This program will teach you how to manage your energy efficiently. During this pandemic,  most of us are stressed to the max, while our responsibilities have increased. Discover how to focus your energy with intention while, at the same time, excelling at whatever you must do, either for a living or at home.

Martha Moore-Benson

Yoga Teacher, Attorney, Ayurvedic Practitioner


This is a method I teach students who coach with me to seize the day and cultivate their best selves throughout the day. No matter what's on the calendar, you can learn to direct calm, focussed effort at your tasks.

It is simple yet effective method that creates a blueprint for each segment of your day that is especially powerful when you identify periods of the day when you are not your best, or have the least amount of energy, or find yourself generating negative energy.

This is method, coupled with Energy Flow Monitoring, is not only excellent for you to practice, it is also an effective method to use with your clients, especially if you are a spiritual coach or life coach. To teach it well, however, you must embody it well in your own life.


Energy Flow Monitoring

This module is my best diagnostic tool to coach students interested in healing, enlightenment, and transformation.

With this tool, you learn to analyze your personal energy cycles to hone your ability to develop spiritual fitness, determined by how you balance energy and stress daily.

You can use it throughout your life.

Spiritual Self Care

This module teaches personal accountability. What sabotages us most in life are the many ways we unwittingly enable aspects of self that create the very stresses and problems we complain about, seek to free ourselves from, or desire to change in others.

If you genuinely want to help others spiritually, you must first learn to care for yourself while also learning to make yourself accountable in healthy ways.

Monitoring States of Consciousness

This module is for those who wish to learn the system I use to offer my students spiritual coaching. Even those who have no desire to coach others or provide spiritual direction in their lifework benefit from the lessons contained in this valuable section that compliments daily spiritual practice. 

Students are introduced to monitoring their ego states throughout the day and understanding ego states. This more profound practice compliments energy flow monitoring taking it to a whole other level. People who practice or teach spirituality are especially susceptible to ego states that masquerade as spiritual states. Or ego states that drive and control spiritual practice.


This bonus module is included in this program since many students who take this program are interested in studying how to be spiritual coaches and/or integrate spiritual guidance into what they offer their own students.

Many who study with me are teachers in their own right. One of the most critical factors that create stress, especially for those of us to support ourselves through products and services within spirituality and self-help, is our issues around finances. We often complain about it without taking responsibility for the ways we think about it or embody it in our lives.

Since finances are a form of energy, and because lack of it or obstruction in its flow can create issues with our spiritual energy flow, this module offers an introductory level of integrating an understanding of finances with our energy flow process. We cannot expect to learn how to be spiritually fit without having some sense of being financially healthy, as well, can we?


"I appreciated your guidance and support in helping me launch into a new direction in my lifework. Your approach is laser-like in efficiency.  You guide in very practical manner backed by integrity and experience. Your support is committed and sincere with my best interest at heart. "

Dr. Marilyn Granger
Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher

Options For Self Study and Private Coaching

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Plus, as with self-study, you receive immediate access to Russill's online Spiritual Coaching Portal and begin studying the modules described on this page and begin applying yourself right away.


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We've been offering online education since 2008 and pour an enourmous amount of energy and intelligence into our program creation. We have 30 years of teaching experience on the world stage, alongside many of the most well known spiritual luminaries of our time. If within 14 days of enrollment, you discern that this program is not for you, we will apply the entire amount you paid for this program towards any other program that is currently available.