The Mystery Of
The Cosmic Person



"I know that Great Person, who shines beyond the darkness, whose glory is more effulgent than the brightness of the sun. In knowing this Presence, we go beyond death. There is no other path." — Rg Veda

The Rg Veda is the oldest extant scripture on the planet. The Purusha Suktam is a Vedic hymn and concept that first occurs in this scripture and then finds its way into various streams of Hinduism. For instance, Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita manifests this Purusha, this great cosmic person behind the universe. Christians might discern that Jesus serves a similar role in their theological structures.

The Purusha could serve as a universal figure that might unite the traditions of world spiritualities, for it is not an exclusive concept. In the Jewish mystical Kabbalah, there is a similar figure known as Adam Kadmon, Primordial Man. At the same time, Patanjali, the father of classical Yoga, refers to Vishesha Purusha, a special kind of person, as a goal of Yoga.

The Purusha allows us to relate to the universe in a personal way. However, the concept of Purusha can be challenging because it is more than human. Some may feel an overly human relationship is too anthropocentric, reducing its aura of mystery to the familiar and depreciating its cosmological qualities. On the other hand, excessively elevating this presence to a rarefied cosmic grandeur places it out of reach and too distant.

Apart from the Purusha Suktam of the Rg Veda, there are many other texts and ways of relating to the Purusha. Our process will explore some of the most influential and intimate ways of relating to the Purusha and developing a relationship with this cosmic person, particularly regarding the mystery of death and dying. At the same time, the Purusha invites us to live a meaningful and purposeful life on earth. Finally, the Purusha can be a means of transforming trauma and negative energies.


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