Russill Paul and The Mastery of Mantra

Russill Paul is the author of "The Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant", and the producer of man best-selling mantra chant CDs, is offering his signature "Mastery of Mantra™ Training" for Swedish students online in collaboration with Swedish Yoga and Mantra teacher, Gopala of Gävle Yogaskola.

Live mantra performances with Russill

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Russill uses ancient and contemporary styles and technologies to create an experience that is modern yet traditional.

Sound and The Tantric Path

Sound plays an important role on The Tantric Path. Russill Paul teaches from the secretive and gnostic tradition of Sri Vidya Tantra in which he is an initiate. In this video, you can glimpse a thin slice of the mantras and practices he shared in his Yogic Mystery School. Most mantras and practices are taught only under special conditions and are not shared in public videos.


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