Deepen And Develop Your Mantra Practice

Whether you are beginner, or seasoned mantra practitioner, these signature programs will establish you in the powerful methods we use in our Yogic Mystery School

"Transformed By Mantra" Immersion

Like to be nurtured in the practice of mantra without learning pronunciation? Our new immersion combines four of our most effective mantra programs. Each program is unique and offers its own entryway into deep practice. Together, they connect to catalyze a profound spiritual practice and transformation. This is a great way to get started on Tantric mantra practices.


Discounted Package

When you sign up for this immersion, you receive four of our signature online mantra programs at a 40% off discount

Simple to Involved

Whether you are a seasoned mantra practitioner, or just a beginner, this immersion will inform your mantra practice.

Prepare to Advance

Once you complete this immersion, you would have established your mantra practice to advance to further levels.

Begin With Two Profound Programs

Get started with a "Core Mantra Practice" to develop your inner most practice. This leads into "Enlightened Mantra Practitioner" to get you into Tantric mantra practice.

Cultivating A Core Mantra Practice

Understand how to use your main mantra, whether given by a guru, or adopted by themselves. For those who do not have such a mantra, I share my own core mantra to explain the practice.

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Enlightened Mantra Practitioner

This is a simple yet advanced program getting the practitioner into the Tantric aspects of mantra practice. If all you do is mentally repeat a mantra, you haven't tapped into the embodied forms

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Progress into two Powerful Programs

"Achieving Success with Mantra" gets you into a dynamic and empowered practice of mantra to help you with every day challenges, while "Shiva: A Spirituality of Blessing" helps you immerse yourself in a daily state of blessing. These are both Tantric.

Achieving Success With Mantras

Our mantra practice should also help us in our everyday life, to face the challenges that show up for us, to overcome resistances in ourselves, and to deal with obstructions to our goals. Here, you start to learn Tantric mantra application.

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Shiva: Spirituality of Blessing 

This program is the crown jewel of our signature mantra programs. Drawing from the Tantric tradition, you learn to immerse yourself in a spiritual state on a regular basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, you receive four of our signature mantra programs at a deep discount. You can access the content any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world. These programs will nurture your connection to the divine through mantra offering you different ways of using mantra for the purpose of spiritual transformation.

If you have taken any one of these programs before, please contact us and we will apply what you paid towards this immersion.

Each program in this immersion can be completed in 2 to 3 weeks. The 6-month period is designed to give anyone more than enough time to complete all four programs. In fact, you can easily immerse yourself in all 4 programs in 3 months. We've built in 3 extra months to give you another run of the whole immersion. Or, for those who lag, a nice, long stretch to complete the process.


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