Christmas 2021 Practice

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2021

Christmas is here, and it is no ordinary Christmas. News about covid continues to dominate our world. In several regions, there is deep concern around the threat of war breaking out. In other parts, like Afghanistan, war has ended, but a humanitarian crisis has emerged in its place. Children, innocent, and without a clue, suffer from a lack of food and medical care.

Coming into proximity with divinity can offer us deep healing. So this Christmas, we invite you to find your way to come into proximity with the holy mystery that we celebrate as the entry of God into human consciousness through the incarnation of Jesus. We can observe this child's energy at this time of the year and connect our inner child to this spiritual birthing.

On Hindu holy days, like Diwali or Navaratri, we remind all our students that these are powerful opportunities to connect with the divine because of the devotions of millions at that particular time. So, too, this Christmas, we want to invite you to find your specific way to come close to the incarnation of God as Jesus because of the large swath of humanity focussed on this single thought at the same time.

You don't need to go by anyone's method, philosophy, or theology. Your intimacy with God through Jesus should be uniquely yours and yours alone.

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The Buddha once taught us to believe nothing because it is generally held to be accurate, but because we have discovered it to be true ourselves. The mystery of Jesus has been made out to be this or that, so much so that all sense of the mystery has been lost.

Christmas might seem to be about gifts and carols and nativity stories about a divine birth 2000 years ago, but how exactly does that affect our self-awareness today?

This Christmas, I plan to chant the Vedas and say my core mantra. This is my way of tapping a sense of holy mystery that is timeless. "As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world with end. Amen."

Asha and I wish you a Christmas of discovery, a mystical Christmas. At the core, we want you to heal.

May the Christ child anoint you with the gift of holy presence. May you feel more than you think. May you love more than you can imagine.

God is blessing you, for God is with you. And deep down, God is dwelling within you as your own deepest I, as you. This is mystery we celebrate today, as well.

May God be God in you. 


Russill & Asha

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