Mastery Of Tantra

This is an intermediate level of study, more involved than our beginner programs and offered to anyone interested in exploring Tantra through the use of sound, which is the traditional way. There is no requirement other than a spirit of discovery and a sincere desire to explore alternate methods of knowledge.



for The Mastery of Tantra

The curriculum for the Mastery of Tantra begins with seed syllables (bīja) and the placements of sound in the chakras. This is foundational. There are many secrets to this process that you can only learn only through close association with an adept. 

In this sophisticated track that goes way beyond what you would find in books, CDs, or on the internet, we present a systematic process that begins with "Healing the Throat Chakra." The process then progresses into other chakras using a combination of sound and sacred touch together with methods of perception that we develop characteristically in Tantra. These powerful methods of knowledge are not easy to explain. One arrives at them only through application.

Each process is simple to learn but requires a dedicated application. You must indeed be passionate about Tantra, which is about non-ordinary methods of perception and the cultivation of direct awareness. And you must be patient. While you can study at your own pace and schedule, working with an instructor will streamline, challenge, and refine your process. You are free to choose self-study or private coaching. Group coaching sessions are offered four times a year but not guaranteed.

The practices of Tantra closes the gap between body and mind. You develop an intimacy with your body through sacred touch as you learn how to affect the chakras through sacred sound powerfully. You also learn how to slow down in our fast-paced world so you can tap into deeper dimensions of your own energy field. 

Chakra Viśeṣa Upāsana 

This initial phase, begins with "Healing the Throat Chakra". Students who have studied this previously will find that we have developed the practice to a high degree of sophistication since our 12 years of Yogic Mystery School. You progress into "Empowering the Chakras" while still using your throat chakra and sound as the medium.

The goal of this phase is to practice "Chakra Viśeṣa Upāsana" which is a powerful way of affecting the chakras through sacred sound in combination with other practices. This practice also serves as a prelude to the Shodasha Upacara, which is healing ritual built around the feminine that advanced students study and practice.

Tantra Nyāsa Sādhana

This is a fairly advance and involved practice although it is an aspect of our intermediate level programs. These placements using mantras fortify the energy body and help create a strong energy field for the Tantric practitioner. 

While the practice is self-sufficient, it is also part of a larger and more extensive practice that serves as the postlude for the Shodasha Upacara healing ritual built around the divine feminine that many of our advanced students study and practice. 

Nyasa is one of the hallmarks of the Tantric Path. It not only helps us slow down so we can tap into experience more deeply, but it is also facilitates alternate forms of perception.


We intend to create a community of students and therapists who will study this content and apply themselves sincerely for their own healing and to help others. With this in mind, we have created three special offers.

12 payments of



Reg: $175 per month

sequenced lesson access 
distributed each month

+ a 15-min private session
in the final month



2 payments of


6 months apart

Regularly: $950 each

complete phase access
to all related lessons 

+ one 30-minute
private session

+ one 30-minute
group session



4 payments of


each quarter

Reg: $750 per quarter

complete phase access
to all related lessons 

+ four 60-minute
private sessions

+ four 30-minute
group sessions

+ Tantric Energy Practices
& Awakening the 3rd Eye




Complimentary Access With Private Coaching Option

Awakening The 3rd Eye

For those intrigued by the third eye, which is our innate capacity for deeper levels of perception and extra sensory sensitivities, this is an excellent starter program that ties into the Tantric Path. Often, a program like this helps to begin our journey into Tantra and its methods of non-ordinary perception through working with this chakra. . 


Tantric Energy Practices

For those new to Tantra, this program offers a sequence of practices that draw from the Tantric tradition to awaken and channel spiritual energy in the chakras. You learn to work with energy, breath and movement in simple yet powerful ways and in various body positions that are not yoga postures. They are simpler.


Frequently Asked Questions

This program and its powerful methods are well suited for healers, therapists, energy workers, caregivers, artists, as well as yoga practitioners and teachers, meditation practitioners and teachers, mantra practitioners and teachers; Tantra practitioners and teachers.  

At first, you learn to gently stimulate your energy body using the medium of sacred sound in the chakras. The method slows you down and changes your perception. As you advance in the technique, you learn more sophisticated ways of working with subtle energies. Gradually, you learn to flow with awakened spiritual energy.

​Descriptions of the methods will not make any sense unless you actually undergo the process. In Tantra, you don't read about things. You wade into it, like how you would wade into the ocean. You will learn to do this methodically, step-by-step, and in ways that are safe and karmically clean. This means you will never be required to compromise your integrity or personal safety at any point. Once you get your feet wet, you can learn to dive deep. 

You can always begin with self-study. The entire process is between you and your body. And you learn to use your voice in combination with sacred touch. This is actually a form of self-healing and self-care that has many therapeutic benefits, the most important of which is slowing down and getting in touch with your own spiritual processes as they unfold in your consciousness. And this is why having a teacher to guide you is valuable.

The processes are safe for any normal and healthy psyche. However, if you have psychological conditions that you have not addressed, or conditions you have only addressed partially, you might well trigger related conditions. For the most part, the system is powerful and calming and will help you slow down, provided you apply yourself with moderation. Please keep in mind that we are not therapists or medical professionals who can support your process if you need medical or therapeutic support. We actually recommend this program for therapists who could use the methods on themselves and then integrate the methods into their tool kits for clients.

Private, one-on-one coaching taken for this program will help you integrate the practices and give you direct feedback on how you are applying yourself. If you wish to be supported by private sessions, you might want to contact us first, before purchasing so we can discern whether or not this program is a good fit for you. Usually, we do not accept students who we do not believe we can help and support. Private coaching as a whole person approach is a separate process and application. The private sessions that come with this program are more to help a student understand the practices for themselves and to learn how to apply the practices for enhanced effects.


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