All-Day Online Mantra Retreat Feb 05

Chant, heal, and learn in community over an entire day from the comfort of your own home.

Feel recharged by the end of the day.

Lovers of mantra at any level will enjoy this day-long retreat that offers an immersion in mantra practice in community. Receive guidance, as well.

Our extended grappling with covid has left many of us frightened, frayed, and frustrated. One of the critical factors of spiritual practice is consistency, and many today either do not have time or lack the presence of mind to create regularity of spiritual practice.

We might also say that many spiritual practices do not work in quite the same way during stressful periods as they do when everything is going well in life or when our challenges are more predictable.

A day of chanting mantras along with listening to mantras being chanted in specific ways can help us build spiritual stamina: like training for a mantra marathon. This stamina then transfers to our everyday life.

Proper mantra practice involves a significant amount of pranayama (breath control), a worthwhile psycho-spiritual exercise that can be part of our overall immune system fortification.

Finally, learning Sanskrit, as a foreign language, can assist us with cultivating memory and strengthening our brains. However, Sanskrit is also a decidedly spiritual language with deep other-worldly vibrations.

Tap healing and empowerment through
SHIVA Mantras, SHAKTI Mantras, and SHANTI Mantras.

"“If you are thinking about studying with Russill Paul, go for it! There is no reason to think that you won't be completely satisfied and engaged with the material and Russill as a teacher. It is something I always go back to and gives me comfort, groundedness and is so humbling. I’ve studied with him for more than 12 years!” "

Katherine Duncanson, Ontario
Yoga teacher, Cocal Coach and Dancer

SCHEDULE (In US Central Time)

SESSION 1—Shiva Mantras 
10 am to 11 am followed by a 30-minute coffee break

SESSION 2—Shakti Mantras
11:30 am to 12:30 pm followed by a 1-hour lunch break

SESSION 3—Discussion
1:30 pm to 2:30 pm followed by a 30-min stretch break

SESSION—Shanti Mantras
3 pm to 4 pm followed by a 30-minute tea break

SESSION 5—Conclusion
4:30 pm to 5:30 pm followed by  private practice

+ access replays from Wed, Feb 9.

""I have been connected to the teaching and work of Russill Paul for seventeen years. His guidance has been a bright light in my life helping me to grow spiritually and artistically. Everything he is teaching me comes from his own experience. Russill has a life that I have always admired. He is strong, compassionate and so practical! I feel very excited as I anticipate the more expansive work that I will be doing.” "

Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen, Colorado
Singer, Dancer, Healer, Teacher