20% Off: Pay Once For Six Months

Since this is a discounted offer with a one-time payment, you may contact us at any time to cancel. You accept1 that $125 will be deducted for each monthly cycle from the time of enrollment (regardless of the exact day you are in that cycle) and all access to the program (and any additional special offers or bonuses provided with it) will cease. As with all our programs, you agree to accept and abide by our Student Agreement.

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Cultivating Abundance Consciousness 20% Off: Pay Once For Six Months

Each month, you receive new content to continue developing and growing your understanding and application of Tantric practices related to Lakshmi and Cultivating Abundance Consciousness, a 6-month process starting the moment you enroll ...

Bonus: This offer includes, for a limited time, "Cultivating Intimacy With The Divine" a $195 value process from now until May 2020.