Transformed By Light: Go beyond chanting the Gayatri Mantra to enter into the depths of mystical experience and spiritual healing.

While many know how to chant the sacred Gayatri mantra, there are several profound practices built around it worth learning. In Yogic Mystery School, we break it down for you in ways that are profoundly meaningful and healing.

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"Transformed By Light"

Your healing process in Yogic Mystery School™ 


Understand This Sacred Undertaking

In our troubled and chaotic world, there is a way to cultivate the light within human consciousness daily. This Upasana offers a tactile method of establishing a strong and profound connection with the daily experience of enlightened awareness and cultivating peace in the soul.

The process involves methods and processes that help us maintain a profound connection to the spiritual light over an extended period of time.

Orthodox Hindus in India have chanted the Gayatri mantra for thousands of years. The Upasana goes far beyond the mere chanting of the mantra providing a variety of supportive practices to increase the intensity of our connection to the Divine and leverage the spiritual power and beauty of Gayatri's esoteric secrets.

Bringing Down Our Walls: This traditional practice built around the Gayatri mantra is an eloquent expression of ancient ritual action from the Rig Veda, the oldest scripture on the planet. In our Yogic Mystery School, we engage rituals to dissolve the boundaries between the visible and invisible realms. In other words, what we learn facilitates our entry into a profound mystical experience. The Gayatri Upasana is one such ritual, a process that progressively dissolves the walls that stand between our everyday consciousness and authentic spiritual awakening.

The Healing Power Of Light: When our boundaries dissolve, we reduce our resistance, and profound healing can occur. The Gayatri Upasana is built around our direct encounter with spiritual Light. Healing is one of the benefits of ritual done right. We are not speaking of rote actions here but transformative actions that propel us toward the light, which is what the word "pracodayat" means in the Gayatri mantra. In our approach, we have innovative ways of addressing our substitutions for genuine spiritual experience.


The Yogic Mystery School Library portal for this course includes the study of Gayatri and Saraswati as vital aspects of the divine feminine associated with enlightenment and healing. Gayatri is both a goddess and a mantra that symbolizes and embodies enlightenment. Saraswati is a goddess representing knowledge, learning, music, and the arts.

In our program Saraswati: Healing The Divine Feminine, we explored the extraordinary 16-part ritual known as the Shodasha. It is a profoundly healing ritual that we can use for many purposes, including healing emotional wounds.

Transformed By Light picks up from the Shodasha, focussing on an elaborate practice comparable to the Shodasha but built around Gayatri Devi. These two feminine deities, Saraswati and Gayatri, are inextricably linked. Both "wisdom goddesses" confer unique "enlightenment" upon us.

As we have often explored in our Yogic Mystery School, healing and enlightenment are two sides of the same coin. When you toss this coin up in the air, you can never lose because you are betting on healing and enlightenment, and you can never have one without the other.

While Saraswati is the primary vidya on the Sri Vidya path, she is the way toward realizing the highest feminine reality, the Supreme Presence of Lalita Tripurasundari. In a parallel approach, Gayatri, the embodiment of enlightenment, is essential to our realization of God as Purusha, the divine person who "shines beyond the darkness and whose glory is brighter than the sun."

Since Gayatri Devi is the goddess who symbolizes and embodies enlightenment,
isn't it wonderful that enlightenment is a feminine quality from this perspective?

And so, let us begin our process with everything we don't know about the Gayatri, for this practice is not just about mantras but about an elaborate healing ritual constructed around the chanting of the sacred Gayatri mantra.

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Our 30-Day Online Immersion includes four all-day intensives together with easy-to-learn tutorials in which mantras, gestures, meaning and application are made relevant to developing a powerful healing practice today.

Transformed By Light



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PLUS, you receive bonus access to our Saraswati modules, a related practice known as Shodasha Upacara that shares a few of the practices of the Upasana.


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