The Golden Path to Wholeness


What are the implications for our health if we integrated spiritual awakening and self-transformation as integral to our healing process?




Meet Your Guide on the Golden Path to Wholeness ...

Bringing you three decades of teaching spiritual practice at the leading-edge in North America and internationally, Russill Paul is the author of The Yoga of Sound and Jesus in the Lotus, as well as many well-known mantra chanting CDs. He continues to teach at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and around the world.

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Comments from students presently studying the Golden Path online with Russill Paul

"Your guidance and mantra helped me to transform negativity, frustration and anger into a space where I could recreate and find presence hitherto not something I deemed would be possible in my former state - thank you!" -- Mirella from the UK

So beautifully presented Russill, and your chanting went straight to my heart. This topic is so pertinent to my life right now, due to an ongoing negative family situation. Thank you for your insightful explanation on the fluid nature of obstacles." -- Grace from Washington

"Your reflection really hit the nail on the head this morning. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about negativity, cynicism, and anger and their place in the happenings of daily life." -- Mary from Chicago

"Thank you for this amazing series Russill. You have me sold on studying more deeply with you to enhance what I've already learned over these years with you. I feel like I need to dive deeper." -- Dave from Michigan

"What an honor it is for us to share the "we space" with you and to get a taste of what it is like to be part of a higher order of collective consciousness that allows one to experience Presence together with another human being. It certainly is more powerful than doing it alone. Thank you for the invitation to share this experience with you." -- Celia from Ohio

"Thank you Russill. This is most helpful. I am doing an Ayurvedic cleanse right now~ so am working on crabbiness from all angles; physical , emotional , mental. :) I am going to listen to this again right now, and later this evening as well. Namaste!" -- Katherine from Toronto

"Russill, Thank you for sharing your “discoveries” with us and chipping away at that which encrusts our souls. You do “laser surgery” with your “insightful incisions”. You transmit a soul-energy that only the voice can." Helen from Chicago

"The immediacy of the sense of expansion and connectiveness that comes with this process is amazing... to me it brings with it an over riding feeling of falling...its not a physical falling, its the kind of feeling that one gets when you recognize you are beginning to fall deeply in love..." -- Tereasa from Australia


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