Golden Path Training Terms

Our Golden Path to Wholeness is a Library of streamlined and well organized online content featuring our Core Training Curriculum on The Golden Path to Wholeness

Bonus content consisting of supportive themes, such as, Love Mysticism, The Yoga of Sound, The Tantric Path, and Mastery of Mantra information webinars start to unlock from end of the second month, after all of the core content and master classes are unlocked.

Content is methodically unlocked over 8 weeks in order not to overload the student. All series, all modules, and all lessons are immediately accessible and can be streamed 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world.

A training membership on the Golden Path offers a deeply discounted way of accessing a specific collection of high quality online programs for a renewable monthly subscription, or a six months fixed membership, or a one year fixed membership.

The six month fixed membership does not renew after six months and includes our 21-Day Practice of the Presence of Mantra that is available from the moment of enrollment and through the six month membership period. You will also be invited to a group coaching session during the six month period and given access to the archived version if you cannot attend it.

Annual membership includes everything in the six month membership plus a choice of any beginner online self-study mantra program worth $245 plus access to a group coaching session and an online retreat. You can select your online mantra program at

Our Golden Path Training offers insightful inroads and powerful methods to educate on the techniques of spiritual awakening also known as spiritual enlightenment. It is not meant to take the place of psychotherapy or medical treatment of any kind.

Any Golden Path training option is essentially for self-study. If you desire personal spiritual direction along with it, private coaching is recommended as a separate arrangement. Visit our Coaching page.


Student receives 24/7 access to the stated and described online programs and master classes grouped under the series mentioned. 

Your purchase is only for the time period mentioned in the purchase option chosen.

All content is offered for educational purposes and self-study only. They are not meant to take the place of therapy or medication or treatment with a licensed professional. Student understands and accepts the terms outlined in this Prospectus as well as those in our Student Agreement for this Membership.


If you choose the monthly subscription, you may cancel at any time. You will continue to have access to the current month and your subscription will not renew. You are in control of this process.

If you choose one of the fixed period membership plans, either the six month or one year, and decide to cancel, our standard student agreement terms will come into play depending on how much you have accessed and what bonuses have been provided to you.


We have put a lot of thought, energy and resources into this membership content. And we know that it is priced most reasonably. However, if you are not satisfied with all that we have offered, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve your dissatisfaction.

Last updated 30 May 2019


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