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No matter how much we know about meditation, spirituality or enlightenment, our capabilities atrophy unless we engage in new ways.

Engage the daily practice and study of
Mysticism, Meditation & Gnosticism.


You can do it! The core practice that gets you started on the process takes only 90 seconds at a time and is engaged five times a day. You choose the times and places each day. Once you taste and tap into the direct experience, you can increase the time through your choice. The course takes you through many levels, building you from the ground up.

Cultivating Direct Mystical Experience

Let's begin our deep exploration of mysticism, drawing from our study of enlightenment, meditation practice, and Gnosticism, which, for us, comes from the 1400-year-old gnostic tradition of Tantra known as Sri Vidya.

Secret Life & The Temple Within

This brand new module maps out an innovative method to approach the living presence of divinity within through the model of an inner temple, somewhat akin to St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle, but instead drawing from the architectural model of the Dravida style Hindu temples in South India where we go on pilgrimage each year.

Mysticism, Meditation & Gnosticism

This new module approaches daily spiritual practice through three distinct domains within consciousness. The first is our waking state of consciousness, every consciousness toward which we apply the methods of meditation to solve conditions such as distracted or disturbed awareness. Gnosticism and Mysticism, which characterize The Secret Life, take us deeper and further.

Developing Your Practice In Secret

This latest module teaches you new methods that help you develop your practice in secret, informed by the new insights being shared on Mysticism, Meditation, and Gnosticism, along with our innovative, unique teaching on how to approach the Temple Within.

Get An Inside Look Into The Program


The biggest problem we face is people stating it's all spiritual; it's all mystical, or meditation is the way. No one can argue with those statements; however, it is tough to work with such individuals, certainly not from the level of depth or the scope of what we undertake in our Yogic Mystery School.

Suppose we want to explore new dimensions of consciousness or even discover an in-depth approach to spiritual experience. In that case, it is crucial to know the difference between meditation, Gnosticism, and mysticism. Here's a way to understand the problem and the solution.

"One of the major breakthroughs has been a shift in consciousness that has allowed me to move towards wholeness and to recognize the parts of myself that are broken and that need to be healed."

University Adminstrator

"I've had moments throughout my day when everything seems like spirit and spirituality … just from uttering the declarations in this program … very powerful and awesome. Even before I get out of bed. I feel the energy of blessing on my skin in the shower… it all feels full of the Presence of a blessing! A feeling of warmth and comfort, a sense of belonging and that all is right in the universe. But there is a deeper, underlying stream of energy also happening. I love how the most seemingly simple and subtle practices are really the most profound. Thank-you!"

Stephani Doherty
Yoga Teacher and Banker

"I’m living a much more centered life. The first “thing” that comes to mind when waking during the night or in the morning is connecting with Other. The last “thing” when dropping off to sleep is the same. The connection has become constant."

National Parks Supervisor

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Foundational Modules


Going Beyond Meditation: The purpose of this course is to take the student beyond "functional meditation" to discover deeper qualities in consciousness beyond the methods and techniques of standard meditation practices.

The Practice Of The Secret Life: The core practice is a method we learn to develop mystical consciousness on a daily basis. The practice can be done in 90 seconds, but it takes understanding and application to hone the method.

Intimacy with the Eternal in Daily Life: Learn how to use your sacred declarations while engaging in everyday activities to deepen your sense of intimacy with the Divine.

Bonus 1—The Essence Of Yoga: This bonus module offers hours of recordings from a complete weekend retreat on The Essence of Yoga. This retreat was to explore three primary yogic scriptures, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and Yoga Sutras, to tap into the essence of Yoga. It also prepares the student for the advanced modules on enlightenment that follow.


A new student speaks about the Secret Life

Although we all know a lot about prayer and meditation, the purpose of the Secret Life is to lovingly challenge us to rediscover our relationship with the divine with renewed authenticity. The Secret Life delivers!


The Secret Life is not your average course on meditation. It is designed for seasoned and advanced meditation practitioners, taking them from skillful meditation practice into the heart of mysticism, which is the direct encounter with Ultimate Reality in a way that is personal.

We begin by outlining the difference between "functional meditation"—sitting still, repeating a mantra, focussing on the breath, using guided imagery, etcetera—to approach the deep mystical practice outlined in the Secret Life method.

When you begin the Secret Life, you start by learning how to use declarations and affirmations to create intimacy with Ultimate Reality, not through the imagination but through direct awareness. We have a simple and effective method to do this, and it takes about 90 seconds for each application.

