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The Golden Path 2.0

A Vision of Healing that Explores trauma-informed spirituality and post-traumatic growth for Supra Consciousness Living.

Dynamic Program With Support

Biweekly online support sessions to address questions

Golden Path 2.0

This program guides you in developing a trauma-informed spirituality that embodies post-traumatic growth supported by brainwave meditations and visualizations. 

Dynamic Support

Every two weeks, Asha & Russill "GO LIVE" within the program to answer questions. Replays will be made available if you can't attend. You can also "post" questions.

Reinforce Version 1.0

Learn to reinforce the core method of of our integrated triad that involves Using Your Soul's Voice, Recognizing Presence and Transfoming In The Now.

Leisurely Two Months

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Supra-Concious Living



* New Golden Path 2.0 Teachings

* Biweekly Live Support Sessions

* Reinforcing Golden Path 1.0


Main Modules

Method to Develop Your Trauma-Informed Spiritual Practice

Learn a step-by-step method to develop a personal spiritual practice that is trauma-informed. This process includes suggestions, models, assignments, and methods to analyze your practice. You are free to engage in this process as much as you want. It is only one component of the program.

Post-Traumatic Growth, Supra Conscious Living, Brainwaves

Post-traumatic growth, like any expansion process, can be challenging. That is the nature of evolution. The tutorials guide you with cognitive and experiential learning to understand and use the four pillars of Applied Spirituality for a better state of mind. Special brainwave meditations and visualizations add wind to your sails. 


Log into the program on these four dates and times to engage with us as we go live to answer your questions. If you can't make it, don't worry. You can submit your question before the session and we will address it. A recording is posted for everyone.

Saturday, November 11 at 1 pm CDT (2 pm Eastern)

Sunday, December 03 at 1 pm CDT (2 pm Eastern)

Saturday, December 16 at 1 pm CDT (2 pm Eastern)

Saturday, December 30 at 1 pm CDT (2 pm Eastern)


Frequently Asked Questions

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You receive immediate access to all of the content described on this page. New tutorials for the core curriculum Golden Path 2.0 will be added as the weeks go by. There is also a substantial amount of supportive content on the page. Depending on your interests, you may also enjoy some of this peripheral content.

The main content of the program will be completed in 60 days. If there are aspects of the program you wish to delve deeper into, you can enroll for a new access period. If you want to continue the same tutorials, there is a monthly membership you can subscribe to for as long as needed.

The main program, Golden Path 2.0, is expected to have around 50 tutorials easy tutorials.

The 50-lesson core curriculum for Golden Path 2.0 can be completed in 30 days or even in one dedicated weekend. We allocate 60 days, so you have ample time to complete the core.

However, since you also receive access to a range of supporting content (considered bonuses), you may also enjoy spending time on those tutorials.

Every tutorial comes with a comment box so you can share your comments any time of the day or night. If you post a question, you will receive a response within the web portal if your question is simple. Otherwise, it will be addressed when the instructors go live every two weeks between Nov and Dec 2023. 

Certainly. The instructors have coaching programs for a more personalized approach and support.

Asha offers wellness and health coaching for optimal health or chronic health issues. 


Russill offers voice development and spiritual coaching, a form of spiritual direction.