Do you want to learn to thrive, raise yourself, no matter what you have endured in the past? Study Russill Paul's spiritual coaching method that moves you beyond coping and managing to thriving daily.


This program will teach you how to direct your energy,  manage stress, and focus your intention on what is fulfilling. 


Martha Moore-Benson

Yoga Teacher, Attorney, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Options to Study This Program

Choose between self-study and being privately coached.

Two Payments



Receive immediate access and begin studying and practicing right away.


One Payment



Receive immediate access and begin studying and practicing right away.

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One Payment



Receive two 45-minute private sessions with Russill Paul so you can understand and see your way into a better life with better quality energy and energy flow. The sessions are recorded and provided to you for lifetime access and learning.

Plus, as with self-study, you receive immediate access to Russill's online Spiritual Coaching Portal and begin studying the modules described on this page and begin applying yourself right away.


Not Sure How To Proceed?

Discuss your spiritual goals and challenges in person with Russill Paul and receive personal guidance on your best next step going forward. After your private session is over, you receive a recording of it to guide you. PLUS, from the moment you book the session, you receive complimentary access to a wide selection of introductory lessons and webinars in our Yogic Mystery School.

What will you study?

Highly pertinent modules that are practial and spiritual.

Learn the precise method that Russill Paul himself uses and teaches his students. Learn to live from your highest self throughout the day. No matter what's on the calendar, you can learn to direct calm, focussed effort at your tasks and derive fulfillment at the deepest soul level.
Staying Spiritually Fit is a simple yet effective method that creates a blueprint for each segment of your day or your entire day. It becomes potent when you identify periods of the day when you are not your best, have the least amount of energy, or find yourself generating negative energy.

Energy Flow Monitoring

A powerful diagnostic tool for spiritual coaches and life coaches to learn and use with their students.
With this tool, you learn to analyze your energy cycles to hone your ability to develop spiritual fitness, determined by balancing energy and stress daily. You can use it throughout your life.


Spiritual Self Care

This module teaches personal accountability. What sabotages us most in life are the many ways we unwittingly enable aspects of self that create the very stresses and problems we complain about, seek to free ourselves from, or desire to change in others. If you genuinely want to help others spiritually, you must first learn to care for yourself while also learning to make yourself accountable in healthy ways.

Being A Spiritual Coach

Students learn to monitor their ego states throughout the day and understand ego states. This more profound practice compliments energy flow monitoring taking it to a whole other level. People who practice or teach spirituality are especially susceptible to ego states that masquerade as spiritual states. Or ego states that drive and control spiritual practice. Learn to avoid spiritual bypass.

"I appreciated your guidance and support in helping me launch into a new direction in my lifework. Your approach is laser-like in efficiency.  You guide in very practical manner backed by integrity and experience. Your support is committed and sincere with my best interest at heart. "

Dr. Marilyn Granger
Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher



This bonus module is included in this program since many students who take this program are interested in studying spiritual coaching or integrating spiritual guidance into what they offer their students.

One of the most critical factors that create stress, primarily for us to support ourselves through products and services within spirituality and self-help, is our finances. We often complain about it without taking responsibility for the ways we think about it or embody it in our lives.

Since finances are a form of energy, and lack of it or obstruction in its flow can create issues with our spiritual energy flow, this module offers an introductory level of integrating an understanding of finances with our energy flow process. We cannot expect to learn how to be spiritually fit without having some sense of being financially healthy, as well, can we?

Study Spiritual Coaching

The pandemic has created an unparalleled sense of disempowerment in our world. When you learn how to thrive in your own life every day, you can teach others to do the same. Learn Russill Paul's spiritual coaching method so you can incorporate his insights into how you help your students or coaching clients.

Spiritual Awakening

Students studying spiritual coaching with Russill Paul also learn enlightenment. In this module, students share their insights and their process. You realize that spiritual awakening is real and can influence how we live our lives and help others. Listen to the voices of other students and be inspired by their process, application, and insights.