Transform in India: Pilgrimage Facilitators

This page offers information about Asha and Russill Paul, the creators, and facilitators of this annual pilgrimage to India.



Russill and Asha Paul facilitate this transformational experience in India. They grew up there but have lived for the more significant part of their lives in North America for the last 30 years. 

They guide their pilgrims in India by combining decades of spiritual and professional expertise.

Russill met Asha, his wife of 33 years while living as a monk in India. Falling in love with her drew him out of the monastery and into the world. This movement into the world deepened and expanded his spiritual ministry that culminates each year in this transformative pilgrimage.

"Everything was clearly explained and it felt like a lot of effort was made to see that our travels were smooth and worry-free. I loved the talks and the temple tours, but I can't put into words why: I only know that I felt different when I got back home and I have no idea what the difference is.  I can say this:  That there were several times in India I felt like I was "breaking open" and when I did, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  Not gratitude for any particular thing or person, but a strong feeling of gratitude to the universe, whatever that is."

Lynrae from California

Russill Paul

Russill is widely known and respected for his profound understanding of India's cultural and yogic traditions, sophisticated spiritual musicianship, and expertise in the Sanskrit mantra.
He brings it all together to provide you, the participant on this journey, with the most comprehensive experience of India's sacredness that you will ever encounter. This unique gift moves participants to repeatedly return with him to India for the renewal of their transformative experience.


Asha Paul

Asha is a Health and Spiritual Coach, trained in over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle, and stress-management techniques from top health experts; Asha's approach is well-rounded. Her innovative coaching helps students prime their bodies and minds through evidence-based scientific discoveries to get results.

Asha was spiritually trained from 1986 to 1992 by the late Rev. Bede Griffiths. As a dedicated spiritual practitioner, her approach is heart-centered as well. She specializes in weight management and aging. Her books focus on healthy & graceful aging.



Continuing to handle the complex planning and logistics of Russill's international workshops, seminars, and conferences for 34 years, she brings her consummate organizational skills to planning and executing the innumerable details for this pilgrimage so that all of the transitions and logistics go smoothly. Despite her many organizational responsibilities throughout the pilgrimage, her top priority is lovingly nurturing and caring for each pilgrim not only during the pilgrimage but from the time they register, ensuring they have all of the personal support they need. Her presentations and guided meditations complement Russill's retreat presentations and workshop facilitation.

Due to their extensive knowledge and experience of India and her spirituality, and because of living most of their adult lives in America (the last 30 years), Russill and Asha are uniquely capable of facilitating this experience on multiple levels, as evident from the testimonials. As a result, many pilgrims return not just a second time but a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth time, which they gratefully accept as the most powerful endorsement of what they offer.

Almost every one of their pilgrims loses weight on our pilgrimages, despite the fantastic and tasty food eaten.

"This pilgrimage was so rich and full.  It is clear that you are very experienced at bringing groups through a process such as this.  The pacing and consideration of our needs at every step were superlative.  We did so much, learned so much, experienced so much.  The ceremonies and rituals that we experienced in the temples were extraordinary and so meaningful, even though I didn’t know what was being said in Sanskrit.  I just know that I received many gifts that continue to open in the weeks/months since."

Hope H. from North Carolina