Cultivating Abundance Consciousness

Russill and Asha Paul collaborate to share their knowledge of how to cultivate abundance consciousness drawing from the 30 years of their marriage, the lifework they build together, and some of the practices they share with their coaching students.






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Initial Curriculum

This is what we have ready for right now.

First Month: Core Training

Learn powerful Tantric practices to invoke Lakshmi made simple for you. Begin with an understanding of how Presence, Practice and Perspective combine in our approach to cultivating abundance consciousness.

An informal ebook provides contextual information so you can deep into an-depth webinar presentation to understand and practice 3 specific Tantric practices that you can use to invoke Lakshmi into your life, your home, your consciousness. The core practice consists of a yantra, a mantra, a mudra, and a murti (image).

This module is one that you learn and put into practice right away, learning to develop your Tantric practice around the awareness of Lakshmi.

You also receive some insights that Russill shares with his private coaching students.

Bridge Content

Once you have started practicing the core curriculum, this bridge content will help you deepen your understanding and practice before you begin the next module.

Second Month: Abundance Now

In this module you receive an entire live workshop that describes a specific technique you can use to deepen your awareness of Lakshmi as a source of abundance.

This is a step-by-step understanding of Lakshmi, and way to approach this holy mystery to cultivate abundance consciousness through a morning and evening practice.

You learn a morning and evening practice that you can use to feel more in tune Lakshmi and to feel part of a vibratory field that you can plug into through your practice.

Ongoing Development

As the months go by, we will be developing and adding content to this program, sharing methods and practices from our lives in which Russill shares from the revered Tantric tradition of Sri Vidya while Asha compliments it with her knowledge of health, cooking, beauty, positive thinking, visualization, and mind training techniques.

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