Who do you want to be?Flower, or Butterfly?

Like to learn how to help others with their spiritual life while you transform while you transform yours? Undertake this privately guided process to study the key elements of my unique and highly effective approach spiritual life coaching and spiritual direction.

Study six, powerful online programs under my personal guidance and direction

While you can study any or all these programs listed below by themselves for your personal or professional use, undertaking them in the context of you being (or becoming) a spiritual coach is different. I will personally train you in my unique and effective spiritual direction methodology.

Phase 1: Study Spiritual Enlightenment

Begin your taining with The Secret Life and Staying Spiritually Fit, which teaches the spiritual coaching methodology weVe developed.

Staying Spiritually Fit

The first step in learning my Spiritual Coaching system is to understand, apply, and master my method of Staying Spiritually Fit and Living Above The Heart. Students need to succeed at the method in their own daily lives before they can teach it to others.


The Secret Life

The Secret Life helps us cultivate a vibrant inner life and enhanced consciousness that can serve as the foundation for all our spiritual practice. We draw from classic spiritualities (east and west), and especially from Love Mysticism, to cultivate a dynamic relationship with unseen Presence. We consider this program essential to our approach in Yogic Mystery School, as the basis for advanced programs, as in our Spiritual Coaching system.



Yoga Teacher and Kirtan Artist

Phase 2: Study Healing And Transformation

Study the Golden Path To Wholeness, our signature program for a spiritual therapeutic approach to healing. You also study the chakras and the experience of Kundalini that is naturally part of our evolutionary process.

Golden Path To Wholeness

The second step for anyone wanting to become a spiritual-life coach is to master The Golden Path, which is essentially about finding and using your soul’s voice to overcome trauma, fear, and low self-esteem. It is my key to spiritual discernment and spiritual direction.


Chakra Immersion & Cleanse

Unlike a lot of chakra work, our approach in Yogic Mystery School is to engage divinity intimately in our chakras. The general assumption is that all energy work is spiritual, but much of it leaves out an interactive relationship with the divine. This program is unique in that it actually invites divinity into our process while helping us reprogram our subconscious with positive energies while we work towards active self-transformation.



Yoga and Tantra Teacher

Phase 3: Study Manifestation And Abundance

Learn how to cultivate abundance consciousness so that you can sustain your dreams, create rewarding lifework, and fulfil your destiny this lifetime.

Cultivating Abundance Consciousness

The final step for students wishing to set themselves up as independent spiritual coaches should also study and master Cultivating Abundance Consciousness as our spiritual coaching system needs to be sustainable.


You undergo this process under my private direction and personal guidance

With over 30 years of teaching internationallly at many of the world's more recognized learning facilities in addition to publishing books and music with reputable publishers and record labels, I have the credentials and the experience to empower, enlighten, and guide you towards becoming a spiritual coach, or becoming better at coaching if you already do it.

Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny

Learning to manifest our soul's destiny is the final phase of our Spiritual Makeover process as well as our spiritual coach training. Drawing from the authenticity of our direct relationship with the divine developed in the Secret Life, and having reprogrammed our subconscious mind through our Chakra Cleanse, we are now in a position to discern our soul's real purpose in this life. In this phase, we begin to learn how to consciously manifest our soul's fulfillment.


Dee Desoto

Yoga Teacher, Registered Nurse, and Healer

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