Our Golden Path Membership is a Library of online content featuring our Core Modules for Inner Life Coaching Pro along with Master Classes and content related to The Yoga of Sound in which Russill Paul shares his private practice on the therapeutic use of sacred sound. Bonus content on the Tantric Path and presentations on the Mastery of Mantra are also included. The membership may be taken for self-study or in combination with 1-1 private coaching.

All series, all modules, and all lessons are immediately accessible and can be streamed 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world.

Membership offers a deeply discounted way of accessing our high quality online programs for 30 days. Annual membership discounts it all even more and includes invitations to small group coaching sessions. At least 3 sessions are included for each year of membership.

Our Golden Path Coaching program offers multiple inroads and methods to educate on the self-healing process in context of spiritual enlightenment and transformation. It does not take the place of psychotherapy or medical treatment. It can, however, assist a person's healing process as long as they are clear that it does not take the place of professional therapy or medical treatment.

GOLDEN PATH SERIES: Here you learn and practice our core coaching modules that include “Cultivating Your Soul’s Voice” and “Recognizing Presence”. It reflects our essential approach to spiritual coaching and spiritual direction to help awaken you to your highest spiritual self so you can then transform parts of self that prevent or inhibit wholeness and spiritual growth.

LOVE MYSTICISM SERIES: As This is special content that helps in cultivating a deep and dynamic relationship with the divine. We often say we love God, or Spirit, but when put to the test, we may discover a bit of a reality check. In this series, we get to exercise our devotion within the normalcy of our lives to discover spiritual ways of being and doing.

MASTER CLASS SERIES: For those who need some intellectual stimulus, we use the model of the whole self and recovering our spiritual consciousness from states of ego that have usurped the power of our soul. Enjoy, three powerful Master Classes: the Anatomy of Self; the Anatomy of Soul; and the Anatomy of Spirit.

YOGA OF SOUND SERIES: For those who have read the Yoga of Sound: Tapping the Hidden Power of Music and Chant, I share my daily practice in this series. This is the therapeutic applications of sound that I have been studying and practicing and teaching for almost 35 years. An 11-part teaching series on the Yoga of Sound is included for new students.

TANTRIC PATH SERIES: For advanced spiritual practitioners, we are including this special series as a bonus. Those new to Tantra will benefit from the 16-part introduction and orientation. We teach a gnostic form of Tantra that is highly regarded even by orthodox Hindus. Please note that this 1500-year old tradition is about spiritual intimacy, not sexual intimacy.

BONUS CONTENT SERIES: Presently, our bonus content section offers six of our best Mastery of Mantra presentations. 1) Inner Workings of the Universe; 2) Best Way to Start Your Day; 3) Changing Your State; 4) Spiritual Awakening and Mastery; 5) Mastery of Mantra and Speech; 6) Mastery of Mantra Meditation.

Membership is essentially for self-study. Annual membership includes at least 3 complimentary group coaching sessions. If you purchase the option for a private coaching session, it will be scheduled for you. To schedule multiple sessions of private 1-1 coaching, or to expand your coaching beyond Inner Life Coaching,  please visit our Coaching page.


Student receives 24/7 access to the stated and described online programs and master classes grouped under the series mentioned. 

Membership does not automatically renew. Your purchase is only for the time period mentioned in the purchase option chosen.

All content is offered for educational purposes and self-study only. They are not meant to take the place of therapy or medication or treatment with a licensed professional. Student understands and accepts the terms outlined in this Prospectus as well as those in our Student Agreement for this Membership.


Since this is not a recurring subscription, you will not be billed for an additional month or year. If so, please notify us and we will promptly refund any excess charges.

Please do not cancel your credit card on file or we will not be able to refund you. If you wish, you can cancel your card on file with us after we process your refund, but will not be able to purchase other programs that interest you.


We have put a lot of thought, energy and resources into this membership content. And we know that it is priced most reasonably. However, if you are not satisfied with all that we have offered, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve your dissatisfaction.

Last updated 27 November 2018


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