Cultivating Abundance Consciousness

To grow in abundance consciousness, we must apply ourselves daily, or our sense of it will atrophy. In this program, we learn to invoke Lakshmi, who personifies wealth and beauty, to assist this process. For what is the use of wealth if there is no beauty. The Tantric Path of Sri Vidya Tantra is for both householders and renunciate monks. Mystical knowledge that blesses (Sri Vidya) is considered true wealth, for it also inspires and awakens beauty in the soul! This program is about the sacred knowledge of Sri Vidya.


Learn To Invoke Lakshmi Daily,
Goddess Of Wealth And Beauty


Through Mantras, Mudras,
Meditation and Manifestation.

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Learn to invoke Lakshmi into your heart and home.



Unlock fascinating modules that teach you manifestation techniqes while showing you how to cultivate a daily relationship with Lakshmi in your heart and home through Tantra. Your process is flexible: you can cancel in any month.




This "directed" version of the program includes three 30-minute private sessions with Russill Paul distributed strategically over your six month study process. Plus, you receive an audio and video recording of each private session.



For those who wish to change their “I can’t to I can,” this quick infusion teaches a basic Tantric puja to connect with Lakshmi and nurture your relationship with her.

Prior to learning the ritual, you are introduced to some key Tantric practices, such as Likhita Japa. Our Yogic Mystery School teaches some special ways with this traditional method.

The Panchopachara ritual is a five-part ceremony. You will learn in a way that each part offers you a practice and perspective in itself. Together, the effect is formidable.

You need very simple, easily procurable ingredients: just five things. The method teaches you mudras and mystical practices.

An Introduction To Cultivating Abundance

Watch this short video to understand what this program is about ...

Signature Modules In This Program

With plenty for beginner, seasoned, and advanced students.

With this module, you get to understand the basics of invoking Lakshmi so you can put it into practice right away. 

Next, through an instructed process, you learn how to invoke Lakshmi in a balanced manner.

Third, you understand how to invoke Lakshmi through a powerful word that invokes the goddess who abides in all consciousness. 

Next, you learn how important it is not to seek to solve our abundance issues solely through esoteric means. 

Finally, you learn the classic formula of a Tantric mantra to invoke Lakshmi. Once you know how to chant this mantra, you can create your own Lakshmi invocation practice.

The Core Practice is three esoteric practices you can use daily to invoke Lakshmi into your life, home, and consciousness. This core practice consists of a yantra, a mantra, a mudra, and a murti (image).

This module is one that you learn and put into practice right away, learning to develop your spiritual practice around the awareness of Lakshmi.

Begin with understanding how Presence, Practice, and Perspective combine in our approach to cultivating abundance consciousness. Learn powerful practices to invoke Lakshmi made simple for you. 

We all cultivate negative messages unconsciously over the years. In this module, we learn to combine our meditations with esoteric practices. However, only when we transform our negative messages can we cultivate and sustain abundance consciousness in hard times. 

You begin this module with an orientation to contextualize invoking Lakshmi within challenging life circumstances.

Meditations are only a band-aid. They do not empower. You want to study the Tantric practices that help you produce results in your own life. 

Relaxing, especially around our fears and insecurity, is essential. Meditation can help calm us but cannot help us create wealth and abundance consciousness. 

It takes a much deeper understanding to know why this is the case. You will discover more of this as you study the Tantric path around invoking Lakshmi and implementing the Tantric practices in your daily life.

Any serious student of Tantra who wants to build a relationship with Lakshmi should learn these eight mantras. I make it easy for beginner students by breaking it down to sacred speech so that you can know to first "say the words" the way a child would learn to recite a poem. 

Many mantras are sheer poetry, by the way, composed in poetic meters. Written in the holy anushtubh meter, the same as the Bhagavad Gita, this exquisite eulogy to Lakshmi is sculpted in phonetic beauty while expressing profound meaning and sentiment. 

It is a fitting complement to the eight forms of Lakshmi, although there is no direct comparison. 

As a prelude to this module, you learn about cultivating an abundance of presence. The first lesson in this module introduces the concept of a sacred kitchen. Asha shares the birth of this concept, and Russill contextualizes it for Cultivating Abundance Consciousness. 

Next, Asha and Russill explain Sacred Kitchen's vision for households that wish to cultivate abundance consciousness as the centerpiece of their lifestyle. In this lesson, you learn the lamp's lighting that develops into how this practice, drawn from Indian spirituality, affected Christian households. 

Next, you learn some simple dos and don't know how specific rules from popular Hinduism derive from Tantra. 

Finally, there is the flowering of our consciousness. We end this module with solid teaching on manifestation and ways to avoid spiritual bypassing, which prevents the manifestation process from finding the fullness of expression in the dimensions of time, space, and matter. 

Everything you need is coming to you, and it is coming to you effortlessly. In the first presentation, created deliberately at 3 am, you learn which directions to face when invoking Lakshmi in the home. Next, you integrate the mantras you learned with affirmations to manifest what you need.

I share with you my morning practice just as I do it, and you learn my practice before starting my official workday. Our entire day needs to be punctuated by various prayers and rituals if we genuinely seek to cultivate abundance consciousness in our lives. Additionally, we must maintain awareness and grow an enriched consciousness throughout the day. This approach requires an extensive vocabulary of prayers and practices. 

This module can reference an elaborate morning invocation to Lakshmi that ends with a complete prostration. 

This module addresses three aspects of the Tantric process: Presence, practice, and perspective. This terminology is not typical of traditional Tantra but particular to the approach in our Yogic Mystery School.

