Recovering Your Golden Child is an expanding Library of online content featuring Programs and Master Classes, some of these previously created and offered online in our school, as well as new content that will be created and featured on an ongoing basis.

Programs in our membership can be streamed 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world but they are not downloadable because the retail cost of programs featured each month cost more than the cost of the monthly membership.

Membership offers a deeply discounted way of accessing our high quality online programs and they can continue to be accessed as long as membership remains current. Annual membership discounts it all even more.

And because we will keep adding new programs on a monthly basis, the value of the membership keeps increasing exponentially. Being part of programs as they develop allows Students to shape additional content being formed around these programs as they share their comments and process.


In the first few months, we will be developing the themes listed below. Because this is a “membership”, content development is ongoing. And because our approach to spirituality is quite broad, we will be offering and developing a number of themes, although not all at once. New themes will be added over time. And each theme will be developed as a series.


LOVE MYSTICISM: As humans, love drives us more than anything else. It gives meaning and purpose to our lives and our existence. Love mysticism is present in all the spiritualities of the world. In the spirit of Rumi, Kabir, Mirabai, Hafiz, St. Theresa of Avila and John of the Cross, we look to the practices of Indian spirituality to cultivate a passion for the invisible. This is an important theme for us because we believe that relationship is at the heart of Ultimate Reality. 

THE TANTRIC PATH: Our usage of Tantra is essentially around healing and trauma. Yes, this healing necessarily involves our sexuality, except that we don’t teach sexual intimacy with a partner. We feature an extensive introduction and orientation and will be adding to this theme regularly. In advanced trainings of our school, we engage in a powerful stream of Tantra known as Sri Vidya. Russill will be sharing some of his private meditations and practice on this theme.

THE YOGA OF SOUND: Sacred sound is key to traditional Tantra in the Indian spiritual tradition and the scope of it, specifically for therapeutic purposes is often lost when westerners in particular equate knowledge of sacred sound exclusively with kirtan, which is call-and-response chanting. We have been at the forefront of educating the western world with the streams of sacred sound and without neglecting the devotional stream. We are rediscovering the Yoga of Sound as a holistic therapeutic tool. A 9-part, in-depth, introduction is immediately available.

MASTER CLASS SERIES: Drawing from spiritual psychology and some of the deep ideas in Tantra, we begin with “The Anatomy of the Self”, because the self, as the subject of all experience, is the key to all spiritual experience from the Indian spiritual perspective. All parts of The Anatomy of Self are immediately available. Anatomy of Soul and Spirit will follow. Understanding the structure of the self in key to understanding how spiritual enlightenment unfolds for us as humans. This series is to help students build perspective on the construction of self in view of overcoming blocks to spiritual awakening and the cultivation of higher consciousness. 

BONUS CONTENT: Over the years, we have offered a number of powerful free webinars on a variety of themes featured in our Yogic Mystery School and School of Mantra. Each month, we will feature one or more of these webinars related themes such as Mantra, Tantra, Meditation, Spiritual Awakening, Pilgrimage, Interspirituality, and so on. We have also included our sampler course, such as, our Yoga of Sound sampler in this section. And we will also be adding recordings from Russill’s live presentations around the world in this section. Two extended healing mantra meditations, one 20-minutes, the other about 40-minutes is immediately available.

(Note: Our membership does not offer trainings, which are done in small groups online through our specialized trainings, such as, our Mastery of Mantra that has its own exclusive content. We also have trainings in the Mastery of Tantra and advanced Tantric practices. If you are interested in our trainings, you can schedule a private session free of charge to discuss it. Coaching


Student receives 24/7 access to various online programs and master classes grouped under the themes described, or under new themes. Content will be added each month, including enhancements to previously featured content. Student needs to be a current member and in good standing in order to continue to have access to the content and its enhancements. It is not imperative that all programs and master classes are to be enhanced and developed. New programs and master classes will be added on a monthly basis, not necessarily both at the same time. In other words, certain months may only feature a new program, without a master class. Programs and Master Classes are each their own, distinct type of presentation independent of each other. However, Master Classes are used to cultivate an overarching spiritual perspective for the Student, one that grows and develops over time.

Each month, the Provider, at discretion, will add bonus content, such as, audio recordings from Russill Paul’s live workshops presented around the world, plus extended access to the Free Webinars that the Provider offers online month. Previously offered Free Webinars may also be added to this Bonus Content section.

Finally, Provider may also be sharing parts of his personal spiritual practice from time to time through audio, video and text. You will be able to post your comments on all of this 24/7 from wherever you are in the world.

All content is offered for educational purposes and self-study only. They are not meant to take the place of therapy or medication or treatment with a licensed professional. Student understands and accepts the terms outlined in this Prospectus as well as those in our Student Agreement for this Membership.


Students requiring personalized support for their spiritual practice and development are invited to book private coaching sessions with the instructor. These sessions are not included in the Membership. Set up a Free Consultation


Our cancellation policy is similar to many subscription services. You may cancel your monthly membership at any time. When you cancel, your membership will continue to the end of the subscription period (one month) relative to the time you signed up and will not renew for the following month and you will have access to all content until that time. For instance, if you sign up on Aug 15, and cancel on Aug 27, you current month will run until Sep 14 (or 15, depending on the number of calendar days in that month) and will not renew thereafter.

To cancel you monthly membership, simply send us an email and we will ensure that your membership cancels at the end of the current fiscal month, as described in the previous paragraph. Please do not cancel your credit card on file or we will not be able to refund you. You can cancel your card on file with us after we process your refund.

If you have subscribed to our annual membership and wish to cancel, we will deduct $95 per month for each month you have used the membership and refund the balance to you. The monthly membership policy of date running to the end of the month of completion will apply in this case too. Please do not cancel your credit card on file or we will not be able to refund you. You can cancel your card after we process your refund. 


Depending on when you cancel your membership, we may be willing to apply part or all of your membership towards private coaching or one of our signature trainings. This gives you peace of mind that we are willing to ensure your satisfaction and go the extra mile.

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