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For those interested in cultivating a profound daily spiritual practice at home drawing from a revered and 1600-hundred-year old tradtion.



     Yogic Mystery School's

                  SRI VIDYA TANTRA                      

                                   & The Temple Within

                                                                                           Online Self-Study Intensive

Session 1: Interior Perception

In this session, we introduce the core technique that builds on two essential practices in our Yogic Mystery School. The first is that of the “Theatre Of The Mind,” a practice that we used when we first launched YMS in 2008. The second is “Seeing With Inner Eye,” a technique we introduced in our First Immersion. These two methods combine and advance into the core technique for constructing our Inner Temple.

Session 1: Shodasha Upacara

In this session, we introduce inviting divinity into the temple within “after” we’ve established our core technique that strengthens the construction of our inner temple. The Shodasha is a traditional, sixteen-part method we adapt to the internal experience of cultivating intimacy with an invisible entity by dissolving the boundaries that separate and blur our perception. The Shodasha is one among many practices we can use.

Session 3: The Kundalini Shakti

In this session, we introduce Kundalini as the power dwelling under the temple's foundation, constructed over this tremendous in-dwelling force. The granthis and chakras prevent this force from overwhelming us while the nadis distribute it throughout our energy body. We use the example of the Lalita Sahasranama to invite the Kundalini into our temple experience to create the "juice" of the inner experience.

Session 4: Shining Temple

In this session, we get into the construction materials of our inner temple. The path of Sri Vidya offers a sizeable vocabulary broadly broken down into the basic building blocks of mantras, mudras, and pujas. However, are these spiritual building blocks sufficient to construct our inner temple, or should we consider other vital elements? This presentation made by Asha invites us to think outside the box of traditional Sri Vidya to incorporate contemporary science and evolutionary wisdom.

Session 5: Beyond The Darkness

This session connects the various techniques and perspectives presented throughout this interactive day-long intensive. To conclude, we introduce a mantra from the Śvetāśvatara Upaniṣad to convey the sense of that Great Being who "dwells beyond the darkness, whose glory is more effulgent than the brightness of the sun, and in knowing whom we go beyond death." Relationship with this significant presence is the ultimate objective of our inner temple.

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10-Day Intensive


Sat and Sun

Includes Preparatory Tutorials and Archived Replays Of Our Live Group Interactive Sessions for your study.

PLUS, three modules from our premimum program "Saraswati and Healing The Divine Feminine."

Shodasha Utterances
Water Consecration
Manasa Puja (Mental Ritual)

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Our Approach To Sri Vidya

The path of Sri Vidya is as old as Hinduism, a relatively recent term to refer to what has been called the Eternal Way: Sanathana Dharma. The roots of Tantra go way back, as far as the hunter-gather period. However, it is not simply a backward tracing path but a dynamic, evolutionary spiritual process. And so, while the tradition includes ancient rituals and sensitivities, which is one reason it can convey an authentic sense of holy mystery, it is also evolving alongside the Vedas, Upanishads, and Yoga Sutras and into the present day. What is fascinating about Sri Vidya is its potential for being a formidable post-modern spiritual path, which is how we are developing it in our Yogic Mystery School, integrating it with Western spirituality, culture, science, mysticism, and psychology. 

  1. The Sri Vidya Path we are teaching is something we create with our students in real time, even though we have a solid footing in traditional teaching. In other words, you bring yourself into the process without compromising who you are and your integrity as a spiritual person.

  2. Even though we are deeply rooted in the Sri Vidya Path, we integrate it with psychology, the new thought movement, modern science, and Western mysticism instead of teaching it in isolation from current knowledge, that is, as a straight transplant from India.

  3. Our approach is non-sectarian, although traditional Sri Vidya is sectarian. We seek to be inclusive and are open to challenging what works, what does not, what is meaningful, and what is not. In other words, we adopt a growth mindset, not a fixed one, to transmit this powerful tradition.