience an initiation into secret Shaiva mantras without needing a teacher. The process is through a robust set of tutorials. You can undertake this process throughout a single, dedicated weekend. You may also spread the process out to engage in a daily practice during which you learn the mantras and mudras associated with each of them until you assimilate the process in a way that fulfills you.

These mantras are simple enough for beginner students to study on their own. There is a structure, a formula, for these mantras that include a bija and an attribute that is also a name for Shiva.

This elaborate section was developed during a new school year that begins in June and concludes in May. Dakshinamurti, the south-facing form of Shiva, inspires Yoga and meditation and calls us to a profound silence.

You begin by learning how to use a mantra mala (mantra beads) the Tantric way. You then develop a morning practice, which you may also do at any other time of the day.

You also learn the dynamics of mantra use that are particular to Tantra, such as how to bring the mantra into your interiority from external expressions. You also learn to pay attention to the tone of voice with which you recite mantras.

Underneath these practices is a sincere desire to heal our corruptions around the masculine and feminine. Otherwise, the pure principles of Tantra, such as Shiva, can remain concepts, projections, and substitutions for personal development.

This section benefits healers and teachers, what we call healer-teacher prototypes that might fit some better than gurus or spiritual teachers.

This section is relatively short regarding Shiva Ratri, Maha Shiva Ratri, and Pradośaṁ. In traditional Shaivism, these cyclical processes, often associated with lunar events, are the glue that binds the community of devotees.

The Camakam is the latter half of the Sri Rudra Praśna, the most revered mantric text addressed to Shiva in the Yajur Veda.

In this section, you can learn to speak and chant the first three anuvakas of the Camakam.

This hypnotic mantric structure has an extraordinary effect on our consciousness.

The learning process is broken down for the student into easy-to-learn bits and pieces that are then strung together to produce the final text.

Puja is a ritual, a ceremony to honor divinity. In this module, you learn how to use the mantras of initiation presented in a previous segment in the context of a larger container, which is that of ritual.

Rituals can offer us profound levels of healing, mainly because of how we teach them in our school. More importantly, we are tapping into dimensions within consciousness that typically evade us.

When you engage the simple elements of ritual, the secret mantras you learn are like keys that open the doors to these hidden dimensions. Our Yogic Mystery School offers students a unique grasp of ritual in this way.

This segment is an entire program in itself. You learn 9 powerful meditation practices designed for beginners on the Tantric path, which are nine dynamic expressions of mantras and movements that heighten our consciousness states.

Blessing is built into the nature of our souls, although we often do not realize it. It connects us with the invisible essence of life, helping us sense the Presence of the Holy in a heartfelt, experiential way.

The power that sustains the universe also sustains us individually and collectively. This power also favors us, which is what "Shiva" means.

This section is also an entire program in itself. You learn powerful Tantric practices that help develop your third eye, also known as the ājñā chakra, the command center of the astral body.

These methods are an advanced practice. Some techniques require intense focus together with mudras. The result is a deepening awareness and extrasensory perception ability.

While we usually do not encourage psychic abilities in our mystery school, these practices are within a holistic container because of all the other segments taught in the overall program on the Sacred Masculine.

This segment is an excellent practice for beginners. The sounds are quite hypnotic and produce profound states of consciousness.

Since ancient times, the Virya Shaiva sect of practitioners has used this series of twenty-two powerful mantras that incorporate the sense of the Shiva lingam.

These Shaivite mantras are revered as a traditional sequence employed by priests and ardent devotees of the Shaivite tradition.

In Shaivism, the number five is of particular symbolic significance. For instance, the holy pañakṣara mantra has five syllables (na—ma—śi—vā—ya).

In this segment, you learn five extraordinary mantras. Each is powerful in itself, but together, they create a formidable awakening within our consciousness.

Although these five mantras constitute a practice in itself, they are also incorporated into healing rituals to enhance the effect of our experience.

