No matter who we are, we use our voices daily

Learn to identify and break free of vocal expressions that hold you back either consciously or unconsciously in your life, work, and relationships.

discover your spiritual voice


"Voice Of Shakti"


Learn to wisen up where needed
and moderate what is in excess
to manifest what you lack.

Relationships Between Shakti & Our Voice

What is the relationship between our voice and the Shakti? Watch this video for some deep insights on these relationships. To go deeper, join our intensive.

Your voice is the barometer of your soul. If you know how to read it, you can learn all of the secrets of your soul, including your fears and vulnerabilities. Similarly, what you can do with your voice and to your voice, you can do to your soul. Learn to use your voice in ways that can benefit your awakenings. Our 10-day intensive to teaches our process.

A Novel Approach To Voice Development

In our intensive, you learn specific rules derived from traditions of mantras. These characteristics of vocal expression can enhance practical applications of your voice to cultivate balance in your life, work, and relationships.


The voice of Lakshmi is soft and beautiful. It helps us affirm our inner beauty and attract wealth and abundance into our consciousness.


Saraswati's voice is wise and articulate. It cuts through the fog of the mind, communicating the truth with clarity and integrity.


Durga's voice is strong and assertive. It helps us stand up for ourselves and protect others when needed. It is our warrior voice of empowerment.

Learn Mantras From Three Streams

It's not the quantity of mantras we use, but the quality of consciousness we want to cultivate. With each Shakti, you develop particular aspects of your voice. Come prepared to learn nine mantras in this live training. Together, we will explore how to approach, connect, and cultivate the Shakti in our voice through a Vedic, Tantric, and Devotional mantra for each type of Shakti.

There are three essential qualities that all of us need to bring to our voices. The first is wisdom and creativity; the second is power and protection; the third is beauty and enrichment.

We are all engaged in therapeutic and spiritual processes all of the time. Whether we are productive at work, spending quality time with our family and friends, or alone with our thoughts and emotions, our voice plays a crucial role in what we are experiencing.

Generally, most of us find ourselves disempowered in certain situations. The voice can be a powerful means of channeling Shakti into our soul, transforming our system into an empowered one.

Lakshmi is a voice of beauty and abundance, Saraswati is a voice of wisdom and clarity, and Durga is a voice of power and protection. Some of us cannot express power in our voices, especially when needed.

Others may feel they lack beauty in their voice, and some find themselves lacking the right words or striking the right tone to communicate with clarity and effectiveness when needed.

One reason for these conditions is that some of us identify more strongly with one of these types of voices. As a result, we have not developed the other types of Shakti. To thrive in life, work, and relationships, we need all three Shaktis in balance.

Some of us use too much of a particular type of voice. Perhaps we are too soft all the time, misusing softness. Others may tell us we are oversensitive. Or we are too strong and for too long. As a result, we can overwhelm others and come across as insensitive.

Each type of Shakti, and kind of voice, can be developed (or moderated) through specific categories of mantra. We are not talking about particular mantras but categories: this is the value of what we offer in our Yogic Mystery School.

With this in mind, come prepared to learn nine mantras. Together, we will explore how to approach, connect, and cultivate the Shakti in our voice through a Vedic, Tantric, and Devotional mantra for each type of Shakti.

Remember, it's not the quantity of mantras we use but the quality of consciousness we want to cultivate. 

We must each learn to cultivate the right kind of Shakti in our voices, developing what we lack and moderating what is in excess, and, more importantly, doing it at the right time, for the right reasons, and with the right people or groups involved.

Voice Of Shakti



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