World Class Mastery of Mantra™ Training

To master mantra is to master the art of sacred speech. The benefits are not only spiritual, but practical, too. Imagine communicating more clearly and effectively in your professional life as well as your personal relationships!

What we offer is mantra training, which means, we shape your pronunciation. This is not a skill you will easily come by, especially if you have not grown up speaking Sanskrit.

We have developed a unique methodology and designed an effective system by which anyone today can learn this ancient spiritual technology, and properly.

Whether you are a complete beginner to mantra chanting with no experience whatsoever, or whether you are a seasoned mantra practitioner, teacher, or kirtan leader, our system is designed to substantially improve your proficiency with mantra.

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Offered by Russill Paul ...

Author of The Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant, and many best-selling chant CDs, Russill Paul brings close to 30 years of teaching at leading educational institutions in the US and internationally to his innovative online mantra programs and trainings.

Highly regarded for his ground-breaking work in the spiritual and therapeutic effects of sacred sound worldwide, he is a pioneering figure who introduced the sonic aspects of yoga in North America.

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