Your health is your most significant wealth! Today, we know that physical health alone does not create the wellness we crave. How we process our emotions and capacity for self-love affects our overall health and wellness. Our wellness nutrition comes from food, thinking, beliefs, behavior, speech, spiritual practice, and the quality of our connection to the sacred.

Wellness coaching is founded on good health, taking our everyday consciousness (mental-emotional states) to new levels. Sometimes, we need a bridge toward sound health, meaningfully addressing some of our chronic conditions, which would understandably thwart wellness. Health coaching is that bridge.

What is lacking in your wellness?

  • emotional well-being?

  • setting healthy boundaries?

  • numb your awareness to your needs-desires?

  • easily settle because you feel you don't deserve more-better?

  • finding order in chaos?

  • an authentic inner fulfillment?

  • an enthusiasm for life?

  • anxiety about the future?

  • unbounded creativity?

  • meaningful manifestation?

  • a profound sense of gratitude?

  • a clear sense of purpose?

  • sustained and engaged healing?

  • speedy recovery from setbacks?

  • recalibrating a balanced life?

  • unshakeable faith and strength?

  • vitality and robust energy?

  • anchored in discernment?

These are only some of the areas covered in wellness coaching. 

We cannot have wellness without sound health because wellness includes physical fitness and healthy mental-emotional states. For this reason, "Spiritual Wellness" is a term to approach vibrant health and wellness holistically and in conjunction with spirituality. However, this approach requires knowing our spiritual blinders, or we would throw healthy habits and spiritual practices together without discernment into our particular conditions. Furthermore, we must stop settling for the usual. New dimensions await us when we stop settling for less.

Addessing chronic conditions is a bridge to optimal wellness.

To inspire your with insights, here's a chapter from Asha's Wholeness Cookbook on "Foods and Moods."

"In this era of high stress and intense emotions, Asha Paul enlightens us with a naturalistic understanding of the relationship between food, mood and wholeness. You’ll love her authentic way of sharing a sacred view of cooking. The Wholeness Cookbook."

Deborah Sandella, PhD, RN — Author of Goodbye Hurt & Pain


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30-Day Renewal Plan



☮️ Includes 7-Day Flexible Schedule Spiritual Wellness Retreat.

☯️ Followed by Your 21-Day Cleanse Made Simple.

💟 45-minute private wellness coaching session with Asha.

Bonus Yogic Mystery School modules on Tantra, Mantra, Enlightenment.

Access to Wholeness Cooking Classes and Discussion groups.


60-Minute Consultation



Choose this option to address chronic conditions and receive our Spiritual Wellness Retreat for free! 

Requries filling out an intake form that will be used to go over your options for a six-month health coaching plan to address your chronic conditions and health goals.

If you choose to engage health coaching, your $99 consultation is applied towards the coaching plan.



Step up your understanding and practice to meet the needs of our times. Approach healing, wellness and wholeness through new models.

Session 1: Community Mind, Heart, And Pulse

The first session invites participants to share their minds and hearts in response to the lead-up posts we shared as facilitators of the retreat: spiritual practice in uncertain times, stories we tell ourselves, and our blinders. The idea is to feel the pulse of the group attending and allow those thoughts, feelings, and notions to shape the interactions and reflections. Finally, we conclude with a wellness meditation.

Session 2: The Spiritual Kaleidoscope Concept

This session features Russill's presentation for the retreat. He uses a kaleidoscope concept to encourage a reversal to look at spiritual practice as engagement between moments when everything comes together, and there is oneness and harmony. Attendees are invited to take notes as they reflect on what this entails for their wellness to present reflections and questions later. Finally, Asha asks Russill pertinent questions to conclude.


Session 3: The Mind-Brain Wellness Integration

This session features Asha's presentation introducing several concepts tied around the central premise of two kinds of relationships: emotions' role in wellness and mind-brain integration. It concludes with a four-dimensional solution to cultivating higher states of wellness. Attendees are invited to take notes as they reflect on what this entails for their wellness to present reflections and questions later. Finally, Russill engages Asha with clarifications to conclude.

4: Raising The Bar On Prevailing Wellness

The final session is engagement with questions from students attending. The takeaway is the encouragement to raise the bar on wellness in our lives and not to settle for ways we've previously brushed off by listening to moment-to-moment content arising within consciousness. We address our blinders, spiritual conditioning, and the commitment to change how we accept the many ways we allow conditions to sag our consciousness as the norm. We need to set the bar for a new normal if we are to raise the bar on what we consider to be our prevailing state of wellness.


Combining leading-edge information on health and wellness with ancient methods of healing and meditation, Asha and Russill Paul bring over 30 years of professional experience and teaching capacity to you.

Russill Paul

Cofounder and Director

Russill is a pioneering figure credited with introducing the sonic aspects of Yoga in North America. Author of The Yoga of Sound and many best-selling chant CDs, Russill’s 30 years of teaching experience at leading educational institutions in the west offer an effortless learning experience no matter your level or stage on the spiritual path. Russill uses his expertise with music to enhance his teaching process.

Asha Paul

Cofounder and Coach

Trained in over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle, and stress-management techniques from top health experts, Asha's approach is well-rounded. Her innovative coaching helps students prime their bodies and minds through evidence-based scientific discoveries to get results. As a dedicated spiritual practitioner, her approach is heart-centered as well. Asha's books focus on healthy & graceful aging.


This is included in your 30-day Wellness Package following the 7-Day Spiritual Wellness retreat also included with a private session with Asha.