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Be part of small group video conferencing sessions online so you can witness how Russill guides his students. If you miss these sessions, they are archived for you online conveniently.

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Schedule private one-on-one sessions with Russill so he can personally train you in his methods and techniques, and which you do from the privacy of your your home.

Martha More

Yoga Teacher, Attorney, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Study four, powerful online programs

that are the essential to Russill's spiritual direction methodology

Staying Spiritually Fit

The first step in learning my Spiritual Coaching system is to understand, apply, and master my method of Staying Spiritually Fit and Living Above The Heart. Students need to succeed at the method in their own daily lives before they can teach it to others.


1) Spiritual Makeover

The second step, especially for those who wish to be spiritual coaches themselves, is to learn and master the The Secret Life, which is the foundation for my Inner Life Coaching system, as well as the basis for our advanced programs.


2) Golden Path To Wholeness

The third step for anyone wanting to become a spiritual-life coach is to master The Golden Path, which is essentially about finding and using their soul’s voice, not only to transform themselves, but also to help others. It is my key to spiritual discernment and spiritual direction.


3) Cultivating Abundance Consciousness

The final step for students wishing to set themselves up as independent spiritual coaches should also study and master Cultivating Abundance Consciousness as our spiritual coaching system needs to be sustainable.



Yoga Teacher and Kirtan Artist

Your are in good hands! But still not sure?

With over 30 years of teaching internationallly at many of the world's more recognized learning facilities in addition to publishing books and music with reputable publishers and record labels, Russill Paul has the credentials and the experience to empower, enlighten, and guide you to being a spiritual coach.


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