Courageous to go within, to rediscover your relationship with the divine, and reinvent your life from the inside out?

Our Spiritual Makeover is an awesome foundation for new students in our Yogic Mystery School who are yoga practitioners, healers, therapists, or teachers.

Study mysticism and enlightenment in ways that go beyond meditation. Tap the spiritual power of the experience of the Upanishads in your everyday life.

This process can be taken month-by-month either for self-study or with private coaching. Discover the value for yourself!

"My relationship with my partner and with God have become clearer and more real for me. I am a completely different person today."

Yoga Teacher and Musician

"With great clarity, Russill has led me to “see” who I am. He has taught me to cultivate/desire a relationship with the Divine."

Non-profit volunteer

"I’m living a much more centered life. The first “thing” that comes to mind when waking during the night or in the morning is connecting with Other. The last “thing” when dropping off to sleep is the same. The connection has become constant."

National Parks Admin

"I have become accutely aware of how my consciousness is being pulled during both an ordinary day and extraordinary day. I can now use a different vantage of perception to change the quality of my thoughts and strive for more cohesiveness and continuity of consciousness."

Retired Teacher

Choose what works for you at this time

Both options come with transformative content and value ...




Choose this if you wish to undergo the Spiritual Makeover by engaging all of the courses through self-study.

24/7 content access to our 2020 Spiritual Makeover online portal with three courses delivered over a one year period.

First four months, all modules of the brand new version of The Secret Life.

Second four months, our brand new Chakra Immersion plus our signature Chakra Cleanse also included in the course.

Final four months, Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny.  This program helps you learn a specific manifestation technique.





Choose this option if you wish to be privately coached by Russill. In addition, you will also learn his unique spiritual coaching system.

This option comes with everything in the self-study option, PLUS three additional courses, PLUS, a monthly private session with Russill.

Your monthly private sessions are recorded and provided to you as a download for lifetime access.

In addition to everything included for the self-study option, you also receive:

Along with 24/7 access to the Spiritual Makeover portal in the first four months, you also receive 24/7 access to our online Spiritual Coaching Portal that begins with Staying Spiritually Fit.

Each month, new and powerful coaching tools are added to this portal.

In the second phase, (months 5 to 8), together with Chakra Cleanse and Chakra Immersion, you also receive access to Golden Path to Wholeness. This is a program that helps transform trauma, fear, and depression.

Finally, when doing Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny, you also receive access to Cultivating Abundance Consciousness.



If, within 14 days of enrollment, you realize that this program is not for you, we will apply the amount you have paid towards any other signature program, mastery training, or private coaching process of your choosing.

Plus, to help you select the right program, we will grant you 30 day access our brand new 30-30-30 Portal.

This online Portal offers 30 unique daily healing meditations, 30 days of access to introductory webinars to many of our programs, and a 30-minute private consultation with Russill to help you discern the best course for you at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose the self-study plan, each month, you receive access to our brand new 2020 Spiritual Makeover portal in which our programs are made relevant for present times, plus new programs are added for enhancement. Taken by themselves, these programs cost much more. We've not only discounted them but distributed the payments in affordable monthly installments. The only difference is that content is increased, enhanced, and developed each month.

If you choose the coached option, you not only receive access to everything in the self-study portal for our 2020 Spiritual Makeover, but you also receive access to three additional programs: Staying Spiritually Fit, Golden Path To Wholeness, and Cultivating Abundance Consciousness.

With coached study, you also receive access to a monthly 45-minute private coaching session PLUS a quarterly group coaching session.

What is more, all your private coaching sessions are recorded for you on audio and (when necessary) video as well. These are provided to you for life-time access.

Your quarterly group sessions allow you to interact with Russill and other students face-to-face online to process spiritual coaching methods you are learning and applying. If you miss the session, you still access the replay through your portal.

Even if you miss actively participating in the group sessions, you are not at a loss. In your private sessions, you get to work one-on-one with Russill to develop your skills as a spiritual life coach and ensure you are learning and understanding all of the teachings streamlined for your specific needs and challenges.

First, know that we are adding quite a bit of brand new content to the Spiritual Makeover this year. You can choose the option that includes private coaching which includes three new programs in addition to private sessions with Russill. Please feel free to message us if you would like to speak with us about your options.

Spiritual Makeover Self-Study Curriculum

The core curriculum for our Spiritual Makeover is developed through three related phases, reinventing your consciousness from the inside out.

The Secret Life

The Secret Life helps us cultivate a vibrant inner life and enhanced consciousness that can serve as the foundation for all our spiritual practice. We draw from classic spiritualities (east and west), and especially from Love Mysticism, to cultivate a dynamic relationship with unseen Presence. We consider this program essential to our approach in Yogic Mystery School, as the basis for advanced programs, as in our Spiritual Coaching system.


Chakra Cleanse

Unlike a lot of chakra work, our approach in Yogic Mystery School is to engage divinity intimately in our chakras. The general assumption is that all energy work is spiritual, but much of it leaves out an interactive relationship with the divine. This program is unique in that it actually invites divinity into our process while helping us reprogram our subconscious with positive energies while we work towards active self-transformation.


Soul's Destiny

Learning to manifest our soul's destiny is the third phase of the Spiritual Makeover process. Drawing from the authenticity of our direct relationship with the divine developed in the Secret Life, and having reprogrammed our subconscious mind through our Chakra Cleanse, we are now in a position to discern our soul's real purpose in this life. In this phase, we begin to learn how to consciously manifest our soul's fulfillment.


Spiritual Makeover With Private One-On-One Coaching Curriculum

When you choose Spiritual Makeover with Monthly Private Coaching Sessions, you not only receive the three core programs (Secret Life, Chakra Cleanse, Soul's Destiny), but you also receive these three additional programs together with a monthly private coaching session with Russill Paul.

Staying Spiritually Fit

This is our starter spiritual coaching tool that we are now offering in combination with The Secret Life for a Spiritual Makeover. 


Golden Path to Wholeness

This is an advanced coaching process that builds upon our Spiritual Makeover and The Secret Life with deeper therapeutic insights.


Cultivating Abundance

This brand new program is a wonderful complement to Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny, which is why we are including it.


A student speaks about the value of these programs in present times

Our methodology is emphatic about avoiding the danger with many esoteric spiritual practices: that of spiritual bypass.


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