Options For Being Coached By Russill Paul

Although we have coaching packages ranging from 3 months to 18 months, we are allowing new students to test out the value of private coaching with Russill Paul on a monthly subscription basis through the offers on this page. Most of our Yogic Mystery School students choose one year at a time that they renew. 

You can, at any time, apply one or more of your subscription payments towards a coaching package. Keep in mind that to truly achieve any lasting goals, you need at least six sessions. We are offering these monthly subscription plans to allow you to experience value without long-term commitment.

Long-term commitments are really to yourself and they can begin with a three-month commitment. This is the minimum commitment you need to make to yourself if you wish to see any real results in your life.

Along with your private sessions that are recorded on audio/video and provided to you for lifetime access, you also receive access to relevant online programs pertinent to your needs that help you achieve your spiritual and personal goals.


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