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Russill brings over 30 years of world-class teaching and publishing internationally along with dynamic self-transformation in his consciousness to his online presentations. He has presented alongside many of the world's most recognized teachers, authors, and musicians, and has over 15 years teaching in graduate and post-graduate spirituality programs.


Access over 300 lessons, presentations, and webinars related to our signature programs!

We offer premier programs on Tantra, Mantra, Meditation, and the deeper dimensions of Yoga that speak to healing and enlightenment. Click on any of the module titles below to open up more information.

The Tantra we study, practice, and teach is a revered 1500-year-old tradition in India that is esoteric, gnostic, and favored by the orthodoxy. This module, featuring 31 lessons, is for students unfamiliar with this form of Tantra and, more importantly, our approach to Tantra. Ten lessons introduce the beginner to this form of Tantra; fifteen lessons are from our program "Journeying With The Chakras," and seven lessons from our "Cultivating Abundance Consciousness" program to invoke Lakshmi. 

In early 2021, we invited students into a process of discovering the healing voice. Our goal was to examine the role that mantra can play in developing the voice. Exclusive to this library, this module presents the videos and lessons leading up to the live training session featured in this module with additional reflections. You receive a total of 12 lessons offering hours of perceptive insights. You witness a live coaching process to discern our methods of working intimately with students.

Sacred sound and mantra are our expertise. In this module, you receive 20 lessons on The Yoga of Sound and webinars related to The Mastery of Mantra. This module provides a foundation for the scope of sacred we offer in our school that encompasses all streams of sacred sound: the Vedic, Tantric, Bhakti (devotional), and Nada Yoga. Vedic mantra, in particular, is a powerful means towards enlightenment. We study it keenly because it stimulates and simulates the state. However, there are essential rules to keep in mind to facilitate authenticity to the experience.

The main section in this module features seven lessons on the Sri Vidya tradition's history and insights on safety, grace, and growth. You can also download a handbook on our guidelines in this section. We have included experiential lessons, offering what we call our First Sacred Immersion that prepares you for the Mastery Of Tantra. There are six lessons on Healing And The Divine Feminine, which, along with the Mastery of Tantra, is an intermediate level program connected to Saraswati. Finally, there are some extras. Finally, you can access some lessons on Sri Vidya home practice, understand the difference between practitioner and power levels, and explore videos on the Mastery of Tantra and its two phases. 

In our school, we believe that the understanding and study of spiritual enlightenment is essential to any healer, therapist, or teacher. With this in mind, we share almost 25 lessons drawn from our signature course on enlightenment called "The Secret Life" to lay the foundation for you on enlightenment studies. For us, enlightenment goes further than regular meditation. While meditation is undoubtedly a way into the experience, there is more that we need to know to tap into the study of authentic enlightenment.

One of our core pieces of training is helping our students becoming spiritual coaches capable of directing their students. In this module, you will learn about our approach to coaching, accountability, and thriving. We feature several lessons on "The Art Of Sacred Speech" drawn from our program "Golden Path To Wholeness." We also feature some critical presentations from The Golden Path, such as, The New Spiritual Teacher Prototype that we are developing in our school and what we term the "Cycle Of Enlightened Wholeness."

In this module, you can study an entire master class presented to our seniormost students and a similar master class on the same topic presented to pilgrims in India in 2020, consisting of many senior students. There is also an online interactive session with these students on this topic. In this context, you will also understand the Mystery of the Sacred Masculine, which is one of our advanced courses. We also feature a selection of lessons on the Mystery of Ganesha, another one of our advanced courses. We believe that teachers need to be healers and vice versa. Tantra can provide exceptional capabilities to the healer-teacher in our times. 

This program is our focus for our new school year: June 2021 to May 2020. In Sri Vidya Tantra, Ultimate Reality is prominently feminine, a refreshing take on the decades of male-dominated pronouns for the divine absolute. For those who would like to get started on this aspect of Tantra, this section features introductory lessons and mantra practice. You also receive an in-depth understanding of the tattvas, which is a foundation for any serious student of Tantra. Yoga practitioners, healers, therapists, and teachers of spirituality can benefit from this understanding.

The first step is understanding what Ultimate Shakti is and to learn a bit about the Sri Vidya tradition of Tantra, which an orthodox form of classic Hindu Tantra that upholds the validity of the Vedas, draws strongly from Yoga, while retaining its own theology, cosmology, and esoteric practices that involves mantras, mudras, and healing rituals.

With this module, you can begin learning Ultimate Shakti mantras and insights right now! Get a sense of how we teach and practice in Yogic Mystery School.

If you are familiar with classic Tantric texts and methods, you will know that the final goal of Tantra is liberation. But liberation from what?

In our Yogic Mystery School, our liberation is freedom from the past, the damaging residue of experiences not fully integrated into our consciousness.

We use "absorption" to integrate all past experiences as a way of living in the present with an enhanced consciousness that is free of the past.

Absorption goes further than meditation and deeper than mindfulness, although it includes both methods. It is similar to samadhi in Yoga but healthier because it integrates the psyche.

Our practice of absorption is primarily a diagnostic tool because it reveals what needs attention. And we use methods of Sri Vidya, from the simplest to the sophisticated, to integrate what reveals itself.

This module contains 30 recordings of Russill Paul's daily practice involving Tantra and mantra so that you can refer to a different meditation every day of the month. In these lessons, you can witness the change in using the practices taught in Yogic Mystery School to transform anger, fear, anxiety, and other states of consciousness through sacred sound. While a mantra is a powerful tool, its efficacy expands when integrated with mudras and other elements of the Tantric path. These lessons serve as live demonstrations of the methods we teach and live.

This module features a series of live webinars to help prepare our students for our annual pilgrimage to India that we've conducted for over 22 years. The perspective and practices we engage there are at the core of all our programs in our Yogic Mystery School. The main themes we develop are The Soul's journey, the Soul's operating system, and the Soul's ongoing transformation. Due to covid, we have held back from this transformative journey. However, as soon as it is safe to travel, we will journey to seek the other half of the Soul, a term first used by our mentor Bede Griffiths when he desired to travel to India.

"I teach yoga and work in a large corporation. I don’t say this to sound conceited 😍 but my speech has completely changed. It has slowed down, become more precise, stronger, which gives power. We need this when we work and teach. Because of this students feel safe, they feel it’s clear what I am trying to convey and this helps to keep the class so it is not chaotic and it’s a trusting environment where they can experience their yoga practice. So thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼😍 "

Stephany Doherty, California
Yoga Teacher, Financial Executive

"From the very beginning of my initial exposure to Russill Paul, (in 2008), I have to say that it has been a rather magical, mystical journey. Of course, life goes on and challenges need to be met and " there is always something" ... but amidst all this,  I am constantly amazed by what the Yogic Mystery School has given me in means of support~ both in coping with the ups and downs of everyday life, and in the guidance and deepening of my spiritual practice and unfoldment."

Celia Hansen, Ohio
Yoga Teacher, linguist, spiritual teacher

"I have been with Russill and the Yoga of Sound online program since it started, 10 years now I believe. If you are thinking about it, go for it ! Even when I get behind, which I often do, I know I can always go back to the lessons. There’s not only Russill’s expert guidance and teachings, we have the community that is safe, shares so honestly and is very supportive. It is something I always go back to and gives me comfort, groundedness and is so humbling ."

Katherine Duncanson, Toronto
Yoga Teacher, Singer, Dancer