This section is elaborate, as it consists of many parts. Symbolically, it represents the peak of the mountain within this course. The student and practitioner have many excellent and easy paths leading to this holy mountain's summit. The climax is the big push many other sections prepare one, as John the Baptist would prepare the way for Jesus.

This ritual is so powerful because it can transform stubborn and persistent karma. Many of our students have experienced what this feels like in their consciousness, so it is no idle claim. However, it cannot be presented as a guarantee because most variables are in the student's choices, abilities, and commitment.

The Rudram is the most potent mantra to Shiva in the Krishna Yajur Veda. All our students feel transformed by its phonetic majesty and find themselves tapping into a power that lasts for quite a while.

You will receive step-by-step tutorials to learn the first anuvaka of this formidable text, which is used in the traditional ceremony of pouring liquids on a Shiva Lingam (Abhisekham). You will also learn. You will feel a connection to the sacred masculine in an indescribable way.

This section is a collection of 108 mantras that revere the Shiva lingam. You can learn the translation and how to chant these names through well-crafted tutorials.

We are able to help students, even beginner mantra students, learn this sequence through a combination of the tutorials and one or two private sessions.

While everyone knows this five-syllable mantra, few know the Tantric practices associated with practicing it.

In this section, we seek to heal both body and soul with the help of this mantra and its placement in specific areas of the body.

As you can understand, we can make no claim or promises regarding healing.

However, magical possibilities await those who have faith and are willing to be curious about the divine's sacred touch. And it happens through our self-touching process.

The sacred masculine within the Tantric tradition is an intense light that pervades all space and the chakras within the human organism. In this module, you learn a sequence of mantras used in combination with a mudra to invoke this holy light. It is one of the most powerful sequences of mantras that is not common knowledge. Chanted in the womb chamber of ancient Shiva temples, you can learn this sequence to feel like a priest or priestess yourself.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Sri Vidya is the unfolding of dimensions. In my father's house, there are many mansions, Jesus said. The deeper realms of Consciousness reveal this dimensionality. While Spirituality of Blessing gets us started on this mode of perception, we can go further and deeper in this module.

We might consider this module the climax of the entire program. At this point, you learn a ritual that may have its roots in snake and fertility cults that belong to the hunter-gather period, almost 20,000 years ago. The Vedic tradition has refined its understanding and performance of this ritual about 3000 years ago. The Sri Vidya Tantric tradition uses this ritual to heal with the sacred masculine and connect to its pure vibration.

This section presents a particular set of mantras pertaining to divine glory. They are not only powerful but exquisitely beautiful. The first has to do with the golden hue of divine presence. The second pertains to the unusual eyes of divinity. And there are others.

Collectively, these mantras are chanted by Brahmin priests in temples that are alive with worship even to the present day. You, too, can learn and chant them as you connect to the divine glory in your consciousness.

There is a set of names for Lord Shiva that are a eulogy to the sacred masculine. We can use these names to make offerings, as in a ritual, or chant them as a devotional practice.

We learn these names to draw closer to the sacred masculine and to imbibe some of its qualities. These are the more-than-human qualities particular to the Tantric Path, so don't expect them to be your typical, run-of-the-mill adjectives or superlatives.

These mantras represent the flowering of our consciousness and serve as an apt conclusion to this mythic journey, which simulates the heroine's and hero's proverbial journey and is on par with the quest for the holy grail.

Brahmin priests chant this gorgeous mantric text at the end of every prominent ritual to Shiva in traditional temples of South India. It is a mystical text with exquisite meaning.

Like all the mantras in this program, there is a strong sense of tradition and orthodoxy. Studying these mantras and learning to use them with mudras and ritual practices confers a sense of authenticity upon the practitioner.

There are some mantras and practices that we will not list here nor speak about as they are sacrosanct within the tradition.

It is sufficient for the serious student of Tantra to know that he or she will be reward by something exceptional when engaging this program.

St. Paul once wrote: "What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love him."

There is indeed something rather precious that awaits those who sincerely desire the secrets of Sri Vidya Tantra.

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