Nada Yoga & Kundalini



Integrating Tantra with Sacred Sound

Our focus in this intensive is to touch upon the Tantric stream. Sri Vidya, however, integrates all streams of sacred sound, which is why this intensive is so insightful for any Tantric practitioner who wishes to use sacred sound in their methodology. From this perspective, our Yogic Mystery School brings it all under one roof, allowing us to study all four streams of sacred sound, although we need separate portals for each stream. Even so, we will try to demonstrate and develop the integration of all four streams within this Yoga of Sound Immersion portal.

Our Yogic Mystery School is focused on Nada Yoga and Kundalini this new school year (June 2022 to May 2023). However, for those interested in the full scope of sacred sound, one cannot ignore the intersection of the Tantric tradition with the other disciplines, particularly in the Middle Ages. 

Session 1: The purpose of the opening session is to provide a bird's eye view of contextualizing what we are doing with Nada Yoga in our Triple Mandala process. This overarching vision integrates the various pieces we have been learning and mastering over the years with our current focus on Kundalini. Nada Yoga, one of the three pieces, the other two being Kundalini and Sri Vidya, comprises four streams of sacred sound. 

Session 2: In this session, we began the training in earnest, particularly with musical intervals. We looked at the ascent and descent of the scale and did more than connect musical intervals to chakras. We also tapped into an exercise to give us greater vocal control and integrate the breath into the voice.

Session 3: We tap into the shade of vowels, the flow of breath, the configuration of the lips, and the opening (widening or closing) of the mouth cavity. We then add pitches to this process. It is an excellent way for non-musicians to have a method to tap into the preparation of the Sushumna Nadi for the Kundalini Shakti. Please see your Nada Yoga Intensive PDF for reference and read my notes below, as this is not a traditional technique, although it does tap into tradition to a degree. The method also helps increase breath control and vocal (pitch) control, particularly note bending and ornamentation.

Session 4: In this session, we went way beyond the goals of this intensive, covering the complete set of chromatic intervals, approaching each from the root (ascending) and the octave (descending). We also tapped into musical intervals and some of the other advanced Tantric components of Nada Yoga, such as Ashtottara, that our senior students have studied.

Session 5: In this final session, we went over time so that each attending could share their connection to the experience and discern the next step in their process. As a bonus, I provide a Nada Yoga Basic Raga Training PDF I created for private coaching students. This intensive may have been one of the best training we have conducted in a long time because it combined teaching and interaction and genuinely introduced each participant to a next-level awareness that also proffered a tactical component. While private one-on-one training remains the ideal way to build personal skills, this all-day intensive truly helps motivate our practice within a communal experience.

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For musicians and non-musicians, and especially for anyone interested in vocal expression embodying Shakti.