HAVANS & SUKTAMS: Transformed by Fire

The new focus in our Sri Vidya Kula.

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Ancient Ceremonies

For thousands of years, humans have gathered around to share stories and to create a sense of safety, especially at night. In ancient India, they developed what is called the havan, or homa, an ancient ritual in which food is offered to the fire along with mantras. In fact, this is the earliest kind of ritual described in the Vedas. You will now be learning these ancient rituals to perform at home and for your students.

Agni, the fire, was seen as the principle deity of the Vedas. The very first mantra of the Rig Veda is to agni. Fire is at the origin of our universe. It is also the most transformative element and so plays a central role in spiritual alchemy of Tantra.

Sri Vidya Suktams

As Sri Vidya practitioners, you will learn entire suktams. These are ancient Vedic texts that are mantras. You will learn several entire mantric texts traditionally used in the homas of ancient India. You will learn the Medha Suktam. While you learned the opening and closing mantras in the Shodasha, for invoking Sarwaswati and for the fire offering, you will now learn the entire Medha Suktam.

You will begin with the Durga Suktram, an extremely powerful mantric text of protection. Chanted while offering food in the sacred fire is an extraordinary experience. Finally, you will learn the Sri Suktam, to Lakshmi. These are the most ancient mantras to these Shaktis and you will study all three of them.

As a bonus, I will add the Bhagya Suktam, which is chanted at dawn to many Vedic deities for prosperity and well being. It is also an ancient mantra from the Rig Veda. The cadence of these mantras are beautiful and energizing and mesmerizing.

Sri Vidya and Sri Yantra

In addition to what you study in the Sri Vidya Immersion portal, you will build a relationship with me in which, depending on your readiness, I will share secret mantras and practices with you. 

These aspects of the tradition cannot be purchased or demanded. They are passed on to you based on your spiritual maturity and what you demonstrate through your own spiritual awakening. Rest assured that you will be invited into the heart of the tradition and given these gifts when you are ready.