However, just because the method is simple doesn't mean that it is easy. We have developed a number of modules and supportive techniques to assist the process of honing the procedure and discovering the living experience behind it

Once you have learned the 90-second method, which is done five times a day at any time and place of your choosing, you start to tap into the experience while you are doing simple tasks, such as putting on your shoes or preparing a beverage.



These modules explore the direct experience of enlightenment, inspired by the Upanishads, the first official scripture on the planet that attests to the reality of spiritual awakening in human consciousness, and the techniques of the Secret Life we learn in the foundational modules.

48 Hrs to Enlightenment: Dedicate a relaxed weekend to cultivate an intense spiritual practice of intimacy with Divine Presence while doing life as usual.

Quest For Ultimate Reality: Connect English phrases to classic sacred utterances in the Upanishads to relate to lofty experiences in human history.

Atman, Brahman, Purusha: Understand the inner life in the context of the tremendous spiritual awakening found in the Upanishads by exploring the relationship between these three key terms.

Exploring Enlightenment: A new module offering insights into how we can cultivate everyday enlightenment. We use the Secret Life's methods while being informed by the Upanishads' lofty spiritual teachings.

Bonus 2—The Soul's Journey: This particular set of presentations encourages us to deepen our practice of everyday mysticism in view of life being a pilgrimage, a sacred journey.


A senior student shares her experience

The Secret Life in our challenging times of the pandemic.


Once you have completed the foundational modules, you are ready to develop your perception. This type of perception is not typical, but the method of direct perception is cultivated in Eastern spirituality, particularly in yoga and the deep meditation practices of Hinduism.

There are a number of modules pertaining to the perception of enlightenment, which we bring to the more profound applications of the Secret Life to cultivate a more expansive sense of awareness.
It takes ingenuity to recognize that Divine Presence is always there around us and inside us, especially during challenging circumstances. More importantly, it is essential to learn how to be in a continual relationship with this presence. None of us can afford to take our spirituality for granted, especially in these times.

The advanced modules lay the ground for deep and sophisticated methods of advanced mystical experience that will challenge you to recover your beginner mind, even if you are an advanced spiritual practitioner.

As we progress deeper into The Secret Life, we take stock of how we go about seeking intimacy with the divine. The Secret Life will reveal to you how much your ego actually "Edges God Out." The late Wayne Dyer created this acronym for the word ego.

The Secret Life teaches you a new acronym, to "Allow God's Engagement" with you, so you can ripen spiritually in the awareness that you are never alone.

The methods offered are contemporary while rooted in the tradition of classical mysticism inspired by St. John of the Cross, Kabir, St. Theresa of Avila, Tukaram, Rumi, Hafiz, and Gibran.

Our spiritual practice must be entrenched in pragmatism so that we "walk the spiritual path with practical feet," as the late Angeles Arien would put it. Equally important is that our spirituality needs to retain an aura of the magical and mystical.


Developing Your Practice In Secret

Unless we are diligent about our daily practice, the various new modules being developed will remain insight and inspiration. Like you, I have been meditating for decades. However, every year calls for new inroads into our most profound spiritual experience, a process that needs to evolve in tandem with the changing conditions of our lives, the world, and the influences upon our consciousness. Come learn our latest methods.

We are the sum totality of all our thoughts, sensations and images. As we take ownership for all of the content that emerges within our consciousness, we can shape this content through our influences and our daily practice. Our return to the fundamentals of spiritual practice is paramount to learning how the structures of self behave. These structures, functioning underneath our thoughts, sensations and images, are also reshaped by our daily practice. Do not underestimate the fundamentals of meditation which are stillness and silence. Everything that you will learn in this new phase of the Secret Life is designed to lead you into deeper levels of stilness and silence. However, we do need words and concepts to arrive at those levels.

“We use to go beyond words to get to the essence of word.
We use concepts to go beyond concepts to arrive at the heart of reality.”

— Bede Griffths


Included in the Secret Life portal, is an all-day intensive that features the integration of mantras with the enlightenment experience.

* For those intersecting with mental health.

While meditation can be a powerful tool in mental health, it can be an equally powerful means of avoidance and spiritual bypassing.

* For those interested in enlightenment.

Meditation plays a unique role in simulating and stimulating the enlightenment experience. This intensive focuses on honing specific techniques for realizing atman, otherwise known as the deep self, or the imago Dei, the divine image within us.

* For those interested in advanced mantra meditation

This intensive is for both students and teachers of meditation who want to further their understanding and practice. Vedic mantras, in particular, are a tremendous aid to the enlightenment experience as they help create luminosity in our consciousness.