Would you like to master the art and techniques spiritual coaching so you can become a spiritual coach or add "spiritual coaching" to your skill set?


Coaching, like Yoga, has grown into a highly reputable and sustainable industry. Our school's training is unique, integrating eastern and western spirituality, transpersonal psychology, and mysticism, developed over 33 years of professional experience.

Adding spiritual coaching, therefore, to your skill set raises the bar on what you can offer your students, clients, or those you work with while at the same time improving your own life considerably. There's nothing like teaching from your success.


These courses help you understand the core elements of being a spiritual coach and how to use these skills with people you help. You have 24/7 access to these self-study programs to learn at your own pace and schedule.

The Golden Path

Learn about Presence, healing, self-regulation, and the development of your soul's voice.

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Stay Spiritually Fit

Learn coaching tools around trauma, empowerment, thriving, and self-construction.

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The Secret Life

Learn about enlightenment, spiritual awakening and higher consciousness.

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Or study all three side-by-side

These special offers combine all three spiritual coach training programs simultaneously in your 24/7 self-study library access




Study the curriculum on your own for 90 days (three months).

Includes 24/7 simultaneous access to all three programs:

The Secret Life: Learn about enlightenment.

Staying Spiritually Fit: Learn about spiritual coaching.

Golden Path To Wholeness: Learn about the soul's voice.





Study the curriculum on your own for 90 days (three months).

Includes 24/7 simultaneous access to all three programs:

The Secret Life: Learn about enlightenment.

Staying Spiritually Fit: Learn about spiritual coaching.

Golden Path To Wholeness: Learn about the soul's voice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Spiritual Coaching is about learning to thrive, no matter the circumstances, and helping others do the same. Here are some common questions answered.

At the heart of this process are three key pieces: a trinity. The first is understanding the structure of the self: the ego and its parts—the person and its personality.

The second is direct knowledge of Imago Dei, what the Bible refers to as our divine image and likeness, and Hindu scriptures call Atman, the indestructible layer of self.

The third is Presence, learning how to tap into and relate to a palpable sense of Sacred Other, call-it-what-you-like: God, Spirit, Divine Mystery. The way all three of these pieces relate to one another facilitates a sense of wholeness in the spiritual coaching process.

We develop these three pieces or components to the spiritual coaching process through three related programs: Staying Spiritually Fit, The Secret Life, and Golden Path to Wholeness. Each program concentrates more strongly than the other two on one of these critical pieces: the self, Atman (the Imago Dei), and Presence (of God, Spirit, Divine Absolute).

One caveat is that none of the critical pieces of Spiritual Coaching focus on the physical aspects of life, such as proper diet and exercise, the mental-emotional components that should accompany our physical activities. Nor can spiritual coaching address chronic health conditions. Therefore, our school offers Health Coaching and Wellness Coaching with Asha to address those aspects, components, and other pieces that the Spiritual Coaching process does not address.

Our core curriculum of three courses (Staying Spiritually Fit, The Secret Life, and Golden Path to Wholeness) also does not cover Lifework Development, which is learning how to construct a sustainable practice as a coach, healer, teacher, or therapist. We have a separate coaching program (Lifework Development) to assist students in learning critical components of a spiritually-related business founded upon solid ethics and personal integrity.

Nevertheless, our Spiritual Coaching methodology is for anyone who wishes to learn spiritual coaching from us, a term we invented when no one else used it. Our Spiritual Coach training curriculum focuses on developing the spiritual aspects of spiritual coaching.

Our spiritual coaching methodology is ideal for any healer, teacher, therapist, or coach who wants to add our modalities to their existing skill set.

However, anyone who wants to better themselves and their lives can learn our methods, primarily for themselves, and then to help others.

Even healers, teachers, therapists, or coaches will need to practice our methods in their own lives to tap their efficacy if they offer it with any authority to the people they serve.

In other words, this is not an academic study but a hands-on, self-transformation process that includes profound understanding and direct experience.

Spiritual Coaching is deeply fulfilling and stands out from other kinds of coaching

It goes deeper and further than self-help, includes diverse modalities, and you can make a significant difference in people lives while improving your own.

Testimonials From Students

When students are willing to go on camera to share the depth and scope of their experience, you one doubt the efficacy of the process.

How much time does this process take and what does it involve? is it sustainable?

Watch this video, submit the form, and I will follow up with you.

Need discernment? Submit a form and I will get you started on three fundamental lessons!

As you may know, I have over 30 years of teaching internationally at many of the world's more recognized learning facilities and publishing books and music with reputable publishers and record labels. So I come to you with solid credentials and significant experience to empower, enlighten, and guide you toward adding spiritual coaching to your skill set. But, most importantly, I make a profound commitment to you when you commit to learning the spiritual coaching process with me. And because I have been through a lot in my life, there's every chance I can help you discover new forms of success and fulfillment in yours. And you can begin with baby steps.

More Testimonials From Students

As you can see, students become well-rounded and well-balanced after they complete their spiritual coaching process and training.


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