Cultivating Abundance Consciousness

Invoking Lakshmi In Our Hearts And Homes

Learn powerful tantric practices to build an understanding of Lakshmi as the embodiment and channel for abundance consciousness in your life. You simultaneously develop your perspective around what abundance is and how you can tap into it daily in meaningful ways that affect your life and consciousness.


An Introduction To Cultivating Abundance

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Options for Study

Choose between self-study and instructor supported options.




Learn how to invoke Lakshmi in your heart and in your home on a daily basis through powerful Tantric practices. Each month new content is added to your online portal conveniently accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.




Looking to break through self-limiting beliefs? Ready to address the self-talk in your head that tells you that you are not enough or that you will never be enough?

Private, one-on-one coaching is the best way to approach the process. And this program can be included.


Not Sure How To Proceed?

Discuss your spiritual goals and challenges in person with Russill Paul and receive personal guidance on your best next step going forward. After your private session is over, you receive a recording of it to guide you. PLUS, from the moment you book the session, you receive complimentary access to a wide selection of introductory lessons and webinars in our Yogic Mystery School.


This is a four-month program.

Learn powerful practices to invoke Lakshmi made simple for you. Begin with understanding how Presence, Practice, and Perspective combine in our approach to cultivating abundance consciousness.

The Core Practice is three esoteric practices you can use daily to invoke Lakshmi into your life, home, and consciousness. This core practice consists of a yantra, a mantra, a mudra, and a murti (image).

This module is one that you learn and put into practice right away, learning to develop your spiritual practice around the awareness of Lakshmi.

Once you have started practicing the core curriculum, this bridge content will deepen your understanding and practice before you begin the next module.


In this module you receive an entire live workshop that describes a specific technique you can use to deepen your awareness of Lakshmi as a source of abundance.

This is a step-by-step understanding of Lakshmi, and way to approach this holy mystery to cultivate abundance consciousness through a morning and evening practice.

You learn a morning and evening practice that you can use to feel more in tune Lakshmi and to feel part of a vibratory field that you can plug into through your practice.

You also receive some insights that Russill shares with his private coaching students.

Sacred Kitchen With Asha Paul

Learn to invoke Lakshmi in your kitchen space. Asha and Russill share their daily practice with you on how to this in your own home every day...

Having established you in the core curriculum (see above), Asha Paul and Russill share aspects of their lives about Cultivating Abundance Consciousness.

Learn how to invoke Lakshmi into your kitchen and your home through a simple ritual daily.


Manifesting Abundance teaches students about combining the invocation of Lakshmi with manifestation techniques. 

This program is particularly well suited to healers, therapists, and teachers of yoga, meditation, mantra, or anyone self-employed. 

In the final module, Russill and Asha collaborate in teaching you how to deepen your practice of invoking Lakshmi. They also offer you a powerful subliminal meditation to attract you that you need at this time.

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