The Voice As The Soul's Barometer

yogic mystery school Nov 22, 2020

What if someone told you that your voice is the barometer of your Soul? Would you agree that every condition and quality present in your Soul is reflected in the sound of your voice?

The difference in life experience in an elderly person's voice and a teenager's voice immediately registers upon us, no matter what they say. An elderly person may say something frivolous, yet, we sense maturity in that voice. A teenage, on the other hand, may say something profound. However, we still hear the immaturity of life experience in that voice. Of course, there are always exceptions, moments when something profound comes through a person's voice, no matter what age.

When we examine these moments of profundity closely, we notice a quality of presence that accompanies the voice in these instances. We want to work towards such a quality of presence in ourselves that is a refinement of self. And we discover this more significant presence, this sense of Soul, through the expression of a voice that is different from the ego, our immature self.

We want to discover the voice of our wisest, highest self and bring it to bear in all moments of our life, so we can live more from our higher self. The lower self, our ego, is continually sabotaging our lives and our happiness. One of the most glaring ways the ego accomplishes this sabotage is through its voice.

How many times have we said something that we wished we'd never said. Or said the right thing the wrong way and gotten a negative response? That is the purpose of this book, to discover a way to use our voice to cultivate a quality of personal presence reflective of our higher self; also our deepest self—Soul, to improve the quality of our lives and make our world a better place.

There is also the quality of truth in the voice, that degree of authenticity we value, especially human relationships. We want people to be honest with us. And, others expect the same from us. But truth can have a sharp edge to it, which we can learn to soften with kindness and compassion.

When we pay attention to the quality and tone of the voice, we can discern this quality of truth and compassion. It is especially important to be able to perceive reality in our own voice. For instance, there is a notable difference in the voice when someone is trying to conceal something. Some adults perfect deception in their voice to such an art that it is hard to recognize the act. With a child, however, there is a transparency of self that comes through in the voice. What if we bring this realization to our own voice?

What if we can create transparency in our voice, especially for ourselves? We certainly know when we are trying to keep the anger out of our own voice. And we know when fear is being expressed through our voice.

This, as we will explore, is the voice of ego. What if we could find a more profound presence within ourselves in such moments, discover a voice that can instill love where there is anger or peace when there is fear? This is the voice of our deeper self, the voice of the Soul.

Would you like to learn to discern the voice of the ego and seek to replace it with the voice of Soul? The result is living from a higher self, with less conflict and greater joy.


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