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Mantras are forms by which the spiritual light is encased in sacred sounds can heal our emotional wounds and awaken our minds to enlightenment.



What this course can do for you

Many people love mantras, particularly their spiritual vibrations, because they do something special for us, touching something deep within the soul, reminding us of our spiritual birthright: a profound awareness of divine presence. There are, however, many secrets to the practice of mantras worth knowing. Our Yogic Mystery School specializes in such knowledge.

So, if you are ready to engage the deep work of the soul through mantras, we encourage you to dip your heart in four well-springs for the soul. You add a new dimension to your mantra practice and inner life with each of these methods. While some techniques are refreshing and rejuvenating, others are invigorating and empowering.

Even though we know that Divine Presence is all around us and within us, it is easy to lose touch with this palpable reality. Each of these four courses provides you with impressive inroads into the understanding and applications of mantras that will empower you with valuable knowledge, the kind of understanding that makes life better.

Mantras are mysterious devices to be approached with reverence. These methods will inspire awe and reverence in you, help you recover the sense of the mystery of life, and instill a new sense of meaning and purpose.

When Bhakti Meets Tantra: Core Method

Most of us learn mantras for devotion, to surrender ourselves to the divine. However, it is equally important to learn how to empower, and charge our practice with energy. Each of these programs offer their own particular approaches. Combine them for a deeper fulfilment in your mantra practice.

Your Core Mantra Practice

Our core mantra is our most important spiritual tool to cultivate an intimate relationship with the highest, most potent reality. However, many of us lack application methods, particularly after using a mantra for many years. This program will help you develop a freshness with the essential mantra experience of your direct relationship with the Divine. If you don't have a core mantra, this program will help you discover one and the juiciness of how to use it effectively. 

Enlightened Mantra Practitioner

Learn how to integrate Tantric knowledge into your mantra practice. The esoteric and energy dimensions of a mantra are powerful. And there are ways to bring your breath into your mantric to energize your mantra experience. However, if all you do is mentally repeat a mantra, you haven't tapped into the visceral aspects of the method. Once you learn these techniques, you discover a visceral experience of sacred sound and tap into their healing power in a much fuller way. Wouldn't it be wonderful for mantra practitioners to become enlightened mantra practitioners?

Cultivate Success And Blessing With Mantras

How can mantra practice help us in our work, our careers? And how do we live our daily life informed by a sense of divine mystery? These programs help us develop the active and mystical in daily life extending our use of mantras.

Achieving Success With Mantras

Our mantra practice should help us face the challenges that show up for us daily, overcome resistances in ourselves, and deal with obstructions to our life goals. Tantra is a practical path, a house-holder path, in addition to its monastic contexts. What you will learn in this program are combinations of mantra syllables to affect our brain-wave states. A percussive side to mantra practice dramatically affects how energy moves. This program features significant additions to its early methods offered in 2008.

Shiva: Spirituality of Blessing 

This is the crown jewel of our signature mantra programs. It features nine parts, each developing the previous practice into a more sophisticated application. The process taught helps develop our spiritual consciousness, particularly how we experience everyday awareness. As the process evolves, the techniques become more and more dynamic. Some methods produce a deep state of trance. If you love altered states of consciousness, inspired by the mystics of the ancient world, and drawing from the Tantric tradition, you can learn to immerse yourself in a mystical state regularly.


Absorb our signature teachings on mantra practice.

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Students doing the course say:

(and we have hundreds of similar statements)

"The practices are so wonderfully immediate and powerful. Just the whisper of [the mantra] fills me with divine presence."

"A feeling of warmth and comfort, a sense of belonging and that all is right in the universe. But there is a deeper, underlying stream of energy also happening."

"When doing this program, even before I get out of bed. I feel the energy of blessing on my skin in the shower… it all feels full of the Presence of a blessing!"

"I love how the most seemingly simple and subtle practices are really the most profound. Thank-you!"

"As a result of this program, I've had moments throughout my day when everything seems like spirit and spirituality … just from uttering the mantra … very powerful and awesome."

"What an awesome experience when whispering the mantra … it's like an instant connection with the awakening energy and I feel it deeply all over myself inside out so soothing and at the same time reverently Divine, leaving me in this peaceful and safe space."

Bonus Mantra Retreat

Picking up on our recent all-day mantra retreat, this module teaches developing a core mantra practice around the experience of Shiva. We do not mean Shiva as a God or even a personal God, but as a name for Ultimate Reality.

Also featured in this new module is teaching on Dakshinamurthy, the silent presence of Shiva as the Lord of Yoga and teacher of the Gods. You can learn special mantras taught in the Sri Vidya Tantric tradition and practices to deepen your mystical experience.

Approaching The Silence

Watch This Video For An Overview

This course offers you a systemmatic development of your mantra practice, starting with your inner core. The purpose is to help either a beginner or seasoned mantra practitioner develop a deeper sense of mantra.


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