The first is Presence. Presence is a quality within consciousness that is higher than our typical everyday self-awareness. Without this exceptional quality, knowing how to tap into it, identify it, cultivate it, and grow in our understanding of it, everything else falls flat on its face. 

With Presence, we emphasize the importance of Divine Presence and the need for us today to sense the feminine, including Lakshmi, as a viable channel for divinity.

Practice, the second aspect of our approach to Tantra in our Yogic Mystery School, is our application. As Patanjali states in his classic Yoga Sutras, our practice can be mild, moderate, or intense. 

In this lesson, you learn a simple technique relating to invoking Lakshmi. To become a full-fledged Tantric practitioner, you must be willing to learn many methods. And it would help if you evolved these techniques to varying degrees of sophistication.

With perspective, we consider how we are a mixed bag. Even though we genuinely desire to improve our lives and enrich our consciousness, some parts of ourselves constantly sabotage our efforts. It is fascinating how disruptive some of our patterns are, mostly when we are engaged in spiritual practice.

Perspective is a critical component of our three-pronged approach. Without proper perspective, our practice (application) can become excessive. For this reason, our programs offer many lessons that help develop the practitioner's insights. 

This module is an excellent place to begin your understanding of finances and how it relates to consciousness.

We cannot separate our finances from our spiritual lives. If we do, it can be problematic. No matter who we are, the currency of energy is continuously flowing in our lives. Money is an aspect of this energy flow. However, thinking of abundance in money alone will not result in abundance consciousness. Similarly, pursuing abundance consciousness by deliberately excluding the financial dimension of our lives is also unrealistic.

If you wish to cultivate abundance consciousness, you want to be able to identify lack. In the coaching process, I identify four areas connected in pairs. One pair is relationship-based: our relationship with the Divine and our relationship with our significant other. The former, I refer to as the sacred other. The second pair is that of career and finances. The energy within these pairs is like sand in an hourglass. Once you understand how this energy is the currency of abundance consciousness, you become rich in consciousness. Tantra is a path in which we hone the tools to develop consciousness's richness.

Originally a compulsory module in our "Spiritual Makeover," this teaching on Lakshmi is essential for perspective development. While many manifestation teachers proffer a method to manifest whatever the ego desires, we have developed a uniquely different way in our Yogic Mystery School. Our approach is to learn how to attract the resources we need to fulfill our soul's destiny in this lifetime. 

Abundance consciousness is about having all we need, not getting everything we want. There is no self-discipline in wanting things without discrimination, which often results in nothing but frustration for many manifestation techniques practitioners. What's the use of being frustrated and constantly being driven to keep manifesting more and more material things? This vulgar approach to the law of attraction insults the spiritual traditions from which it derives: Tantra! 

For Hindus, Diwali is the equivalent of Christmas, the spiritual triumph of light over darkness. The word Diwali or Deepavali means a row of lights. The festival is also associated with Lakshmi and abundance. There is, after all, a glow to abundance, isn't there?

Abundance consciousness, however, must be cultivated throughout the year and afresh each day. With this in mind, I have created an easy, seven-step that you can use over a single day or over the course of a week. I created this program for my coaching students who suddenly had to face a financial crisis in their lives.

We grow in abundance consciousness over time. Without this daily application and constant growth in abundance consciousness and what it can be for each of us, our sense of it will atrophy. In other words, we must invest in the process every day or, like any investment, we will not be aware of it depreciating or losing value.

Once we get deep into the esoteric aspects of "Cultivating Abundance Consciousness," we learn to invoke the goddess Lakshmi in our hearts and homes daily. First, however, this golden presence has to share that space with other thoughts and things that can crowd her presence, even kick her out of our hearts and home.

Would you bring home a delicate kitten in a house filled with dogs or a canary to a place filled with cats?

No matter how sophisticated your esoteric knowledge, you will continue to sabotage your consciousness with your underlying belief structures. We address these harmful programs through the private coaching process.

This coaching process is unique for each person. We all don't have the same junk in our homes, attics, or garages, do we? Nor do we share the same psychological complexes or resistances. Nevertheless, these potent esoteric practices will produce a strong force of attraction in your consciousness and home.

The esoteric techniques you will learn to invoke Lakshmi in the full version of this program are formidable. Nevertheless, our unconscious thoughts and beliefs can deteriorate the power of these methods.

If self-study is your choice, you can engage in the process independently. Suppose you are taking this program in tandem with private coaching with Asha or Russill. In that case, you have their support and guidance to address your challenges in cultivating abundance consciousness.

In this module, you receive an entire live workshop that describes a specific technique you can use to deepen your awareness of Lakshmi as a source of abundance.

The practice is a step-by-step understanding of Lakshmi and approaching this holy mystery to cultivate abundance consciousness through morning and evening practice.

You learn a morning and evening practice that you can use to feel more in tune with Lakshmi and to feel part of a vibratory field that you can plug into through the method. 

One of the advantages of the current curriculum is the addition of this ancient mantra from the Rg Veda used by priests of both the Vedic and Tantric traditions to invoke Lakshmi into a person's home. Now you, too, can learn how to correctly chant this ancient text comprised of nine mantras in old, Vedic Sanskrit. The Rg Veda is the world's oldest extant scripture. Since Lakshmi is among the oldest harvest goddesses on the planet, this mantra is particularly significant.

Dynamic Curriculum Accessible From Anywhere in the world 24/7

Designed for daily practice and deepening your understanding, you can build your practice from the ground upwards. No prior experience necessary.

No matter who you are, whether you are approaching Lakshmi Tantra out of curiosity or whether you are a seasoned Yoga or Tantric practitioner, this program offers a wealth of practices, connections, and approaches to the holy mystery of Lakshmi and what she represents: abundance, wealth, and beauty.



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