On the Nature of Experience

tantra Apr 21, 2022

As humans, we seek and value experience. Our experience is best when it involves all parts of ourselves. The more of ourselves we include, the more fulfilled our experience.

Imagine a family sitting around a table to partake of a meal, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. If there is an argument between a couple of individuals, the rest of the family cannot enjoy the meal.

This dynamic happens to our experience when there is an internal conflict going on during our experiences: for example, watching a movie. Although we might be doing something enjoyable, we are not enjoying ourselves.

This dynamic happens during spiritual practice, as well. We are doing something supposed to make us feel better, but we feel dead inside. There is not enough juice in our experience to fulfill us.

Tantra is a path that teaches us how to have full experiences. We learn to include the disparate parts of who we are by pulling them together into the cohesiveness.

Sometimes, it is not so much that parts of ourselves are having an argument but that there is a lot of distraction. Imagine people constantly moving about or moving things around the table to use the dinner table analogy.

Tantra also teaches us ways to quieten, calm, center, and manage the parts of self within us that is causing our consciousness to be distracted, preventing us from having the fullness of experience we desire from a particular event.

Enjoy the video below to gain more insight into the nature of experience.

If interested in studying Tantra with us, here are some programs 
The Golden Path or the Secret Life is sometimes a good starting point.


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