STAYING SPIRITUALLY FIT and Living Above The Heart

This is our essential coaching tool that we introduce students who begin their coaching process with us. You can now study our coaching process as someone who wishes to be coached or as someone who wants to become a spiritual life coach.


Structures That Drain Our Energy

One of the processes in Staying Spiritually Fit

Learning to monitor our energy flow is a preliminary diagnostic tool. It only goes so far. It provides some perspective, we might way. Through watching our energy, we may receive some knowledge of the times of day, environments, and people who may be draining our energy.  What energy monitoring does not reveal is what patterns and structures of self are sabotaging our evolutionary growth. For more in-depth insight, we monitor the heart, which is the seat of the soul.

Gary Zukof insightfully taught that the heart is the seat of the soul. When the heart does not feel soulful, that is, when its emotional integrity is fragmented, the structures of our ego take over. When ego structures take over, old habits and patterns persist. When old habits continue, evolutionary growth is stunted.

Our life energy is continually being siphoned off by the sabotaging habits of our egoic structures. In fact, every feeling, thought, and image we experience at any time is consuming energy. Negative thoughts, images, and feelings, however, drain us of energy. Positive thoughts, images, and feelings, on the other hand, charge us with energy.

Structures of self in which specific thoughts, images, and feelings flow together in a self-fulfilling pattern are called samskaras. Negative samskaras are negative, self-determining patterns in which enormous amounts of energy are lost. Often, we have to resort to damage control, and it takes more time, energy, and resources, to restore what was lost. It is essential to keep in mind that these losses are repeated. 

A lesser side effect of the loss of energy from old patterns is that even though the results are not harmful, they are useless. In other words, nothing constructive is happening. There is no spurt of growth, or maturing, or evolution, or development. We stagnate! We may not see sabotage in these instances, but there is neither the movement towards the soul's fulfillment. 

Exercise: Make a list of samskaras you are aware of that are sabotaging your life, your work, and your relationships. Also, note how long they have persisted.

"I appreciated your guidance and support in helping me launch into a new direction in my lifework. Your approach is laser-like in efficiency.  You guide in very practical manner backed by integrity and experience. Your support is committed and sincere with my best interest at heart. "

Dr. Marilyn Granger
Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher